Second chance Hypnosis

Weekends are for hustling

”Hello. Im selling chocolates and was wondering if youd like some. Youll buy, right? Its only ten dollars per bar. ”

The man in front of me nodded and took out a ten-dollar bill. I took the bill and placed a chocolate bar in his hand.

After successfully selling my fourth bar, I walked up to the next house and continued my business.

You win some, you lose some, I thought as the owner of the house I was currently at didn answer.

I had already made forty dollars under an hour. There was no need to rush towards my goal. Especially when I still had four more hours to go.

I walked up to the next house and rang the doorbell. This time, an older woman opened the door.

Not waiting, I put her under my hypnosis right away. I took the money and handed her a chocolate bar. With a smile on my face, I continued my way through the block.

By the time I reached the last house on the street, I had already sold four more, making me $80.

At the last house, I walked up and knocked on the door.

”Coming, ” I heard a familiar voice.

I forgot who it belonged to, but it sounded familiar.

The door in front of me opened, and I saw who the voice belonged to.

With long blonde hair, wearing shorts and a baggy white shirt, Alessia was standing right in front of me.

”Damian? What are you doing here? ”

”Im here for business. ”

”Business? ” She asked, tilting her head in confusion.

I chuckled and explained that I was going around selling chocolate.

”Haha. Thats smart. Wanna come in? ”

I was a little shocked at how easily a young teen invited a guy into their home.

”You sure? ”

”Yeah. My parents won mind. ”

Thats when a bulky man appeared behind her.

He had short black hair, a well-maintained beard, and had a black tank top on. Those on top of his built physique. I would be lying if I said I wasn intimidated.

”Whos this Alessia? ”

”A friend, dad. Anyway, come in Damian. ”

I looked at the man, who shrugged his shoulder and left. Your daughter just invited a guy in your house and you don care?

I was stunned. However, that didn last long. It brought me out of my thoughts when Alessia dragged me into the house.

Alessia and I sat at the table while her dad was watching us like a hawk from the couch.

”So, what made you start this business? ”

Heading to Alessias question, I quickly answered.

”I wanted something, so I made money selling chocolate. ”

”Thats a good idea, ” her father chimed from afar.

”How much have you made so far? ”

I looked at Alessia and shrugged. ”Thats a secret. ”

”Whatever, don tell me then. ” She said with a shrug.

Before I could say anything, her dad got up from the couch and sat down at the table with us.

”So, how do you know my daughter? Are you her boyfriend? ”

”Dad! ”

”We met at the mall a couple of days ago. And no. We
e not dating. ”

”Hmm. I see. ”

”Anyway. You started a business. Thats good. Experience is key for young kids like you. ”

I nodded. It was true. The more experience you get as a teen. The easier adult will be.

”What school do you go to? ”

”Xxxyz school. ”

”Thats far from here. How come you
e selling around here? ”

”Wealthy people live here. Its easier to make money. ”

The man laughed to the point of tears.

”How much do you sell a chocolate bar for? ”

”Ten dollars. ”

The man grabbed his cup and drank before almost choking on it.

”Ten dollars? How the ** will anyone buy from you if its that expensive? ”

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. ”My charms. ”

The man laughed and put his hand on my shoulders. ”I like you. You
e a funny kid. I approve. ”

”Approve of what? ”

”Dad! Stop it. ”

”Haha. Whatever. You kids have fun. ”

After the brief conversation, the man left the table and walked up the stairs.

”Sorry about him. ”

”Its fine. He seems like a cool guy. ”

”He is. Its just hes embarrassing. ”

”Hes just a worried dad. Anyway, it was nice seeing you, but I gotta go and sell some more chocolates. ”

”Wait, let me buy one. ”

I shook my head and took out two bars from the box.

I handed her the two and walked to the door. ”Its on me. Plus, we
e friends. I can rip off a friend. Id be a dick if I did that. ”

”Thanks. Ill pay you next time, though. ”

”Alright, alright. Have a good night. Say bye to your dad for me as well. ”

Finally leaving the house, I continued knocking at the doors of other houses. I planned on selling at least three more chocolates in the next hour.

By the time another hour passed, I sold four more chocolates. Which honestly surprised me. I was still only halfway through the new street I was selling at. If I were to stay a couple more hours, I was sure Id be able to sell another four, maybe even six.

However, I was getting tired. And I mean really tired. Maybe it was just me not sleeping enough, but it couldve been due to how much I used my powers I still didn know.

Thats why I packed my stuff up and made my way back home.

Once I got home, I took out all the cash in my bag and started counting. I made sure I had $120. By the end, I smiled and put it all in my wallet.

Due to how many tens there were, my wallet was a little fatter than it shouldve been. But hey, who doesn like a fat wallet?

The next thing I checked was my chocolate box. I had sold 12 and gave away 2. Leaving me with 26 chocolate bars left.

If I sell those and include the money I made today, I would be looking at around 380 dollars. Which is crazy. Especially if you take in that I only walked around and sold chocolates for two hours.

After I finished counting the money and how much of the product I had left, I put everything away.

Lets try to sell everything by tomorrow.

It was nearing the end of the week and I wanted to have at least gone through two boxes before the weekend started.

I can wait to make even more money tomorrow, I thought as I lay on my bed, going through my phone.

Opening an app, I saw a message from a certain someone.

[Thanks for the chocolates.]

[No problem. Anytime.]

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