“I don’t want to.”

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“Eat me up like the first time “


Yeon-hee was almost in a state of resignation.
Now that she had confessed everything, she wanted to do everything he wanted for the rest of the time.


‘Actually, I always wanted to be embraced by him.

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They exchanged breaths with their lips touching for a while, then reached out to each other’s genitals.
Yeon-hee looked over the man’s penis with her hand


He exhaled an exhilarating breath.


“Hyun, it’s really hot.”

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“Are you still able to talk?”


The man who drew a circle with his finger on her hole pushed two fingers into the vagina.
As his fingers scratched the wrinkled inner wall that didn’t go away with excitement, a chorus erupted from Yeon-hee’s mouth.


“Huh! Ha- harder!”

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“Did you say that?”


The man lying at an angle repeatedly put his finger in and out through the vaginal mouth. 


Yeon-hee was to handle the pleasure, she trembled and rested her forehead against his chest.
She stroked the man’s wounds with the other while sweeping his genitals with one hand.
As she imagined how painful it must have been, it felt like her heart was breaking.

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Because of me…”


If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have gone through this.
Like a noble crane, she dropped the noblest scholar to the floor and made him suffer there.


“That’s it, I let you die, so what can I do to pay for my sin ?”

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