Chapter 2

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“A guest is coming.”


“You mean that book?”


Yeonhee brought a book she saw thrown away when she went to work at a yangban’s party the other day.
Apparently, her son had already read it.


(Yangban :Yangban, (Korean: “two groups”), the highest social class of the Chosŏn (Yi) dynasty z)


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“But that book is quite difficult…”


“I didn’t understand all of it .”


Maybe he was not old enough to play slingshots while running his nose.
Junsu’s, which was so different from the others, made her sigh.


(slingshot is a small hand-powered projectile weapon.)

‘It’s all my fault.’

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Because of that impure blood, the child must have been unable to live like a normal human.


Yeon-hee often reminisced about her mother, who died after giving birth.
Yeon-hee was the child of a human father and a nine-tailed fox.
As such, she also gave birth to a son through human processes.


‘I’m sorry that your mother is like this.‘


She never revealed her abilities because she was afraid of scaring her son.
She was just a normal mother to Jin, even if she couldn’t defeat even a small beast .


Cack, cack 

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Suddenly, a flock of dark crows soared over the sky, and the clear sky was soon covered with dark clouds.


“The weather got  bad.”

Yeon-hee quickly put down the basket as she worried for her child.


Suddenly, a strong wind blew, causing the house’s fence to shake and the gate to collapse, sending the gate flying into the sky. 

All the floating objects that surrounded Yeon-hee covered the vicinity, making her unable to see even an inch ahead. 

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Amid the turbulence, through the open door, a wild beast baring its sharp fangs came into her house.


“Oh my God! There…”


It didn’t stop at one ferocious wolf with thick furs.

A wild boar, which looked well over five hundred pounds, and an unknown savage-looking beast encircled her and her child.

“No one can get out of this .”

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