The class went on as usual. Since it was the first day, we went over the basics of how to form sentences and paragraphs. It was extremely easy and boring. I almost fell asleep twice. The only thing remotely interesting that happened was the icebreakers at the beginning of the period. But even some of those were unbearable.

I was 31 mentally. I honestly could not care less about teenagers lives. The teacher was the one I was paying attention to most of the time. After all, she was a beauty. But I was physically still 14, making me admire from afar.

After the class ended, I went on to my next period, Math. As a 31-year-old, I can safely say math is something I did not miss. However, all the things we covered were basics that even I knew how to do it. Even so, it didn take away the fact that I loath the subject. The only thing that made it manageable was that I sat beside Ivan. With him beside me, I could get through this torture called math.

The next period was a computer technology class. This is by far the most enjoyable class today. I had all four of my friends in this class. We also sat at a table with all of us. Overall, the class was the highlight of the day.

After comtech, came lunch.

Once lunch was over, I went back to the third floor. The class I had next was Geography. From what I remember, it was an easy course, but it was boring. Extremely boring. And when I entered, I realized why. The teacher for this course was an old man with lifeless eyes. Ive seen plenty of cases like this in my previous life. Adults, who don want to work anymore due to age, but need to because of bills.

I was right. The class was extremely boring. But I didn mind since I slept through half of it.


The bell rang, signifying that school was over.

I got up out of my seat and walked to the first floor. Having already messaged my mom that I was going to the mall, I waited for my friends. Not even two minutes later, they all came down and walked over to me.

e coming right? ” Josh asked with a pleading look.

”Yeah, my mom said I can go. ”

”Great. Lets dip the scene then. ”

After getting confirmation that I can go, Danny dragged us all out of the school and to the bus stop.

We took the bus to the station and took a train to the mall. Overall, it was only a twenty-minute trip. While on the bus, the four of us just talked about regular teenage boy things. Girls. I was a little uncomfortable joining the conversation, so I barely took part. After all, I was mentally 31. Sexually talking about young girls grossed me out. But it wasn like I could stop them. They were only 14.

When the five of us got to the mall, we went towards the movie theatre. The plan was for us to meet the girls there. So once we got there, we walked into the arcade area and played a little air hockey.

Shortly after, a group of girls in uniforms arrived.

There were five girls in the group. They all had a variety of looks. I even recognized one. She was the one with long blonde way hair. We worked at the same company in my previous life. Though the two of us weren close, we were on friendly terms due to how much we saw each other.

The five walked over to our group with smiles on their faces. When they reached us, we all took turns introducing ourselves.

”Hi, my names Sara, ” a Caucasian girl with short brown hair said.

”Names Josh. Nice to meet you guys. ”

”Hi, Im Daniela, ” a girl with a darker skin tone introduced.

”Hey! Names Ivan ”

The next girl to speak was the blonde-haired one I used to work with.

”Hey, Im Alessia. nice to meet you. ”

Danny then hurriedly introduced himself.

”Hi, Im Danny. ”

”Im Sofia. Its nice to meet you guys. ”

Sofia had long black hair and was on the shorter side.

Since I was the only guy left who they didn know, I introduced myself.

”Hey, Im Damian. Nice to meet you guys. ”

The last girl named Samantha introduced herself afterwards. She was a brunette and had long hair.

After introductions, we walked around the mall and window shopped. Thirty minutes of us aimlessly walking around and conversing, the ten of us finally decided it would be a good time to eat.

We all walked to the burger restaurant and ordered our food before searching for a spot.

Our group wasn lucky enough to find an area where all of us could sit. This made us have to split up and sit at different tables.

Ivan and Daniela went their own way, Avesh, and Samantha left the group as well. Josh and Sara followed Aveshs lead and also went their own way.

There were now four of us left, and I left it up to the other three to decide who they wanted to sit with. I stood at the side silently and watched as Sofia dragged Danny away with her. Now that it was just us two left, we walked around the cafeteria to find a seat.

Luckily enough, we found a table meant for two. We sat down and took out our food. Not bothering to start a conversation, I started devouring my burger and fries.

I guess Ill have the appetite of a horse again.

We should never underestimate the appetite of a growing boy.

Alessia followed my lead and started eating. Albeit a lot more elegantly.

”So, what electives are you taking this year? ”

After not talking for a good two minutes, Alessia asked.

”Comtech. You? ”

I put my food down and waited for her to answer.

”Instrumental music. ”

”Thats cool. What instrument do you play? ”

I always envied those who could play an instrument extremely well. Becoming good at an instrument took a lot of dedication and time.

”I play the piano. Do you play anything? ”

”Hmm. I played a little of the sax, but that was only in seventh grade. How long have you been playing the piano for? ”

”Since I was five. So almost ten years. ”

The two of us then talked about different things. Sports, games, school, future aspirations, etc. We hit it off. I could see her becoming a friend.

However, that was it. She was still too childish for my liking.

After we ate, Alessia suggested walking around the mall to digest the food. I nodded and agreed to her suggestion. The two of us then left the cafeteria and walked around the mall.

We revised stores we already went to, visited stores we had on our list, and even went back to the arcade to play some games.

e pretty good at air hockey, ” I said with a small chuckle when I looked at the store.

”Tsk. Give me one more game and Ill beat you! ” Alessia kissed her tongue and exclaimed.

laughing I put in a token and started up another game.

I ended up beating her two more times until finally losing the third one.

e not too good. How does it feel to lose? ”

It was a little annoying that she kept gloating about her one win, but I let it be. Or not.

”I won every other game than that. Wanna run it back one more time? ”

I can just let a 14-year-old girl make fun of me.

Before I knew it, everyone had already left. Their parents picked them up. They offered me a ride, but I wanted to try out my powers.

So I walked to the train station. Since I didn have money, I looked into the securitys eyes and spoke. ”I don have any money. Can you let it slide? ”

The securitys eyes glowed in a purple hue as he nodded and opened the gate and let me pass through. With a small smile, I walked past him and snapped my fingers.

The security guard snapped out of the hypnosis and sat down in confusion. However, it didn bother him for too long as he went back to his stone-cold look.

This power sure is handy.

Did I worry I would be caught using my power? No. The answer was simple. I asked, and the security guard answered. It wasn suspicious. Plus, it was dark out. Would you not let a young teen through the gates if he didn have money at night?

In a merry mood, I tip-toed into my train and went home.

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