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“Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Kiritani-sensei greeted me at the door after changing his shoes.

Mom had to go to work on an urgent matter, so it was just me and Kiritani-sensei at home.

“Kiritani-sensei, can I ask you a question?”

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“What’s the matter? You can ask me anything.”

“Umm… What kind of person is that girl in the parka who changed your life that you were talking about before?”

I had been thinking about this ever since I heard Kiritani-sensei talk about it.

I wondered what kind of person they were who could change someone else’s entire life.

“Well, she was the most problematic kid in school and did the most crazy things.”

She started a guerrilla event without the teacher’s permission, or she played Juliet in the “Romeo and Juliet” play at the school festival and changed the ending from a tragedy to a comedy on her own.

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She was a messed-up schoolgirl.

“Ehh!? I see…”

…I really don’t know if I can count on this person.

“So what does she do now?”

“Right now? Right now, she…”

Kiritani-sensei reacted in a way that seemed kind of hard to answer.
She would happen to be a bad person, right?

“Ah, sorry.”

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Then he pulled out his phone from his pants pocket.

Did someone send him a message?


Suddenly, Kiritani-sensei paused, gut-posing.
…What was he doing, this guy?

“Kenji-kun, about what the parka girl is doing now…”

Turning around, Kiritani-sensei continued.

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“Yeah, what is she doing?”

I asked again.
I hope she hasn’t become a bad person for now…

But contrary to my misgivings, Kiritani-sensei answered.

“She’s a Hollywood actress.”

Kiritani-sensei looked so happy when he answered that.

At the same time, I thought to myself.

The person who changed him must be a very nice person.

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