Chapter 52

Wait, Hey, Maria!

Translated by Dawn
Edited by Dawn


Wait, Hey, Maria!

After work on the same day.

Maya missed the study session.

The seven of us, except Maya, sat around the table in the living room of the government residence and talked about Maya, ignoring our homework.

“As expected, Shisae can’t leave Maya alone.”

“Me too.
I mean, if things continue as they are, not only me, but Maya might drop out of the special course, right?”

I prefer to be in a class with these 8 students.

I would feel lonely if even one of us was in a different class.

Even supposing I could see them after school or during lunch break, I would feel something different.

“Hey you two, is Maya not doing well when she’s working with the police squad?”

At Miina’s question, Maiko and Maria looked at each other.

“……Yeah, at least, she does her job just fine.”

“It’s as if her heart is not in the right place.”

At their reply, Matsumi also exhaled weakly.

“What if there’s been a death in her family or something like that?”

“Why don’t we just go ahead and check it out with Maiko’s psychometry?”

Kiriha suggested.

“That’s no good.”

“What about Maria’s psychic photography?”

“That’s irrelevant.”

Even though I retorted, Maria opened the MR screen.

“……Hey Maria, what are you doing?”

“Psychic photography complete.”

“Don’t do it!”

As I pointed out, I poured my eyes on the MR screen as Maria flipped it on.

And I was severely offended by the contents of the screen.

I’m sure it was the same for everyone else.

I was so convinced that the content was so lascivious.

“Hey, this is the same high school room Maya used to go to, right?”

On the screen, under the room name “●● High School, 1st Year, 1st Class,” numerous messages were written using handles.

The content of the letter was a sarcastic comment about Maya.

Those with psychic abilities should get preferential treatment.

It’s nice to be paid well for your detection ability, even though you haven’t made any effort.

You’re a puppet.

I’ve always disliked you because you’ve been so mocking in every word and action you’ve said and done.

Words like that go on forever.

“Was Maya bullied, to begin with?”

To my question, Maria answered calmly in a voice that sounded as if she had stifled her emotions.

“No.” She was loved at her previous school.
But I guess that was only on the surface.
The word ‘kawaii’ comes from the word ‘kawaisou,’ which means pitiful.
There are a lot of people in the world who have a liking for a weak, unthreatening, pitiful being.”

Maria’s story reminded me of something.

It was a story I saw on TV when I was a kid.

Around the time when Japan was hit by the once-in-a-century recession known as the Lehman Shock, a so-called “Idiot Talent Boom” took place.

Viewers at first loved them, calling them “baka,” but when it became clear that they were acting as characters, the boom ended, and animal shows took over.

According to one critic, viewers wanted something to look down on.

In the midst of a recession, everyone was poor and lacking in self-confidence, and they felt superior by making fun of stupid, foolish, and obviously inferior people.
So, as soon as they found out that the target was not of a lower class, they flipped out.

So they decided to jump on an animal show that would never frighten them.

Maya’s classmates were probably the same way.

They must have loved Maya, who was small, childish, and somewhat silly, even though she could study to some extent as if she were a pet ‘animal’.

And yet, she suddenly became an upper-class entity with social status, honor, and money, and they must be feeling betrayed and resentful.

It was terrible.

The same thing would be far better with the people at my school, who started to flatter me as soon as I became a celebrity.

Like me, they transferred to a new school, and even though they were no longer related to me, Maya’s former classmates were still dragging her down.

I couldn’t find the right words to describe the malignancy of human nature, but anyway, I felt nauseated by such things.

“So you’re saying that……Maya is depressed because she saw the conversation between the guys from her old school?”

Everyone’s faces darkened and their expressions sank.

Matsumi slammed the table with a clenched fist.

“What is wrong with them! Ikuo, apport all of them here! I’ll beat them to death!”

“I don’t think that’s going to solve anything.
Besides, I don’t have enough information on them to specify them as the target of the apport.”

“You’re right.
I got a little overexcited.”

Lowering her hips to the sofa, Matsumi clicked her tongue.

“Then there’s nothing left to do but to comfort her directly, isn’t there? Just like Honey did to me.”

I looked up and saw Kiriha looking at me with a calm expression on her face.

“Remember Honey? When I told you that I didn’t need any friends, that I only needed you, you faced me head-on and convinced me otherwise.”

“I remember, but…”

I didn’t want her to mention it too much in front of everyone because it was embarrassing, but Kiriha’s sincerity made it impossible for me to deny it, and I couldn’t stop her.

“I was scared of bees from a very young age because of their ability and I didn’t want strangers in my life.
But Honey wasn’t afraid of me.
You loved me.
I was so happy, so happy, that I thought all I needed was you.
But it was your honest words that changed me.”

Smiling gently, she took my hand in hers.

“So now I’m going to convince Maya that she doesn’t need to worry about these people.”

“But are you going to tell her that you secretly saw Maria’s psychic record of the writing?”

“Even if it’s a little aggressive, I’ll ask her if something like this happened to her or not.
I’ve been bullied a lot for my abilities, so it’s not unnatural for me to think so, right?”

I naturally nodded at her confident attitude.

Can I ask you to do that?”

“Un, let me take care of it, Honey.”

Kiriha turned up the corners of her mouth happily.

“Is that okay with you guys, too?”

Everyone nodded in response to my question.


The next day after work.


In the auditorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Maya looked up at me with a forlorn expression as she reported to leave work and said.

“Honey, I’m going home by myself today, so teleportation is not necessary.”

“Don’t say such sad things.
I mean, what are you going to do about the study group? Maya, aren’t you going to help me get into the advanced course?”

“It will be fine as long as Kiriha and the others are there.
Besides, I might be able to go to the special course……”


Just before tears came to Maya’s eyes, Kiriha embraced her from directly behind.

Maya’s beloved full breasts were placed on top of her head and Kiriha patted Maya’s cheek.

“Let’s have a little chat.


Without hearing Maya’s reply, I teleported Kiriha and Maya to the entrance of our room.

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