I left my apartment once I got the money.

Excited, I ran to the nearest store. It was only five minutes away from me, so the run was short.

I walked through the electric doors and went to the chocolate aisle. After searching for a bit, I found what I was looking for. However, there was only one box of chocolate bars. And it was forty dollars. I didn think it would be this expensive for one.


With a sigh, I grabbed the last box and headed to the cash register.

I placed the box down and paid with a one-hundred-dollar bill. I got around sixty dollars back, so I planned on saving it until tomorrow. That way, I could get one more box.

With a wide grin on my face, I walked back home.

I was eager to try it out, but it was already getting late. The massive houses are twenty minutes from me. And I don wanna get too late.

Once I was home, I set my things down in my room. I had already told my brother that these chocolates weren meant for eating.

Hesitantly, he listened.

For the rest of the day, I was on my phone scrolling through different apps or in the living room watching movies with my family. At one point, I completely forgot about the plan.

Second chances sure are nice.

It was already eleven, and I was in my bed, tucked in.

My eyes shut, and I let the tiredness take over. I drifted off to sleep, excited about how much I would make tomorrow.


I quickly opened my eyes and heard a familiar noise that haunts me to this day.

Quickly looking to my right, I saw a massive truck tower over me. It ran me over and I could feel my bones break.

On the floor, in the pool of my blood, I shook in fear as well as from how cold I got. For the second time, I felt my life escape my body. It was like my soul was coming out.

I got lightheaded and closed my eyes, dying.


Sitting up, I immediately took a deep breath.

I clutched my chest and my hair. Filled with fear, I shivered.

I felt it. I felt exactly how I did when I died. How cold it got, my soul escaping my body, to even the warmth of my blood.


I cursed. I feared going back to sleep. W-what if I get that dream again.

I was planning on joining the underworld, but I couldn even get a hold of myself from a nightmare. Not being stupid, I knew that I would encounter situations that could lead to my death, but reliving that scene made me reconsider.

Grabbing my head, I muttered in complete fear, ”Am I ready for this? Can I do this? ”

While doubting myself, I heard a voice in my head.

Don be afraid. All you have to do is make everyone a slave.

Make everyone a slave? If I did that, no one would ever try to kill me.

I felt like I was going crazy. There was no way I could do that.

Ha, even my subconscious is playing games, I laughed, thinking of the unrealistic goal I thought of.

After a couple of minutes, I got control of myself again. I stopped shivering and laid back down.

I can make everyone my slaves. But I can avoid dying using bodyguards and being armed.

Now, on top of my other expenses, I added a gun.

With a small chuckle, I thought to myself, Ill have to sell a lot of chocolates.

Fully prepared to have that dream again, I closed my eyes and welcomed the truck.

I wasn going to give up becoming rich because of a nightmare. Death scared me like it did everyone. I wasn special. What did make me special was my power. With it, I can get bodyguards who would die for me. Everything would be fine if I played my cards right.

Once I fell asleep, I returned to the road where I died. I saw the truck coming and smiled.

Its my dream so I can do whatever I want.

I looked over to the bus that was bolting my direction and made it turn into purple flowers. ”I won let a bus stop me from achieving my goals. ”

I laughed out loud and woke up to birds chirping.

I got up with a wide smile plastered on my face. It was time to start making money and take the first steps towards my goal.

After school, I left with my box of chocolates in my bag. I had emptied it out beforehand and placed all my books inside my locker.

With light steps, I walked towards my destination, xristy street. Thats where all the houses were and the overall population there was pretty big.

It took me forty minutes to get there. It was a pretty long walk but it was worth it in my mind.

I walked up to the first house at the corner. Once I was in front of the door, I rang the doorbell and knocked.

I waited for over five minutes but no one answered. Already guessed something like this would have happened.

Fully prepared to not have anyone answer the door, I walked to the next house.

This time, I was lucky enough for someone to answer.

They opened the door and looked at me with a confused expression.

It was a man that was shorter than me and had visible wrinkles. He had black hair and wore glasses.

Before they could ask what I was there for, I spoke.

”I was selling chocolate. Why don you buy one? ”

His eyes glowed a purple hue as he nodded.

”How much? ”

”Ten dollars per bar, ” I answered the monotonous-sounding man.

He took out his wallet and handed me a ten. I took the bill and handed him a chocolate bar.

Once the transaction was complete, I walked away and snapped my fingers.

The man snapped out of his trance and looked down at the chocolate bar, confused. He looked at me, who was already a couple of meters away from his house. Making direct eye contact, I smiled and thanked him.

The man, completely baffled at what just happened, went back into his home.

Ten dollars wouldn matter to someone with such a big house. Especially in the city, I lived in. Where houses were overpriced.

After the deal was done, I walked to the house beside his. But unlike the house before, this one didn answer. Neither did the next one.

However, on the third try, I finally got one.

I repeated the same thing on the woman that opened the door and got another ten.

So far I had made twenty dollars from only two bars. I still had thirty-eight left. With a goal of making four hundred dollars, I continued my search for buyers.

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