The world of modern entertainment industry (6)

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The interesting interaction between Lin Xiaotang and Ren Ling instantly attracted the attention of countless people.

This spooky-looking little girl turned out to be so cute in private!

And worrying about studying or something, they feel like she is their little sister.

Because Lin Xiaotang didn’t have a Weibo, most of the people followed Ren Ling’s Weibo and called Ren Ling “brother-in-law” jokingly.

Even Lin Xiaotang’s fans went to the bookstore to buy a bunch of study materials and sent them to Ren Ling’s company after watching the video.

Some of the dedicated fans even sent the notes they left in high school to Lin Xiaotang after sorting them out.

Their love for Lin Xiaotang is obvious to everyone in the circle.

On the other hand, Ren Ling’s company changed its attitude instantly after seeing that Ren Ling’s sister was actually popular.

What is the most important thing in the entertainment industry?

It’s not the face value nor it’s not acting, it’s not resources and connections, it’s popularity.

Some people have excellent looks and acting skills but they are not too popular.

Some people have a lot of resources behind them and in the end they can only become a little popular.

But some people may just make a fuss on variety shows or show their faces in TV dramas and they can become completely prosperous.

Fortune is a very wonderful thing, so wonderful that many celebrities in the circle madly pursue metaphysics masters for it or go to Thailand to buy life cards to raise little ghosts.

Seeing that Ren Ling has such a strong fortune the company’s executives will naturally favor him a little more.

After the broadcast of “Remnant of Life”, Ren Ling’s manager’s face was almost frozen with laughter.

At the same time, the amount of resources that Ren Ling can get has also increased rapidly.

Seeing the surge in the number of fans and the increasing popularity, Ren Ling was quite emotional.

Maybe, this really is life.

He has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, trying his best and it’s just like this.

Just a few rumors chasing the wind can completely crush him to death.

And his younger sister Lin Xiaotang, who just went to a group show, could easily gain the director’s appreciation and became famous smoothly, with a number of fans that made countless people envious.

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Fortunately, Ren Ling’s temperament is very good and he has no jealousy in the face of his popular sister.

Sometimes when he is free, he will hold his mobile phone and tell Lin Xiaotang interesting stories about her fans.

In this regard, Lin Xiaotang was very confused: “Fans? What are fans?”

She has lived in horror escape games for hundreds of years and has never encountered such a thing.

Ren Ling said: “Fans are people who like you after watching your drama.”

Lin Xiaotang:???

Didn’t she just act as a ghost, why would anyone still like her?

Ren Ling added: “The exam papers you did before and the notes you read were sent to you by fans who liked you.”

Lin Xiaotang: “…….”

It turned out that those demons were her fans.

Looking at Ren Ling’s beaming face, Lin Xiaotang almost forgot that she was actually bound to the “Villain Rescue System”.

In the future given to her by the system, this gentle-tempered man will disappear completely under heavy blows after experiencing the blackmail of the whole network, the betrayal of friends and the tragic death of his sister.

It was not until ten years later that he, who had gone through a sinister and changed temperament, reappeared in front of the public and recaptured everything he should have had in an almost cruel method.

Of course, because Ren Ling’s behavior was too vicious, in the end, he would be miserably defeated by the hero and heroine of this world.

……However, from the current point of view, until they meet the male and female protagonists, she is afraid that it will take several years.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t understand what a villain was.
If she insisted, she could also be called a villain in her previous identity.

If the existence that scares the people around her is the villain, then she doesn’t mind being the biggest villain in the world.

As for throwing dirty water on Ren Ling at the beginning, contacting the media and marketing accounts to spread rumors, causing Ren Ling to be blackmailed by the whole network and the mastermind behind it was not exposed until the end.

The other party is too cautious and the attack is quite concealed.
When providing information, they use overseas accounts that cannot be traced.

After gaining the ability to invade dreams, it’s not that Ren Ling didn’t go to those people’s dreams to investigate.

It’s just that no matter how he cross-examined, he didn’t ask why.

The only thing Ren Ling can do at the moment is to try to whiten himself and regain her former popularity.

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He is patient and not in a hurry and he believes that one day, he will be able to take revenge on his own strength.


Soon, two months passed.

With the popularity of the online drama “Remnant of Life”, Ren Ling’s career is booming and Lin Xiaotang’s popularity has also increased in vain.

In the school, most students and teachers know that Lin Xiaotang, who is in Class 2 of 3rd year, is already a little star.

Many classmates who have followed the drama have also become fans of Lin Xiaotang in private.
In order to see her, every day between classes, they come to visit the teaching building of the third year of senior high school.

Being able to be classmates with a future star makes many students feel proud.

However, as Lin Xiaotang’s popularity in the school increased, on the other side, the situation of Xia Zeran and Su Tiantian became more and more embarrassing.

Especially Su Tiantian, because of this, she has cried countless times.

In school, as long as she and Xia Zeran were a little more intimate, others would look at them both differently.

People who had a good relationship with her gradually alienated her and some people said she was “green tea” behind her back.

Su Tiantian was extremely aggrieved.

She didn’t understand that she and Xia Zeran were just a pure brother-sister relationship.
She called Xia Zeran as “brother” all the time.
Why do others always speculate on them maliciously?

And Lin Xiaotang, a bad woman, since she doesn’t like brother Zeran, why should she be brother Zeran’s girlfriend?

Seeing her and brother Zeran being excluded and misunderstood by others, she is very happy, isn’t she?

In order to avoid suspicion, Su Tiantian and Xia Zeran’s brother and sister screen names were forced to change.

On weekdays, the two have to cover up when they meet.

In the long run, Su Tiantian’s resentment towards Lin Xiaotang became bigger and bigger.

It’s not that she didn’t tell Xia Zeran to let Xia Zeran break up.

But for some unknown reason, Xia Zeran’s face turned pale as soon as he saw Lin Xiaotang and the gentle and elegant demeanor of the past was all gone.

Furthermore, Xia Zeran may also feel proud to have a celebrity girlfriend.
Whenever someone asks him if Lin Xiaotang is his girlfriend, he acquiesces.

For this reason, Su Tiantian had quarreled with him many times.

Seeing that Xia Zeran could not go this route, Su Tiantian thought about it and decided to go to the Internet to appeal.

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She wanted those ignorant and stupid fans on the Internet to realize what a vicious woman Lin Xiaotang was.

She found a gossip forum in the entertainment industry with huge traffic, posted anonymously and told the story of herself, Xia Zeran and Lin Xiaotang.

As a result, not only was her post ineffective but she herself was mocked by the group.

[21st floor: Lin Xiaotang is so beautiful, does she still need to grab a man? Are you joking? ]

[Floor 45: Landlord, you have said that you are “just a younger sister”, so why do you care so much? ]

[Floor 133: I laughed so hard, “good sister” and “good brother”, did the landlord come from hanging?]

[Floor 300: Take our Xiaotang away!]

Seeing these replies, Su Tiantian was furious to death.

As expected, Lin Xiaotang’s fans are just like Lin Xiaotang herself, unreasonable and they always treat her and brother Zeran with dirty thoughts!

In order to prove her innocence, Su Tiantian tore up with those netizens.

She thought about it every day and dreamed at night.
When she went to bed at night, she dreamed of Lin Xiaotang’s brother, that very scary man.

She couldn’t remember exactly what she dreamed about.

But the feeling of panic that was so frightening that her heart almost jumped out of her throat left a deep psychological shadow on her.

There was no way to clear up her grievances and she was frightened by the nightmare again.
Su Tiantian’s psychological state plummeted and her academic performance dropped a lot.

The teachers who had been optimistic about her all frowned, thinking that she was in a bad mood.

This afternoon, when Su Tiantian was distracted in class, she was caught by the teacher again.

The English teacher who has always loved her has no good face towards her: “Su Tiantian, stand up for me!”

In this class alone, Su Tiantian was in a daze several times.
No matter how much the English teacher scolded her, it would be hard to avoid seeing her.

In the teacher’s scolding, Su Tiantian was so frightened that she shivered and quickly stood up from her seat.

Realizing that she had been distracted, her face was hot.

“Teacher, I’m sorry I made a mistake, I won’t do it again…..”

Su Tiantian bit her lower lip and looked aggrievedly at the English teacher.

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However, this time, in the face of her pleading gaze, the English teacher was unmoved: “Su Tiantian,let me tell you, in last month’s English test, you only scored 92 points and the total score dropped by more than 100.
Put your mind away and study hard, what are you going to do in the future?”

From the teacher’s point of view, it is useless for Su Tiantian to indulge blindly.

If they don’t say anything more serious, let her remember for a long time, they are afraid that she will be ruined.

After listening to the teacher’s words, Su Tiantian, who had never suffered such accusations, was stunned.

She never imagined that the amiable English teacher in the past would speak to her in a tone that treated poor students.

She moved her mouth, and there was a hint of crying in her voice: “Teacher, I’m sorry…..”

“I don’t need you to be sorry,” the English teacher looked at her and sighed, “As long as you study hard, it is the greatest reward for me.”

Study hard? Wasn’t she serious before?

Isn’t she just a little impetuous recently, why did the teacher say that to her!

The teacher’s disappointed sigh fell on Su Tiantian’s heart, making Su Tiantian extremely embarrassed.

Feeling the eyes of the classmates around her, her fingers trembled, she couldn’t bear it any longer and ran out of the classroom crying.

Su Tiantian’s run was originally a decision made in a fit of anger.

After she ran out, her reason gradually returned to her.

However, looking at the door of the classroom, Su Tiantian didn’t plan to go back just like that.

If she goes back, she will definitely be laughed at by other classmates.

After leaving the classroom, Su Tiantian didn’t know where to go.

She sent Xia Zeran a message on her mobile phone but Xia Zeran didn’t reply to her.

Not wanting to go back to the classroom or see other classmates, Su Tiantian simply walked out of the school and wandered around aimlessly.

There is a snack street near the school and many people come and go nearby on weekdays.

Su Tiantian wandered around here for a while and her mood slowly improved a lot.

She didn’t know how long she have been strolling and suddenly there is a call from behind Su Tiantian—

“Tiantian? Did you skip your class too?”

Su Tiantian followed the voice and looked back and found that it was the female gangsters in her class who were speaking. 

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