Chapter 8 

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“I don’t know what you are afraid of “ 


“Please, don’t do this.”


She needed Hyun to look into her eyes which continued to shed tears.
However, Hyun didn’t care about it as his hands eagerly loosened Yeon-hee’s skirt.


“Your husband will embrace you,and you will bear  a child for me “


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Yeon-hee’s head was dazed, worrying about her son.
Her Junsu was going to die and be gone soon.
Despite her pleads, the man continued his rough touch.


“I’ve been on the edge of course, haven’t I?”


“It’s meaningless to fall into a passion.
That’s it.


No matter how much she tried to deny it, the large hand that was stroking her flesh was sending her immense pleasure


“You’re saying no but you’re this wet?”

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The man’s hand caressed the drenched center in Yeon-hee’s leg..


“Are you still going to tell a lie?”


“Hyun, I don’t want to lose you—”


“Shut up.”


The excited man stretched out his hand and tore the red ginseng.
Soon, Yeon-hee was like a half-naked angel, wearing only a small piece of cloth that covered her most sensitive part.

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The man’s hand slipped through the fabric and rubbed  the swollen c̲l̲i̲t̲o̲r̲i̲s̲.
Yeon-hee shivered at the touch she had been longing for years.
Her back arched at the pleasure, her neck seemingly about to break.


“Have you ever accepted another man?”


“No “


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“Is it possible?”


“Aren’t you the girl who abandoned me?”


“It’s not like that—”


“Deceiving me that you’re as innocent as a snowy mountain peak, but in reality, you’re a vixen who trampled on my feelings and threw me away like a dedicated mate.”


The man’s sharp eyes growled as if they wanted to swallow up Yeon-hee.

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