Chapter 49

Riajuu Elements Exuding From The Homework

Translated by Dawn


“What do you mean, Director Sayuri?”

“I’m sorry, to be honest.
I don’t have enough power to do that.”

After school, when I came up to her in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications auditorium, Director Sayuri looked me in the eye with a sincere expression and apologized.

In other words, she didn’t bow her head, but her sincerity was evident.

Besides, there was no obligation to put us in the same class, to begin with.
It’s my selfishness and unreasonable request.

“The cooperation of the Ministry of Education was essential for the creation of Inou Academy.
We had to listen to what they had to say.”

“Is that the aspect of being a trial school?”

If high school students were given a short period of time to study at the elementary school level, their academic ability would improve dramatically.
But there is no need to be pessimistic.
We will divide the 100 students into three courses: the Advanced Course, the University Preparatory Course, and the Comprehensive Course.
The Advanced Course will be divided into three classes.
If you are all placed in the same course, you will be placed in the same class.
In other words, you will be in the top 100 out of 300.
If you have the ability to rank in the top 100,000 in all the exams, you should be able to make it.
I remember that your grades were good.”

“I’m ranked 149,881, though?”

“…I see.”

Director Sayuri folded her arms under her big breasts, looked up at the ceiling, and after a moment of contemplation, grabbed me by the shoulders and said,

“Do your best!”

“Do you know the saying, ‘Easier said than done’?”

I gave her the most bitter look I could muster.


“What a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into!”

As I teleported with Kiriha and Miina to the cargo ship’s warehouse, I couldn’t help but vent my frustration.

“I’m telling you, don’t do anything to cut corners on the test because you’re worried about me.”

“Don’t worry, because I have faith in you, Honey-kun, that you’ll do well in your studies.”

Miina puts pressure on me with a smile.

–She seems so kind and yet so strict, doesn’t she?

Then, I bite my lower lip.

“Don’t worry Honey, I can help you with your studies.”

“It would be a great help if the number one in the country taught me, but at the elementary school level, your memory is more important than your comprehension.
Just for clarification, is there any way to memorize 50 kanji in one day?”

“Sorry, there isn’t.
I can memorize everything just by skimming through it once.”


As I thought, she was too much of a genius to be helpful.

Miina looked into my face as if to follow up.

“But so far so good.
Even on Saturday and Sunday, you finished the homework in one night.”

“I am surprised by that myself.
I have mastered 600 simple kanji characters in the past three days, and I have memorized some double-digit multiplication and division, like the multiplication table, while solving 3,000 arithmetic problems.”

This would be called being experienced.
For example, 15 squared is 225, and from there 15×14 is 210, and so on.
I could get the answer instantly without having to do the math.

“I just have to memorize the names of the lifestyle and relics of the Jomon and Yayoi periods, since they don’t have much history.
English is a word memorization process, but I memorized 600 words.
From today, I’m going to work on changing words in English example sentences and making them into different example sentences, 500 questions a day, but it’s going to be easy.”

Thinking about it calmly, the study is going well itself.

It may seem silly at first glance, but building basic skills may be more effective than I imagined.

Come to think of it, there was an old comic book that my dad had that was about students from a stupid school trying to get into a difficult university.
I think there was a scene in it where the students were made to study at an elementary school level.

“But today, Japanese history will start on the Kofun period, and I wonder if English grammar will also be studied.”

“I’ll start speaking in English today.
It is said that getting used to things is better than learning them, and people are more motivated when sexual matters are involved.”


“You are amazing at night.”

“What are you talking about!?”

“But look, you learned a little grammar from this, right? Now try saying it a little differently♪”

Being spoiled by her, I used my head immediately.

“Well, then…you are cute in front of me.”

Kiriha’s face lit up.

Miina was smiling, and above her head, the [REC] symbol was displayed.

I recorded this scene as a riajuu tax.”

“Thanks, Miina, send it to my device later.”

“Sure, let’s share it with everyone.”


I did my best karate chop pose as they both smiled and said horrible things.


After sending Shisae to various locations and returning everyone to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Kiriha and I teleported to the university hospital where Matsumi was staying to do overtime work.

Matsumi was waiting in the operating room with a group of surgeons who were ready to help if the situation arose.

On the operating table was a patient lying unconscious from anesthesia.

“You were late, both of you.
We’re already prepared.”

Matsumi put her hands on her hips, her eyes were narrowed and her large chest was heaving.

“Sorry, but aren’t we right on time?”

“As a Japanese person, you’re supposed to be five minutes early, right? I was worried you might not show up.”

“What’s the matter, Matsumi, were you feeling sick?”

“Don’t make fun of me.”

Matsumi’s face turned red as she intensified her words.

Satisfied with my own innuendo, I walked over to the patient.

I then set the range to the patient’s entire body and the target to cancer cells and used the apport.

Then, on a metal tray near the operating table, several lumps of flesh, large and small, suddenly appeared.

They were smeared with blood.

Surrounding the lumps were red sections separated from the healthy cells.


Without a pause, Matsumi places her right hand on the patient’s stomach and strokes his entire body with her left hand.

Her hands are tinged with a pale light, which seems to penetrate into the patient’s body.

The surgeons marveled at the numbers on the monitor displayed in midair.

“Wow, the cancer is really gone.”

“And it didn’t damage any healthy cells, except for the cross-section.”

“This is going to change the history of cancer treatment.”

“Then please wait in the hallway until the next patient has been anesthetized.”

After replying, I walked out into the hallway with Kiriha and Matsumi.

Next, since I had some free time until I was called, I quickly opened the MR screen and started working on today’s homework.

“Are you studying at this time? You’re so diligent.”

“I’m not as good at studying as everyone else.
I don’t know when the next time there will be an exam, and I don’t want to slack off now and live my school life apart from everyone else.”

“Hmmm, you like being in class with me so much?”

“Of course I do.
We’re dating.”

I say, with embarrassment.

Kiriha’s cheeks turned feverish as she basked in her happiness.

With her in the back of my mind, I began to do my kanji homework, wondering if I shouldn’t have told her.

This homework is based on the theory that to memorize Kanji characters, it is better to make example sentences instead of just writing them down.

When a person created the shape of holding a pen with his/her right hand, a virtual MR pen appeared on the screen.
Using the pen, they could write sentences on the screen the same way they would with a real pen.

“‘Peaceful’…sleeping peacefully.
‘Dark’…dark night street.
‘Hospital’….keep quiet in the hospital.”

Then suddenly Matsumi said,

“Un, after all, I really like you.”


The sudden confession made me stop my pen.

“I basically hate men.
Because they are usually slow or pushy right?”

As if seeking agreement, Mami began to speak with alacrity.

“But Ikuo is diligent and hardworking, and you take good care of your girlfriend and friends.
I like that.
So I’ll help you study so that you can be in the same class as everyone else.”

–You mean, you like me as a friend.
That’s right.
It would be a daytime drama if she confessed her love when Kiriha is right next to her.

“Let’s see, ‘entrust’…I entrust myself to the doctor.
I have to come up with 67 kanji for today alone, which is a lot.”

“I wrote everything about Honey.”

On Kiriha’s screen, which she showed me, she wrote embarrassing things like “Honey confessed to me on the ‘bridge’” and “I stayed at a hot spring ‘inn’ with Honey and spent a hot night” without embarrassment.

“You, what is this dark book you’re making!”

“Ehh, isn’t that fine.
It’s not like you guys are hiding your dating relationship, right? Then why don’t you write one too, Ikuo?”

“Oi, oi.
What do you think we’re, like, a stupid couple?”

Matsumi was in high spirit even though my mouth was shaped like an e in kana(へ).

“It’s okay, I didn’t mind.
Besides, you know what they say, ‘better to ask and be embarrassed than not ask and never know.’ Would you rather be embarrassed now or live a lonely high school life?”

I thought she was playing around, but what she said was not wrong.

Besides, as Kiriha said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to engage in a sexual, or even romantic, relationship.

“Next…’luggage’…I carried her luggage during our date.
‘Bud’…The ‘bud’ of love with her grows.

‘Flag’…I was embarrassed, so I confessed to her with a hand flag signal, and she laughed at me.
‘Print’…I printed a picture of me with her.
‘Grandson’…I scolded her for being impatient when she said she wanted to see her grandson’s face.”

“See, it all comes out so easily, doesn’t it?”

“A hand flag signal, ahaha.
Honey, you’re so adorable♪ But you have to say those things directly out loud.”

Unlike the two of them, who were having a great time, my feelings were at rock bottom.

–Am I going to submit this……?

A few days later, I got a perfect score from my Japanese teacher with a half smile.

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