Ye Jiuyue walked a few metres away, but felt uneasy, so he turned around and looked back at them, soundlessly sighed, then slowly hobbled back. 

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Sui Dong decided that he was definitely going to take a look at the true face; of this hypocrite, and reached out to grab Shen Weixing’s mask. 



Shen Weixing guessed Sui Dong’s intention when he raised his hand.
He ducked to the side, and planned to give a punch back in return.  

They were just about to start fighting, when suddenly the back of Shen Weixing’s knee was kicked, his leg went weak and he hurriedly grabbed onto the desk to steady himself.
He cautiously turned around to see Ye Jiuyue, who had just sneak attacked him. 

Shen Weixing saw that it was Ye Jiuyue who had sneak attacked him and his temper was just about to erupt, when he saw Ye Jiuyue slowly walk over behind Sui Dong under his furious gaze and Sui Dong’s happily surprised gaze.
Ye Jiuyue then raised his leg and kicked the back of Sui Dong’s knee. 


Sui Dong, whose leg went weak and had to grab onto the desk to steady himself: “……”




Assassin Ye Jiuyue, who no one knew how he managed to achieve victory, had completed a double kill under full view of four eyes. The expression on his face was extremely steady.
He gently and kindly urged them, “You two sirs, please calm down, think of your reputations and ages.
I’m not worth you two doing this, don’t fight because of me.”

Shen Weixing: “……”

Sui Dong: “……”


Suddenly they both really did lose the desire to continue fighting.  





Shen Weixing warningly glared at Sui Dong, pushed the plastic bag he’d been holding into Ye Jiuyue’s hands, then picked up Ye Jiuyue in a princess carry and walked out with great strides.

Sui Dong reflexively wanted to go and stop him, but he hesitated, then silently watched as they went out, feet pinned where they were. 




Ye Jiuyue was struck dumb for many beats, blinked, and started panicking.
He whispered, “Don’t! Put me down!”


Shen Weixing said while walking, “It’s okay, I’m wearing a mask, other’s won’t be able to recognize me.”

Ye Jiuyue gloomily said, “But I don’t have a mask on.” 



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Shen Weixing decided to ignore him, and continued going down the stairs with him in his arms.

Luckily, right now class had already started for the third-period, the other students who didn’t have any more class had basically all left by now.
Plus, Shen Weixing had quickly carried Ye Jiuyue towards Entrance A, which had fewer people.
Occasionally the odd student or two who saw them would turn around and stare in shock and curiosity, but as soon as they took out their phone, they would already be left behind by Shen Weixing, who had a five star dodge skill. 

Ye Jiuyue struggled to no avail, so he raised a hand to cover his face, then he was smacked in the face by the plastic bag that he’d just gotten.
It smelled extremely fragrant, when he opened his eyes to see, it was actually the fried pancake from the place that he’d mentioned before. 

Ye Jiuyue was dumbstruck.
He glanced at Shen Weixing again, feeling a little strange and complicated. 



Shen Weixing carried Ye Jiuyue, fast-walked over to the side of the car, opened the car door and shoved him inside.
He also speedily got into the driver’s seat and said, “I’ll drive you to class in the afternoon.”

Ye Jiuyue was still pondering the problem.

Shen Weixing then said, “I didn’t eat breakfast, let’s have lunch a bit earlier.”

 “Oh, okay, I didn’t eat breakfast either.” 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Vtfc Qflzlcu ogbkcfv.
“Tbe kfca bea rb fjgis, tbk mbwf sbe vlvc’a tjnf ygfjxojra?”

Tf Alesef qblcafv ab tlr ifu.
“Zs jcxif uba rqgjlcfv, jcv P kfca ab atf rmtbbi lcolgwjgs, rb P vlvc’a tjnf alwf ab fja ygfjxojra.”

“Vff, P abiv sbe ab ifa wf vgbq sbe boo, rfgnfr sbe gluta! Po P tjv vgbqqfv sbe boo, sbe kbeivc’a tjnf ragjlcfv sbeg jcxif jcv kbeiv tjnf tjv ygfjxojra.” Vtfc Qflzlcu mbivis tewqtfv, rtba tlw j uijcmf, atfc kjr wjucjclwber.
“P’ii ifa sbe fja la, P bglulcjiis uba la obg wsrfio.”

Ye Jiuyue smiled and handed the fried pancake to him.
“It’s okay, it’s past that time for me, you eat it.” 

Shen Weixing didn’t want to pay him any mind, helped him buckle the seatbelt, buckled his own seatbelt, then started up the car and drove it out.
He asked, “What’s good to eat around here?”

Ye Jiuyue saw that he had already started up the car, and so didn’t persist in his efforts to return his fried pancake anymore.
He opened the bag, head lowered, while saying, “Let’s eat once we’re back; otherwise, you might be recognized.”


“That’s why you’re looking for a place that has high privacy.” Shen Weixing said, “Nevermind, I won’t count on you for this, I know a good place.”

Since Shen Weixing had already said that, Ye Jiuyue didn’t say anymore.
He finished opening the bag, and held it up by Shen Weixing’s mouth. 

Shen Weixing frowned as he watched the road.
“I already said I’m not eating, you eat, I’m driving.”

“Just a bite.” Ye Jiuyue said. 

Shen Weixing looked at him strangely, hesitated, then took a bite. 

Ye Jiuyue withdrew his hand, took a bite too, then calculated the time that Shen Weixing would finish that bite of fried pancake and held out his hand once more.  

Shen Weixing was feeling extremely strange, and hesitantly took another bite.  

Ye Jiuyue just continued this pattern of ‘one bite for you, one bite for me’ with Shen Weixing until they had finished the fried pancake.
Once done, he couldn’t help but smile. 

I completed the achievement of successfully feeding my idol! Can you believe it?




Shen Weixing lightning-fast gave Ye Jiuyue, who was secretly smiling, a glance, his heart feeling complicated. 

Fuck, he really has fallen in love with me! And he was sneakily doing this sort of thing,  scheming, too scheming, childish, too childish.  


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Crap, will this guy cry, throw a tantrum and make a fuss when I mention breaking up? Then what am I going to do? I’ve heard of cases like this before; when the sugar daddy decided to end things, the other party wasn’t willing no matter what, and sobbed and shouted that they wouldn’t leave even if they didn’t get any money.

Ye Jiuyue didn’t want money in the first place! OMG OMG OMG, he was after me from the very start!


I underestimated my own charisma.

Shen Weixing thought, filled with too late regret. 





After Ye Jiuyue had finished secretly being satisfied, he saw Shen Weixing driving with his gaze focused on the road, yet the corner of his mouth was curved up and he was smiling very happily.
Ye Jiuyue couldn’t help but be dumbstruck, and thought back to his earlier speculations.  

—Shen Weixing wouldn’t have actually fallen for me, right? He gifted me a car and an apartment and was adamant about giving me money, and wants to bring me along on a vacation trip overseas, and is so sensitive to Sui Dong, it can’t be, right?

No nonononononono, I’m overthinking.  

It was probably just that it was very tough for Shen Weixing to find a good fuck buddy that was considerate and tactful, didn’t give him any trouble, didn’t find him annoying, and could satisfy his virgin desires.

Ye Jiuyue seriously nodded to himself to ascertain his own verdict. 




Shen Weixing parked the car in the underground parking garage of the hotel with ease, then carried Ye Jiuyue out of the car. 

Ye Jiuyue saw that this was a hotel, and hurriedly said, “There are too many people, my ankle isn’t serious, I can walk myself.”

Shen Weixing hesitated for a moment, then said, “I’ll carry you just until the elevator.” 

As he spoke he walked towards the elevator entrance. 

Good thing it was just a few steps away.
When he got to the elevator, Shen Weixing kept his word and set Ye Jiuyue down, then removed his hat and mask.


Ye Jiuyue asked, a little bit curious, “You aren’t going to take them off after we get into the private room?” 

“Who said that we were going to a private room?” Shen Weixing’s expression conveyed ‘just knew that you’re green and inexperienced’ with ridicule.
“Cut the unneeded talk, you’ll know in a bit.”

Ye Jiuyue didn’t say anything then.


“Oi, what did you bring your backpack here for?” Shen Weixing impatiently grabbed the backpack out of his hands.
Just as he was going to turn around and put it in the car, he saw that the elevator had arrived, so he didn’t persist and just carried the bag with one hand, while the other hand went around Ye Jiuyue’s shoulders.
He pressed the button for the top floor, and also stuffed the hat and mask he used as a disguise into Ye Jiuyue’s backpack.



Shen Weixing swiped a card and the elevator went straight to the top floor.
Ye Jiuyue followed him out and looked curiously at the surroundings. 

This was probably a restaurant, the walls were glass, but were all shadowed, so you couldn’t see outside. 

“In the daytime it’s like this, cuz it would be too hot otherwise.
At night it’s transparent, and when the weather’s good, the glass will be opened, and you can see the sea.” Shen Weixing quietly said to Ye Jiuyue. 

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Ye Jiuyue nodded. 

Shen Weixing didn’t get to see his surprised reaction, and felt it was a little dull.
However, he thought about it again and it was true that during the day this place didn’t seem cool enough, he had to bring Ye Jiuyue over at night for there to be a real view. 

And so he once again calmed down.




The head waiter came up, and welcomed them with a gentle smile.
“Shen Ge and a friend are here to eat?”

Shen Weixing nodded at him.
“Suddenly wanted to come here, I didn’t make a reservation.” 

“It’s fine, it’s not meal time anyways.” The head waiter looked like he was quite familiar with Shen Weixing, and made jokes while leading the two inside.
“You guys can sit anywhere since it’s daytime, right? How about sitting closer to the interior.”

Shen Weixing nodded, then suddenly said to the head waiter, “This is Ye Jiuyue.”

Ye Jiuyue:“……”



What was this? We were just eating, so why was there a need to announce my name? Although there wasn’t any danger to my name being announced, as no one knows it.
Ye Jiuyue confusedly thought. 


The head waiter gave Ye Jiuyue a few more glances and smiled.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Wen Dong.”

Ye Jiuyue nodded.
“Nice to meet you.” 

Shen Weixing continued speaking, “He’s a national exam Zhuang Yuan.”

Ye Jiuyue :“……” Demon, you can shut up now!



Right now, he suspected that Shen Weixing was tormenting him for unknown reasons. 

The thing about being Zhuang Yuan was actually something Ye Jiuyue felt pretty troubled over.
He’d just gotten first place in that one exam, and it was just the municipal one, not even the provincial one.
Having it always being brought up by people, especially since almost half a year had gone by, made him feel a little embarrassed.
It wasn’t like it was the national one from ancient times that was held every three years.  

Before, Ye Jiuyue hadn’t told Shen Weixing about this thing either.
Who would have thought that Shen Weixing would search it up himself? He said that he searched it up online when he was bored. 

At the time, he hadn’t said much, who knew that he would pull this now.  




Ye Jiuyue pretended to be deaf and mute, and looked down at the menu.  

The demon had eaten the wrong medicine, he pointed to the foreign languages on the menu and continued to say to the head waiter, “He can understand it all.”

I can’t understand it! What sort of misconception do you have about the municipal first place?! You’re normally not like this!

Ye Jiuyue tried to resist, finally couldn’t hold it in, put down the menu and silently used his hands to cover his face. 

Normally there were no outsiders, so whatever, but now in front of the restaurant’s head waiter, Ye Jiuyue wanted to call Shen Weixing ‘Dad‘. Dad, what will it take for you to be a little more normal and return to the way you are on TV? 

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The waiter fell silent for a few seconds, then suddenly laughed loudly.
“What the heck, Shen Ge, the lover that you’ve been hiding is him, right?”

The hands that Ye Jiuyue was going to put down went up with renewed force, and covered his face again.
In addition, this time he wanted to just smoulder himself to death, this must be Shen Weixing’s final goal. 


Shen Weixing might be paying him back for that kick from before.

Ye Jiuyue didn’t want to believe that his (former) idol was this petty, but reality gave him no choice. 




The cause of all this, Shen Weixing, frowned, “What nonsense is that.
Hey, order your food.
Pick whatever you want to eat, if you can’t finish we’ll bring it with us.” 

The head waiter smiled as he said, “Shen Ge, we don’t have a take-away service.”

Shen Weixing said to Ye Jiuyue, “Don’t listen to him, leftovers can be packaged.
Make your order.”

The head waiter also said to Ye Jiuyue, “I was just joking, don’t take offense.
Shen Ge’s one of the stockholders of the restaurant, if he says you can take the leftovers, then you can.” 


Right now, I just want to disappear. Ye Jiuyue breathed in deeply, put down his hand, and looked at the menu.
He wasn’t polite, didn’t look at the price and ordered a few dishes that he liked.  


Shen Weixing said to the head waiter, “Just this for now.”

The head waiter asked, “Do you need a bottle of wine opened?”  

Shen Weixing shook his head.
“I’m driving, and have to drop him off back to school in the afternoon.”

The head waiter asked, “Then, freshly squeezed juice for the beverage?”

Shen Weixing glanced at Ye Jiuyue, and said, “Sea salt cream cheese bubble tea, and add extra sea salt.”

The head waiter had their service industry smile on.
“Where will I get you sea salt cream cheese bubble tea, sir?” 

Shen Weixing, abruptly feeling that his face was lost, felt very displeased.
“Don’t purposefully play with me here, can’t you get someone to buy it from outside?”

It’s true that we could, but sir, this sort of old-fashioned trope isn’t even used in idol dramas, so it really makes people want to mess with you.


The head waiter resisted laughing to the point of almost dying, then glanced at Ye Jiuyue, who had already pretended to be deaf to the point of great experience, and was ignoring everything while analyzing the menu with his head lowered.
“Alright, sirs, please wait a while.”

The author has something to say: 

Sui Dong: a few million for a role isn’t much, you can only eat half a fried pancake : )

Ps: don’t mockingly laugh at Shen Ge’s out-of-fashion courtship peacock tail spreading, it means that he’s honest, sincere, innocent, and naive.

Posting will be at eight o’clock sharp, remember to remove the brackets

Rinrin: Wen Dong (head waiter) haaaaas appeared! He has his own novel (Yourwei’s only switch couple (currently)), the Couragous and the Coward .Guess which one he is ( Ŏ艸 Ŏ).Give him a warm welcome~ 


Lastin: I give him exactly one (1) singular welcome clap

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