I was laying there, in a puddle of my blood. People around me were taking pictures or running away. As I felt my last breath leave my lungs, I thought about how sad Ill be not being able to see my loved ones. With that thought, I closed my eyes and died. Or at least thats how it shouldve been.

I was 31 when I had died. I had loving parents, good friends, and a stable job. Couldn say I was the happiest man alive, but I for sure was happy and content with my life. However, it all changed because of an accident.

It was in the middle of the day when I went out for lunch. It was my break, and I was hungry. Not packing lunch, I thought itd be a good idea to grab something from the nearby convenience store. But while crossing the street, a truck zoomed through a red light and hit me. The rest is history.

”So how the ** am I in my old room? ” I said aloud.

I looked around me and I saw all the things I had during my high school days. A signed poster to the left of me, a computer by the door, and my younger brother beside me sleeping.

I had already known the date. It was two days before my first year of high school began. Saturday. I had also checked whether it was a dream. Pinching myself, counting my fingers. I did all the above to make sure I wasn dreaming.

It overjoyed me when I made sure it wasn a dream. A second chance to make sure I didn have any regrets. I got out of my bed and walked to the living room, where I saw my parents watching TV.

I wanted to go over there and hug them, but I wasn someone who liked to show much affection. It made me uncomfortable and made me feel awkward. So instead, I just sat beside them and greeted them.

”Goodmorning. ”

The two responded and asked how I slept.

”Alright, I guess, ” I answered.

My parents asked a couple more questions before turning their attention back to the TV. The three of us watched the movie in peaceful silence. Once it was complete, I left the living room and returned to my room, where my now awake brother, was playing on the console.

I turned on my PC and sat in my chair, waiting for it to finish loading. Once the home screen popped up, I went straight to google and started googling if anyone else had ever returned to the past. As you may have guessed, nothing came up.

Maybe Im special.

That was the only thought in my mind. Although unrealistic, how else would I come to terms with why I came back to the past? Although a second chance was amazing, having to relive terrible events would not.

”Bro, you wanna one v. one? ” I turned around and looked at what my brother wanted to verse me in. A first-person shooter.

”Sure. ”

I had nothing better to do, so might as well destroy my brother in the game. However, what I didn put into the equation was that I didn play this game for over a decade. So I inevitably got destroyed.

It left a sour taste in my mouth, but I couldn do anything about it. So, like any older brother who lost in a game, I said ”Wasn even trying. ”

My brother laughed in my face and pointed out how sweaty the controller I was using was.

”You just suck. ”

How dare this little shit say I suck! Ill show you. I swore I would practice and destroy him the next time we versed.

After having fun on the console, I went back to my computer.

Before I could search anything up, my mom called for my brother and I. ”Santiago, Damian, come and eat. ”

We both got up out of our seats and walked to the living room, where the dining table was. The two of us sat down with our parents and started eating the food on our plates. The four of us had some small talk that I honestly missed.

My parents and brother lived far from me. It was a two-hour drive from my place to theirs. At first, I would often drive down, but working a full-time job was mentally exhausting. So I started visiting less and less.

”So, Damian. Are you excited about the ninth grade? ”

”I guess. A little worried about exams though, ” I answered my dad.

”Haha, don worry. From what I remember, exams aren hard if you study a bit, ” my dad said.

Back in the day, those words calmed me down. Hearing them again was nostalgic and made me feel happy to be back.

”What about you, Santiago? Are you excited about the eighth grade? ”

”Yeah. I just hope I get a good teacher. ”

My mom, hearing Santiagos answer, laughed. She then told him to not be the class clown and all the teachers would be good.

We slowly ate our food and joked around while doing so. Laughter filled the room, and it honestly made me want to cry. Im so happy that I could be with them again. However, I had to suck it up. I couldn allow my tears to ruin the atmosphere.

After we ate, my brother and I left our apartment and walked to the nearby park with a basketball. When we got there, we moved to the area with the basketball nets.

The sound of bouncing balls filled my ears. We stepped to the side and watched the game that was being played. I sat on the small grassy hill and took out my phone. I got

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