Chapter 5 

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“I asked you something, didn’t I?”




It’s been a long time since Yeon-hee uttered his name.
The man’s eyes turned red.


“You dare say my name using your filthy mouth?”


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Hyun instantly grabbed Yeonhee’s neck and pushed her against the wall.


“Hey, I’m out of breath…”


“Is it suffocating? How would you feel if your five internal organs were twisted and blood splattered all over your body?”


Contrary to the man’s growling voice, the strength of the hand that strangled Yeonhee’s neck was relatively weak.


The man then looked down at the red scarred neck, threw off the clothing he was wearing, and untied his jacket.

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Yeon-hee, who had tears in her eyes from the pain, couldn’t close her mouth when she saw his naked body.
The man’s whole body, which was only white and fine as she remembered, was now covered with scars.
The long lines of scars were like snakes passing by.


“Look at what you did to me.”


“I, I have never done anything like that.


Yeonhee had never put her nails on a man’s body once.
So, why was this her fault?


“It has been engraved on me, one by one, from the day you deceived me and ran away.”

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“Why, why did you do that?”


Eun Yeon-hee stuttered as she was too lost in words and felt like crying to the man’s miserable state.


“This is the first time I have lost something I own.”


For a moment, Yeon-hee refused to believe him .
But then, she recalled the man’s cold face.


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‘It was me.’


It was Yeon-hee who persistently  approached the man who always pushed her away because he hated it.
Perhaps the man’s scars were really her responsibility.


“But there is a reason why I left!”


“What do you mean?”


Yeonhee pursed her lips and bowed her head.
She was actually a fox, and the child she gave birth to was not an ordinary human either.

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