Chapter 53

Bee's Sweet Repayment

Translated by Dawn
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Bee’s Sweet Repayment

Two minutes later.

I teleported to the front door with Miina and the others at the same time they would have moved from the front door to the living room.

We took off our shoes and went up the steps to the doorway, and when we proceeded down the hallway, we found that the door to the living room was left open.

Kiriha was sitting on the sofa with her back to us.

From the back of the sofa, a flaxen-colored back of a head was peeking out.

Kiriha’s head was tilted forward, not to the side, as if she were talking to her knees.

She probably had petite Maya on her lap.

“Hey, Maya.
You’ve been acting so down lately.
What’s wrong?”

Maya did not respond.

Then Kiriha called out to her in a gentle voice, as if she were soothing an infant.

“Did someone from your old school say something to you by any chance?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Maya, you know that, don’t you? I was bullied because of my ability.”

Kiriha formed a needle, as clear as glass, at the tip of the five fingers of her right hand.

“It’s terrible, isn’t it? I wasn’t even born with this ability because I wanted to.
I was told I was a bee, I was a pest, I was stung, I was poisonous, I was a poisonous woman, all kinds of things… It was hard back then…….”

Kiriha’s voice dropped in tone as if remembering the old days.

But her voice was calm and very composed.

“But now I’m glad I have this bee’s ability, the Hornet.
Because I had the Hornet, I got to meet Honey.”

“With Honey-san?”

“That’s right.
The same thing gives different impressions to different people.
Thanks to the Hornet, I was able to meet Honey, who is kind, non-judgmental, and cares about girls in spite of being naughty.”

That goes for me too.

Kiriha is a beautiful girl, smart and athletic.

If she had not been gifted, many men would have flocked to her for her looks and talent.

She might have been in love with someone else, someone different from me.

She had the Hornet and I had Teleport, so we were able to meet.

Thinking about it, I, too, am glad that Kiriha has the Hornet.

“Of course, it wasn’t just Honey, it was the Hornet that allowed me to meet Maya.”

Kiriha brightened her voice and hugged Maya tightly.

After a while, Maya finally opened her mouth.

“I, too, was able to meet Kiriha and the others because of my Detection ability…….”

Maya hesitantly began to reveal her true feelings.

Hearing her voice soaked with sadness makes my heart ache.

Maya has done nothing wrong.

But why did she have to go through this?

It was as if I was looking at my old self, and it was painful.

When I was pretending to be a loner, I still never did anything that would get me in trouble with others.

I just didn’t play with my classmates.

Still, I was bullied by everyone.
They made me apologize for a crime I didn’t commit.

Then, Kiriha whispered to Maya in a motherly voice.

“It’s not your fault.
None of it.”

Those words seemed to comfort the old me as if they were melting sadness deep in my heart.

Kiriha arched her back and hugged Maya as if to envelop her.

“I don’t think you’re unfair.
I think you are a person with supernatural abilities.
If you’re not good at anything other than what you put in the effort, is it unfair to be beautiful, smart, athletic, etc.? Is it unfair? Is it wrong to be blessed? It’s all someone else’s prejudice.”

Intensifying her words, she told Maya to remember and understand them.

“And you know, Maya likes my breasts, right? Is it unfair of me to be liked by Maya, who is so cute just because I have big breasts?”

“That’s not true.”

A bit flustered, Maya said to follow up.

“I know, right? Honey likes my breasts because he’s naughty, but these breasts are a part of me, too, right? Just like the Hornet is a part of me.
Honey loves that Hornet too.
And look, look, Honey, when he found out that I have the ability of a bee, he had such a naughty fantasy about me, didn’t he?”

When the MR screen unfolded in the air, there was Kiriha in a sexy honey-colored dress that I had once fantasized about.

—Waaaaaaaahhh! Kiriha, you’re showing Maya a bomb!

Miina, Shisae, Maiko, and Matsumi seized me as I leaned forward to reach out my hand.
The unity of the girls is fearsome.

“What’s this?”

“Maria sent me a mental picture of what was going on inside Honey’s head.
Isn’t he cute, when he hears the word “bee”, he gets this kind of fantasy?”

“Yes, Honey is a cute person.”

I was embarrassed that Maya had called me cute, and I was mildly humiliated.

The force with which everyone seized me weakened.

And Maria, I will never forgive you.

“I ask again, is it unfair that I’m beautiful, have big breasts, am a Hornet user, and am loved by Honey?”

I think that Honey is very naughty and likes boobs very much, but I think that he really likes Kiriha-san personally.
Besides, if he was really like you because of your boobs, he would be dating Director Sayuri, not Kiriha-san.”

–I can’t stop the tears from my eyes.
I’m sure it’s because it’s a touching scene of two people understanding each other.
I won’t admit to any objections.

“Honey doesn’t like any beautiful women, big breasts, or Hornets, she likes [Harikiri Kiriha], who is beautiful, has big breasts, and is a Hornets user.
As proof of this, Honey undergoes Maiko’s psychometry every day.
He said that Maiko is a trustworthy person and that Maiko would not read his memories without his permission.
Honey is a wonderful person who can trust people like that.”

“I know.
So, even Maya is not unfair.
Maya did not pick up her detection ability and acquire it.
It is a part of Maya, just like her hair and limbs.
Whether she uses her powers to serve in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications or to transfer to Inou Academy, it is not cowardly or anything.
It’s just like someone with good athletic ability getting in as a special sports student.”

Kiriha is right.

Everyone in the athletic club works hard in practice.

But only a handful of people can become special sports students.

The difference is nothing but talent.

I think it would be uninteresting if a member of the club who has practiced more than anyone else but less than you becomes a special student.

But from a special student’s point of view, it is a false accusation to say, “You got to be a special student because of your talent, you are unfair.”

“So, Maya is allowed to be in the same Inou Academy as us.
If Maya is unfair, then all of us are unfair.

When Kiriha asked for agreement in a cheerful voice, Maya responded.


But it was a very small voice.

“What’s wrong? Are you still bothered by something?”

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