CH 2.2

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She was a messed-up schoolgirl.

“Ehh!? I see…”

…I really don’t know if I can count on this person.

“So what does she do now?”

“Right now? Right now, she…”

Kiritani-sensei reacted in a way that seemed kind of hard to answer.
She would happen to be a bad person, right?

“Ah, sorry.”

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Then he pulled out his phone from his pants pocket.

Did someone send him a message?


Suddenly, Kiritani-sensei paused, gut-posing.
…What was he doing, this guy?

“Kenji-kun, about what the parka girl is doing now…”

Turning around, Kiritani-sensei continued.

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“Yeah, what is she doing?”

I asked again.
I hope she hasn’t become a bad person for now…

But contrary to my misgivings, Kiritani-sensei answered.

“She’s a Hollywood actress.”

Kiritani-sensei looked so happy when he answered that.

At the same time, I thought to myself.

The person who changed him must be a very nice person.

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