Second chance Hypnosis

Money & Nightmares

Could I make a fight club without research? Of course not! Which is why I ran to my room and booted my computer up.

I downloaded a VPN and searched for how to start a fight club. The steps were honestly a lot easier than I thought.

In simple terms, you had to find a location, spread the word, get participants, and have them bet money or have an entry fee.

I already planned on not having an entry fee for my first fight. Why would anyone pay an entry fee for a fight that has no credible sources.? I know I wouldn . So that is why I planned on it being free for the first time. That way, I could hook people in and make them want more.

After looking the steps up, I searched for how betting companies distribute money. Apparently, they take a cut from the losing bets. I didn really care much, though. These were legal companies, while mine wouldn be.

I would take a larger cut from the bets and would keep that all to myself. After all, you don pay a dog for playing with you, right?

The next topic I searched up was how to stream on the dark web.

This gave me some trouble finding answers. However, I picked up something. To stream, I would need to first get onto the dark web and set up an account. Then I would use a website on the DW and stream what I wanted. But for it to be a successful stream, I would need good quality cameras and mics.

I couldn just start the first stream off using a phone. Go big or go home.

After cameras, I would need to have a disguise. I didn want the government and dangerous criminals to know how I looked. Plus, having a disguise would make things more interesting. Its not every day you see a guy in a costume hosting a dangerous fight.

Once I was done researching how bets were distributed, I went on a notepad and started writing the expenses for a camera, laptop, and costumes. And once the calculations were done, I almost passed out from how expensive the items were.

Just for a laptop was a thousand dollars. A professional camera would cost me five thousand. I didn have that kind of money for only one thing, so I decided to just go with a chapter camera. It would still hurt my pockets, though. It would cost five hundred.

After that, I checked the price of the costume I had in mind. It was only around fifty bucks, so I didn mind.

Other than costumes, I wanted colored contacts and a voice changer.

With eye-catching contacts, making others look into my eyes would be easier. Making it easier to hypnotize them. And a voice changer would help change my voice and make it more menacing.

Im a genius. How can someone as smart as I am be gifted such amazing power?

I was becoming a narcissist.

Having such an amazing power had changed me little by little and I noticed it. It wasn a bad thing, but I had to watch out. I didn want to slip up and expose something I didn want to.

However, even with all my brilliant ideas, there was still a question I didn solve yet. How am I going to make this much money?

I couldn just ask my parents to give me two grand.

So, I had to think of something.

Maybe I can ask mom and dad if they can lend me 100 bucks.

I had quickly thought of an idea that can help make me some money. But the idea needed me to spend some money.

Whats the saying? To make money, you gotta spend money?

What was the genius idea I came up with?

It was simple. Sell chocolate bars for an unreasonable price.

With my hypnosis, I didn have to worry about my customers saying no. But I also would not charge them a crazy price. Ten dollars per bar seems good enough.

Ten dollars would set no one back. Especially when the target of my product would be people in houses or condos.

Should I up the price?

After reconsidering, I was debating on upping the price. However, if I did so, and the customers checked their wallets after and saw a twenty missing, they would be confused.

In the end, I stuck with ten dollars. It was a safer option.

Before I went to go ask my parents for a small loan, I thought about my plan and how I can make it better. While also trying to think of a good excuse.

I guess its time to go ask.

Five minutes later, I had come up with a good excuse. I had put the thought of fixing the plan to start the business when I actually had the money.

”No point in overthinking something that hasn happened yet. ”

Walking out of my room, I went over to my parents, who were on the couch.

”Mom, dad. Can I borrow a hundred dollars? ”

The two looked at me in shock before putting on a confused expression.

”What do you need the hundred dollars for? ”

”I want to start a business, ” I answered my mom.

The excuse I came up with was the truth. I didn need to lie to my parents.

They took a minute before responding.

”What business do you want to start with only a hundred dollars? ”

Dads question was logical. But I already prepared the answer.

”I wanna sell chocolates. I promise to pay back everything I borrowed. ”

”Hmm. I can give it to you if you really want. But you
e gonna have to help me clean the car over the weekend and help your mom clean the house this whole week. You can also forget paying me back. ”

Ecstatic, I gave them a hug and gave them a kiss on the cheek.

”Deal. ”

My dad got up and took out a hundred-dollar bill and handed it to me.

Thanking them, I immediately left the house in search of a box of chocolates.

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