Chapter 54

Boing Boing

Translated by Dawn
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Boing Boing


But it was a very small voice.

“What’s wrong? Are you still bothered by something?”

“Thanks to……Kiriha, I know I’m not as unfair as I seem to think I am.
But it doesn’t change everyone’s attitude.
Even if everyone is wrong, that doesn’t mean that everyone who is wrong will change their minds.”

Maya’s words got me thinking.

Racism would be a good example.

Everyone knows that racism is wrong.

But even now, the damage caused by racism is still rampant in the world.

No matter how many words are spoken, the reality that Maya is mistreated will not change.

I was ashamed of my shallow thinking, thinking that if I could persuade Maya, it would be enough.

But Kiriha asked immediately.

“Are you still in touch with people from your former school?”

But some of them live nearby.”

“Then, would Maya like to move to this Official Residence like me and Miina? I’ll ask Director SAYURI to take care of it for you.
I’ll pay the rent.”


“And all that’s left is for people to write bad things about you online?”


“Then you can either stop looking at the net or if you still worry about it, I and Honey can spoil you for as long as you want.”

Kiriha shook her body, making Maya squirm.

“I searched the Internet this morning and found, as I expected, that people who have always despised me were writing whatever they wanted.
But that’s fine.
But that’s okay.
I don’t care if I’m being slandered by a thousand people who don’t care about me anymore, as long as Honey and Maya like me, that’s all that matters.
And the rest, well……can they even afford to face me, a winner who has the nicest Honey in the world?”

Kiriha giggled mischievously.

I was embarrassed by her bragging about her boyfriend, and I bit my lip inside my mouth.

But I was more than happy.

“I’ve got honey and all my friends.
Whatever those trying to show who’s superior to their other friends or lovers who have compromised with each other by pretending to be a lover say are just howling losers.
But you know what, since Maya is my friend, I’d like to study in the same classroom with her.”

“Me too.”

Maya’s small head popped out of Kiriha’s shoulder.

“I want to study in the same classroom as Kiriha.”

Unlike usual, her voice was filled with a certain wish.

That made me happy because I could feel Maya’s strong feelings.

They embraced each other like sisters, and Maya was spoiled in Kiriha’s arms.


Boing Boing


Boing Boing

“….Um, Kiriha, I want to change the topic.”

Suddenly, there was more passion in Maya’s voice.

“What is it?”

“How can I make my boobs bigger?”


The scene suddenly changed from a touching scene to one that looked like a messy rom-com manga.

“Let’s see~ I guess you should have someone you like to massage it.”

“Stop saying anything that might cause a misunderstanding! Or rather, you were big before you met me!”


I let out an involuntary yell and Maya’s eyes met mine.

Even though this is my room, it was awkward because I was caught peeking.

I move to my right and left, and everyone who was holding me down quietly backs away and tries to fade away from the scene.
They are clever, which is surprising.
These individuals are the unjust ones.

Maya, with a doll-like expressionless face, ran over to me and said, sticking out her flat chest.

“Can you message it?”


The faded-out women’s group came back in a flash.

Then they pushed me to the floor.

“I misjudge you, Honey-chan! I never thought you’d touch Maya-chan!”

“Honey-kun, are you willing to do anything as long as it’s about boobs!?”

“Honey-kun, can I do psychometry? It’s fine right!?”

“This lewd! Pervert! Breast fetishism! You’ve been looking at my boobs with those eyes, too!”

“Gyah! Don’t kick me, don’t kick me! Help me, Maria!”

“Eh? Who?”


Kiriha yelled as I struck a karate chop pose on my stomach.

“Honey, look at this!”

Getting up from the couch, Kiriha enlarged the MR screen by 10 times and flew it in front of us.

“Hmm? Bank of Japan Governor Kaneda Yasunori holds an emergency press conference?”

On the MR screen in TV mode, we saw a first-aged man who appeared in the press conference room.

He was the root of all evil that had fought with the prime minister and driven Japan into financial ruin.

He was a fat man with round cheeks like he was chomping on marshmallows and small round glasses buried in his face.

In this day and age when devices correct our vision, glasses are more of an accessory, but considering the generation, those must have been real glasses.

Many people over the age of the first generation still have resistance to the device.

President Kaneda glares at us through the camera, his eyes shining from behind the lens with a very insidious look.

“I am going to be direct.
Today, I have decided to sell off 1,600 trillion yen worth of Japanese government bonds held by the Bank of Japan to foreign countries to obtain foreign currency.”

The air in the living room froze.

I could feel myself and everyone else’s gasps.

We were modern kids, not very knowledgeable about politics and economics.

But over the past month and a half, as I’ve listened to Director Sayuri, I’ve come to understand how it works.

That is why we understand the seriousness of selling off government bonds to foreign countries.

The IOUs called Japanese government bonds are held by the Bank of Japan, which is a relative of the government, so there is no obligation to repay them.

Yet, if it were to sell them off to foreign countries, Japan would have to pay 1,600 trillion yen to foreign countries.

“Our Japan is going to be destroyed.”

Everyone nodded at the words that escaped my mouth.

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