The sound of an alarm ringing filled the room. With an annoyed groan, I reached for my phone and turned it off. Laying back down, I stretched all four of my limbs.

”AHHH, ” I screamed as my arms and legs stretched.

Mornings were always the best time to stretch.

After I was done, I let out a long breath before getting up. It was 6:50 in the morning and my brother was still sleeping. I wouldve slept in like him, but I was already used to waking up this early from my previous life. Waking up later felt wrong at this point. Especially on a weekday.

I reached for my drawer and took out my underwear. I then walked to the washroom and undressed. Getting into the shower, I turned the shower knob more to the right, making the water a little on the cool side.

The shower didn last long. Five minutes was all it took for me to freshen up. I got out of the shower and put my new and clean underwear on. Then, I went to the sink and brushed my teeth.

Once I was done with my morning routine, I got dressed. I put on a white hoodie and some blue shorts. I then sat in my computer chair and scrolled through my phone.

While scrolling, I thought back to yesterday.

After thinking about different future possibilities, I was stuck, not knowing what I wanted. So, instead, I asked my mom and dad what they would do.

”Mom, dad. If you had the chance to do illegal things for a lot of money. And when I mean a lot, I mean a lot of money, would you? ”

”Of course not. Thats stupid. Id end up being caught and thrown in jail, ” my dad answered.

My mom nodded at Dads words, but I wasn finished.

”What if you wouldn get caught? Like I mean never. No matter what you do. ”

The two thought for a moment before answering me.

”If I can make a lot of money doing something illegal and never get caught, why not? You
e old enough to know that having a lot of money would make life easier. Look at us. We had you guys at a young age and I won lie. We struggled. This is why we don live in a big house and instead live in an apartment we rent. So, if I had the chance, I wouldve taken it. ”

My dad nodded at my moms words. However, he then asked why I asked this so out of the blue.

”I was scrolling through and saw a post that asked the same question. I didn know if I would, so I asked you guys. ”

”It is a thought-provoking question. Would you give up your morals and be rich or keep them and try to work your way up the legal way? ”


After talking to them, my views changed. Though, I still didn know If I would go through with joining the dark side. The thought of joining the underworld grew in my mind.

Once I finished recounting the events, I started scrolling through my phone again. Before I knew it, my brother was dressed with his bag on and my mom was calling for us. We both got up from our spots and made our way to the living room.

We got to the car and arrived at the school shortly after. But there was still some time until the school bell rang. So to kill time, I walked around the school. It was a lot smaller than I remembered. That could, however, be because of the large company I worked at before dying. Still, it was nostalgic.

After a lap around the school, I got a call. The caller id read Josh. When I picked up the phone, the familiar, yet childish, voice spoke.

”Come to the caf. Everyone but you is here. ”

With an ok, I made my way to the cafeteria. Once I got there, Josh waved his hands, signaling me where to go.

Getting to them, the small group of four dapped (1) me up. It was my first time talking to them since I returned. I was going to respond to their texts, but something else was on my mind. My powers.

”Yo, how come you didn join the Discord call? ”

”My bad Josh. I had something come up. ”

Josh had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was relatively tall for his age, but still shorter than me by a few inches.

”Its all good. You can make it up to us by going to the mall today. ”

”Ill have to ask first, Avesh. Can just go whenever I want. You know my parents. ”

Avesh was a young teen with brown skin and black hair. He was only two inches shorter than me.

”Nah. but you better. Avesh here says girls from the all-girl schools are coming. I still can believe you invited them. I never thought you had game like that. ”

The three of us laughed while Ivan shrugged his shoulders.

”Ivan, I pull more than you. Don even start. ”

Ivan was a Latino teen with black hair and tanned skin. He was the shortest in our group at around 5ft 5.

”You both can pull. ”

”Shut up Danny. You get no bitches. ” Josh said, making us three laugh.

Danny was Asian and had short, black hair. He was only an inch taller than Ivan, standing at 5ft 6.

Seeing all three of them again was nice. The only ones I was close with still were Danny and Ivan. The other two went their ways. One moved to another country, the other just stopped hanging out with us and got into drugs.

The four of us talked and had a couple more laughs before the bell rang and we had to go to class.

My first period was English, so I made my way to the third floor. I walked through the door and saw most of the seats taken. So, I just sat closest to the door. The seat at the front and furthest right.

While waiting for class to start, I started thinking about ways to hypnotize the teacher to give me good grades.

Speak of the devil.

A good-looking woman stepped into the classroom wearing a suit. She had black hair tied in a ponytail. This was my ninth-grade English teacher.

”Hello class, I am Ms. Addison. I look forward to teaching you guys. Lets get this class started, shall we? ”

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