”We need to find him. ” The bulky man informed his companions. He touched the mask, then stared at his companions. He walked towards the gate when he saw that one of his men was secretly opening the gate. A smirk plastered on his lips, but no one could say how he smirked.

”Don kill him. The boss wanted him alive and kicking; he wanted to torture him. ” He added. His companions quickly entered the big houses of the Thompson family. No one could hear their steps, for they
e all trained to do everything silently.

He was sure that no one was still awake at that time. So, they will successfully do their plan to get the head of the Thompson family.

He moved his head; he signaled his other men to go upstairs. While he was too ready to find their target but they were all shocked when they saw a beautiful young woman.

”Ahh! ” The young woman shouted in fear which caused the other family members to wake up. Her eyes widened while she stepped back; she held the plates that she was cleaning before the armed men went into their house.

”Bitch! How dare you scream like a freaking bitch! ” The armed man immediately grabbed her hair. She tried to restrain herself, but she failed.

”Get the old man! We needed to get him as soon as possible! ” The companions quickly obeyed his demand. Several minutes passed, and a scream came from the other family members. They were all dragged down to the first floor, and the armed men tied them with rope.

”Idiot. I said you should get the old man; I didn tell you all that you should hostage the other members! ” He frustratedly yelled. He almost couldn breathe properly because of the mask on his face.

”Damn it; we need the head of the Thompson family! We don need trash as a hostage! ” He pulled the young woman, but when he looked at her face, he felt mesmerized by her beauty. He knew that the Thompson family had a beautiful lady like her, but he didn know that he almost gasped whenever he saw her face.

The young womans icy stares made him shiver in excitement. Her tiny pinkish lips were inviting him to taste it. He swallowed too hard when he saw her body; he couldn remember that a woman got him an effect.

”What are you looking at? ” He grinned when he saw the woman widen her eyes in anxiousness. He saw how she checked her family members with worries in her regard.

”Please, don hurt my brother. ” The young woman pleaded. She trembled when she saw an armed man carrying a young boy. She tried to go to the young man, but the man stopped her by pulling her.

”Shut up, your one of my hostages. I could do whatever I wanted. Do you want me to kill your brother? ” The man held her chin, and she winced in pain when he felt how he clenched her face. ”Don you dare tell me what I must do, young lady? Im not one of your men. ”

”Sebastian! ” She yelled his brothers name, which made the young man open his slowly. The young man didn have any emotions on his face, but he was too calm when he saw that the unknown man was carrying him.

”Bitch, I will kill your brother! ” The man pointed the gun at the young child.

”Solene! ” Sebastian called the young woman while he was looking at the gun. He called her name but had no fear plastered on his face.

”P-Please, don harm my brother. I can do anything that you want me to do. ” Solene pleaded. She almost kneeled in front of the armed men, tears slowly forming in her eyes.

”Okay, then remove your clothes. I want to see you naked. ” The man mocked her. He pointed the gun at her, which made his companions groan. Its not part of their plan. The boss told them to get the Head of the Thompson family, and harming a child and a woman wasn part of it.

”We should stop this. The boss might find out what we are going to do. He might kill us. Lets stick to the plan. ” One of the companions commented.

”Ahh! You son of a bitch! Who are you all? ” The older man screamed when one of the armed men took him. He dragged him to the first floor with his relatives.

”You should be thankful that you didn know us. It looks like you did something wrong to my boss. ” The older man started to restrain him, but the armed man held him tightly.

”I want this woman. Lets take her, too. ” The man grinned when Solene began to freak out. She was shoving him when the man fell on her. Blood went to her face, which made her scream too loud.

”Solene, what happened?

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