Chapter 55

Shisae is On Kiriha-chan's Side!

Translated by Dawn
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Shisae is on Kiriha-chan’s side!

The next day, May 23rd, Wednesday after school.

I was in the warehouse of a cargo ship with Kiriha, Miina, and Shisae.

A river of various metals came up through the open hatch, forming a pyramid of ingots in the back of the warehouse.

Miina’s ability, Rebuilding, is generating metal from seawater.

Beside her, the four of us sat on the sofa and listened to Director Sayuri’s story.

“As you have seen, the foolish Governor Kaneda has decided to sell off the Bank of Japan’s holdings of Japanese government bonds to foreign countries.”

Director Sayuri’s voice was solemn, which told how serious the situation was.

A sip of Kiriha’s brewed tea with honey and royal jelly did not remove the vertical creases from her brow.

“Director Sayuri.
Just to confirm, if the Japanese government bonds go overseas, Japan will have to pay 1,600 trillion yen in cash, correct?”

“That’s right.”

To my question, Director Sayuri immediately answered.

“As we have discussed before, the Japanese government bonds issued by the government and purchased by the Bank of Japan are called [debts], but they are fictitious debts owed to themselves.
Banknotes are issued by the Bank of Japan.
But the Bank of Japan is a Japanese government agency.
The Japanese government prints bills through the Bank of Japan as needed.
Therefore, the Japanese government bonds sold to the Bank of Japan are not IOUs, but merely a directive to print how many ‘10,000 yen bills’ you want.
It is not a debt.”

To begin with, why is there such a complicated system? If that story is true, why don’t just have the Bank of Japan print money and add it to the government’s bank book balance without issuing government bonds?”

“Because doing so could lead to hyperinflation.”

“What do you mean?”

Shisae tilted her head.
Her pure white twin tails fluttered.

“To begin with, the Bank of Japan is an institution that controls the amount of money in circulation in Japan.
If the market is flooded with money, the value of money declines and inflation occurs.
Therefore, when the amount of money in circulation is insufficient for the growth of the economy, the Bank lends money at low-interest rates to supply the market with money, and when there is inflation, it raises interest rates and sucks money out of the market.”

“Hoho, those boneless glasses have such a role.”

–She called the President boneless glasses…But let’s not point that out.

“But what happens if the Bank of Japan is placed under the complete control of the government and is free to increase the balance of the government’s deposits without issuing bonds? When an economically illiterate idiot becomes prime minister, he will print money without limit, increase the balance, and flood the market with money.
If this happens, Japan will be on the verge of hyperinflation.
The Bank of Japan will not be able to keep up no matter how much it raises interest rates.
Something similar to this happened after the war.”.

Kiriha made an intelligent expression.

“It’s the restoration finance, isn’t it?”

“Fukkin? Abs? What’s wrong with your abs?”

“Kiriha, can you explain?”

The Restoration Finance Bank, also known as Fukkin.
It was a government financial institution created for postwar economic restoration, and it provided loans to various companies.
But the Bank of Japan financed the loans by printing a large number of banknotes.
So much so that the bank couldn’t keep up with the printing, the paper quality was all over the place, the ink was smudged, and there was no watermark on the paper.”

–That’s worse than the money in the Jinsei game…(+)

“Because of that, the market was flooded with money and the value of money plummeted, from 7 yen per cigarette to 30 yen per cigarette in two years.”

“That’s going to dry up the masses!”

While screaming, Shisae’s red eyes, characteristic of albinos, turned black and white.

“Thanks, Harikiri Kiriha, that’s a 100-point explanation.
Anyway, that is why Japan limits the issuance of currency by taking the form of debt.
But it has backfired.
Even without a foolish prime minister, a foolish governor is trying to make the illusory debt a reality.”

“But selling it off means foreign currency is coming in, right? Then, isn’t that a positive balance?”

“That’s not right.”

Miina, with her Rebuilding ability, building pyramids of gold one after another, interjected with a troubled look on her face.

“This part is very complicated.
The Bank of Japan is a government agency, but it is also a separate organization from the Bank of Japan.
Therefore, even if the Bank of Japan receives foreign currency by selling its government bonds to foreign countries, it does not mean that The Japanese government can use that money.
The debt is also transferred from the Bank of Japan to foreign countries, but not a single yen is reduced.”

“Nyuwaaaaahhhh! We’re in a tight spot! If this happens, there is no choice but to attach all personal information inside that boneless glasses’ treasured pornographic folder and copy it onto the Internet!”

“Don’t make Maria a criminal.”

I did a karate chop pose with my right hand.

“Then you would have to teleport a bottle of laxative to his stomach every day and force him to resign!”

“That doesn’t mean it’s okay if it’s me!”

When I intimidated her by making a karate chop pose with my left hand as well, Shisae hid behind Miina.

Then she poked her face out from the hill of ample breasts to get a better look at us.

Her crimson eyes twisted wickedly and she let out a muddled voice.

“Tch, it can’t be helped.
At this point, Shisae will perform Shisae’s operation that will stop all the good bacteria in that boneless glasses’ body while maximally activating all the bad bacteria and latent bacteria to force him to die a natural death.”

“You have such a scary ability!”

“Eh? The most important thing is that I can control all creatures within a 10-kilometer radius, so I can do it.
Honey-chan, did you hear about Shisae’s ability?”

“No, I heard about it, but I didn’t think you could do such a thing!”

“Well, well, you two, put aside your assassination plots.”

—Leaving it at that.
Miina’s ability is pretty much a monster, too.

“So, Director Sayuri, do you have any countermeasures at the moment?”

“No, not at the moment.
But he will sell the bonds soon.
At the very least, I would like to buy some time, but this is completely under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.
It’s not up to us.”

—That’s true, selling or not selling bonds is not something you can do with your psychic powers.

So that was why this time she did not explain to everyone in the auditorium or solicit their opinions, but took such a personal way.

“Worst case scenario, this will expose Naimine Miina’s abilities.
Using the gold created by Naimine Miina, it is possible to pay 1,600 trillion yen.
However, if a large amount of gold flows to developed countries that manage those with Psychometry abilities, they will surely find out about it.
It would be better if it is discovered that the gold is made from seawater and the UN restricts the use of seawater.
They will demand that the UN hand over Naimine Miina, which could upset the balance of power in the world.”

“What if she refuses their request?”

When I asked the question, Director Sayuri’s voice turned deadly with a menacing gaze.

“The UN will start economic sanctions against Japan.
In some cases, they may even resort to war through armed sanctions.”

“Whatever the case, isn’t that like fiction?”

My voice hardened and I denied it, but Kiriha covered it with a cold voice.

“I don’t know about that.
Rather, wars are often fought over [Resources].
In the Middle East, where there are deserts, there are wars over water, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a war broke out over Miina.
But if that happens, I will do everything in my power to protect Miina.”

Smiling wryly, KIRIHA formed transparent poison needles on the fingertips of both hands.
From its tip, a translucent drop swelled and seemed ready to drip.

I gasped, imagining the magic of the glowing poison.

“Kiriha……is that, a lethal poison?”

“No, it’s an aphrodisiac that increases sensitivity and sexual arousal a thousand-fold.”


I tried to keep my distance from Kiriha as I lie on my back on the sofa.

But Kiriha kept coming closer and closer, wriggling her ten toes in a suspicious manner.

—Kuh, I’m not going to lust in this place.

I tried to get up from the couch and Shisae guarded me.

“Whoops, Shisae won’t let you get away!”

“Uooo,  you betrayed me, Shisae!?”

“Shisae has always been on Kiriha’s side.”

“Let go of me! I can’t escape!”

“Fuwahaha, come on, Kiriha-chan.”

“That’s right, we can use the one who escaped as material.”

Clap, Miina clapped her hands.

We stopped messing around and sat back down on the couch.

“What do you mean, Naimine Miina?”

“Yes, you said before, Director Sayuri, that foreigners and global investors don’t trust us people with abilities.
That’s why they don’t think Japan will recover from the financial collapse and they are selling stocks of Japanese companies one after another.”


“So, I don’t think many countries would be willing to buy government bonds from a country like Japan, which has no credibility.”

“Hmm, now that you mention it, I suppose that’s true.”

“In addition to that, we should also report the fact that foreign capital and foreign residents in Japan are fleeing Japan, and that Japan is in trouble.
This would further emphasize the image of Japan as a country in decline.”

“No, Miina, wouldn’t that slowdown Japan’s economic recovery?”

“A little.
But Japan is now self-sufficient in metal resources and fuel, imports food and clothing in gold nuggets, and exports are rather growing due to the weak yen.
I think the damage will be minimal.”

“I see.
But if you spread a negative image of Japan’s future, no one will buy government bonds.
So, it’s a lose-to-win situation.”

This will not solve the fundamental problem, but it will buy time.
Now it is up to the politicians to use the time they have earned to remove Kaneda Yasunori from his position as Bank of Japan’s governor.”

I suddenly realized what Miina’s strategy was.

“Come to think of it, how is the Bank of Japan’s chairman elected?”

“Let’s see.”

Even Miina, who has excellent grades, was troubled.

It could not be helped since we didn’t learn about how the Bank of Japan chairman was elected in either middle school civics or high school politic.

“The Bank of Japan chairman is decided by a majority vote in both houses of the Diet.”

“Kiriha told me.
I was amazed at her ability to get first place in the whole country in all the school examinations.”

“Director Sayuri.”

I will approach the Cabinet and try to buy time for the president to be removed from his position.
It’s a good thing I consulted you guys.”

“Fuu, you can count on Shisae and the rest of us if you ever have any problems.”

“You and I haven’t done anything, though?”

“Gah-, Honey-chan is so strict ♪”

“Why are you so happy?”

I flicked her forehead.

Shisae made a gesture of turning her head back as if she had been hit hard.

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