For the next two days, all I did was go to school, leave as quickly as possible, and sell chocolate in different neighborhoods.

Fortunately, I met my goal of selling two boxes, earning me a hefty amount. At this moment, I had around $780. Which was a crazy amount for a 14-year-old.

I gotta say, hypnosis is the best ability anyone could ever have.

Hypnosis was a cheat code. Especially when no one could tell you had powers. I was living life on easy mode and I loved every bit.

At one point, I even thought of just becoming a salesman. But then I thought about how much money I would make If I stuck to my plan.

Since I wasn in any rush, my plan for this weekend on top of selling more chocolates was testing hallucinations on people. I remembered how good the results were last time and I couldn help myself anymore. I wanted to see how far the hallucinations would go.

Would they feel physical pain if I made them hallucinate being hit? Would they smell a field of flowers if I made them think they were in a field?

I had many questions and no answers.


Like every morning, I woke up to the lovely sound of my alarm ringing.

I wouldve loved to sleep in a little longer, but as an aspiring entrepreneur, I had to start my day early.

I got dressed; putting on a grey hoodie and long black pants.

Then, I grabbed my bag and emptied everything. Once all my books were out, I put in a box of chocolates. By today, I had hoped that I could get through my third box.

Before leaving the apartment, I grabbed my keys. I locked the door and headed towards a new location. I was ready to hustle.

Finally, getting to the new selling location, I started knocking on doors.


Before I knew it, my timer went off.

I took out my phone and checked the time.

”Its already 12? Time went by too fast. ”

I had already been selling chocolates for four and a half hours.

I opened the box I was holding and counted how many chocolates I had left.

”1,2…20. ”

I sold half already, making me another 200 dollars. I was only two chocolate bars away from hitting $1000.

Lets finish this box first.

I had wanted to test my hypnosis. But I didn want to stop seeking halfway.

So, I went up to the next house and started knocking.

Luckily, three hours later, I only had one chocolate left.

I walked up to the last house of the day and knocked on the door.

The man opened the door and walked out.

I looked the man in the eyes and activated my hypnosis. ”I have one chocolate left. Can you buy it? ”

The mana eyes glowed in a purple hue, telling me he was under the effects of my hypnosis.

Like most people, the man went inside and grabbed his wallet before coming back out.

”How much? ”

”Ten dollars. ”

He pulled out the ten dollars and handed it to me while I gave him the chocolate bar. I left the porch and snapped my fingers.

The confused man then went back into his home, wondering what the hell had happened.

Its a good thing they don remember being hypnotized.

Finally, after seven hours, I could start trying out my ideas.

However, I was in an extremely joyful mood. Now, I had $1,180 on me. All in cash.

I should open a bank account.

With that, though, I left the neighborhood and made my way downtown.

The reason I chose this location to try my ideas was that it was the most populated area in the city. Not only that, but the number of homeless people and crack heads there were astounding.

I didn have to travel that much since the neighborhood I was in was pretty close. So, I used the time to get there as a quick break.

I didn know why, but the more u kept using my powers, the less I had to worry about getting tired. It also felt easier to use.

Maybe Ill get to a point where I wouldn have to say anything to hypnotize someone.

My theory was that the more I used it, the stronger it got. I saw it like a muscle. The more you work it out, the better and stronger fit will get.

After a quick twenty-minute ride, I was as good as new. My tired legs regained most of their strength and my mental fatigue was basically all gone.

With a clear head, I walked around hoping to find a homeless man or crackhead.

But I had to be careful. The bag I was carrying had over $1000. Luckily, it was in the back part of my bag that had an unnoticeable zipper. Yet, you can never be too sure.

After five minutes of searching, I can across a homeless woman. She was holding a sign beside her asking for money. That along with some type of sob story.

I walked up to her and took a dollar out of my pocket.

Looking me in the eye, she thanked me.

”Than you sweat heart, may God bless you! ”

Since we made eye contact, I turned my hypnosis on.

”There is no need. For I am god my child, ” I said loud enough for only the two of us to hear.

Her eyes gave off a purple hue before she sat up and got on her knees.


She went into madness. Tears were falling down her face as she looked at me like I was a god.

The surrounding people backed away, and so did I.


She was still screaming, which annoyed me a bit.

With no one noticing, I snapped my fingers. Once she snapped out of the trance, she sat back down and drank some water.

Her throat must hurt.

After yelling that much, I wouldn be surprised.

The other people around didn seem to mind and continued with their day. After all, this was normal.

Crazy crack heads screaming happened often downtown. So, nobody questioned why she was screaming.

I sneakily escaped the scene and made my way around the area, hoping to find another test subject.

Downtown had many people. Because of that, I could find another homeless person on the side of the street.

I walked up to the man and took out a dollar. The man reached for it and took it. Grateful, he flashed me an ugly smile and thanked me. I made eye contact with him before speaking. ”No problem. By the way. You know there is a demon beside you, right? He going to stab you in the heart. ”

The confused mans eyes gave off a purple hue.

The poor man then started screaming in fear. ”Please don kill me! ”

His screams soon stopped as he fell over.

Many people who were watching the scene were laughing and recording it. But when the man stopped screaming and fell over, many gasped. A man even rushed over, telling everyone to back away. ”Im a doctor! Everyone move! ”

The doctor then checked the mans pulse and showed a grim expression.

”Hes dead. ”

After hearing the news, I stepped back in shock.

I-I killed someone? N-No, i-it wasn me. It couldn have been. Could it?

However, there was no other explanation. I killed the poor homeless man who had been trying his best to get by. Just to experiment and try out my ideas, I sacrificed a human life.

I had enough of the scene and walked away with one thought.

Why don I feel terrible about it?

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