Chapter 48

Yeah, come to think of it, this place is a school.

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Yeah, come to think of it, this place is a school.

After work, the eight of us, Kiriha, Miina, Shisae, Maiko, Maya, Maria, and Matsumi, gathered in my room.

This was all for my special training.

Why is it that my special training brings everyone together…….

“Then, Honey, we’ll do the cooking, and you can handle the fish.”


I responded to Kiriha and the others, who were rolling up their arms and putting on their aprons, with a light spirit.

Yes, my special training, is to teleport away the entrails, bones, and scales of raw fish.
If I could do this, I would be able to teleport away only the cancer cells and tumors of the patient.

But, as expected, it didn’t go so well.

Even if I tried to teleport only the fish entrails, the teleportation would either not be triggered or the entire fish would warp away.

Matsumi, who could not bear to watch the situation, let out a troubled voice.

“Something is not going well.
I heard the apport training was done in one night.”

“Ah, at that time I trained to apport only Kiriha’s underwear.
Then, in one shot, I was able to apport only the contents of Kiriha’s clothes, and it was a real treat.”

“Uwaa…Then what, if you try to apport Kiriha’s boobs only, will you succeed in one shot?”

“Don’t say gross things!”

I did the karate chop pose with both hands.

“Ehh~  That’s because you’re a big boobs lover, right?”

“Don’t just believe her! Think that Shisae’s words are made up of ninety percent lies and ten percent malice!”

“Honey, you’re terrible!”

“I mean, boobs are just a piece of meat without a body.
Kiriha’s boobs are worthless without Kiriha, no”

When I realized my gaffe and looked away, I saw Kiriha hugging her ample breasts through her apron and giggling.

“Hihihi, Honey’s ecchi.”


I was so embarrassed that if there was a hole, I would not only want to get in it, but I would want to dig a hole myself.

I turned my back to the girls and waited for them to change the topic of conversation.

“Look, look, he’s waiting for us to change the topic like that.
Honey is cute, isn’t he?”

“Kiriha, don’t tease Honey-kun too much.”

“That’s right, Kiriha, Honey is a pervert, but he is still innocent.”

That’s right.
Honey-san is a boobs lover, but at the same time he is a gentleman, a boob-lover-gentleman.”

“That’s right.
The most important thing to remember is that you should not bully the poor honey who still can’t touch Kiriha’s nice body.
We should all take good care of him.”

—Is the word ” kind” not in your dictionary!

Then, Maya walked up to me like a penguin with her lovely feet and tugged hard on the hem of my clothes.

Apparently, she wants me to bow my head.

“I feel sorry for you because you were being bullied.
There, there.”

Maya’s small hand rubbed my head with a tender touch.

My glands were hot and my vision was distorted.

–Maya’s preciousness grows stronger day by day…….

In my heart, I thanked Maya’s parents.

“Wait a minute.
Ikuo, you can warp arbitrary objects at any time with your apport, right?”

I looked up at Matsumi’s sudden question.

“Yeah, but what?”

“What does that mean? You can steal our bras and pants anytime you want, and we can be dragged naked in front of you at will!? Thinking about it that way, that’s not good!”

“That’s right! Honey-chan, you hold the chastity of all the girls in Japan in your hands, how enviable!!”

“Shut up, you!”

“How about this, if you succeed, Kiriha-chan will give you a kiss?”

“I don’t want to succeed because of that!”

“Eh? Honey, you don’t want me to kiss you?”


Kiriha stares at me with a serious face, which is not like her.

—Stop it, don’t make such an anxious face.
It looks like I’m doing something bad.

“That’s not it, it’s just that I don’t like the idea of a first kiss as a reward…….”

At my words, Kiriha’s expression brightened.

Then the girls’ shoulders slumped.

“What? Ikuo didn’t even kiss her?”

“Honey-chan, your incompetence is on a Guinness level.”

“If you’re not as aggressive as Kiriha-san, you can’t be Honey-kun’s lover, can you?”

“I’m not that bad! But I’m not a boobs lover either!”

“So honey, won’t you touch my boobs if you succeed in apporting the fish entrails?”

I gasped as I recalled the naked Kiriha I had seen last month.

“I would never do that!”

“Did you succeed?”

When I looked down at Maya’s voice, I saw the intact fish and entrails neatly arranged on the cutting board.

Shisae’s hand was placed on my shoulder.

I got down on all fours on the spot.


For two days on Saturday and Sunday, I trained hard.

As a result, I was able to teleport the internal organs in a hundred different ways.

On Sunday night, with the cooperation of a cancer patient, I succeeded in removing only cancer cells from the anesthetized patient’s body, while at the same time Matsumi healed the affected area.

Starting today, I’m supposed to be a member of the medical team, treating 100 cancer patients and virus and poisoning pollutants every day, and I’m supposed to have a proven track record.

Then Monday morning, May 14.

I leaned heavily against the back of my chair in my seat.

“The amount was hard to keep up with, no matter how elementary school level it was.”

I had to finish all my work and practice teleportation while working on my homework, so it was 11 pm last night when I finished everything and sent it to my teacher.

“It’s easy to solve, but it takes time.”

Miina gave me a wry smile of agreement, and then the classroom door opened and the homeroom teacher entered the room.

Miina, Shisae, Maiko, Maya, Maria, and Matsumi, who had gathered around me, took their seats close by.

—What a pleasant atmosphere.

I had always been a “loner” (a person who doesn’t like to talk to others), so this was the first time for me to be surrounded by friends.

It felt good to know that my school life was about to begin.

“Good morning everyone.
I have an immediate report to make to you all.”

The teacher adjusted the position of her glasses and announced.

“As expected, some people skipped their homework.
This is despite the fact that the content is elementary school level and easily solvable.
Therefore, as planned, we have decided to divide the students into classes according to their grades.”

–Class division?

I felt my spine stiffen at the bad premonition.

“Next month, we will hold a classification test.
Then we will change your class in the order of your grades.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

–No, no, wait, Kiriha is ranked first in all the exams, and Miina has excellent grades, so she is sure to be placed in a higher class.

I had a lot of unpleasant sweat on my forehead, my fingertips were numb, and my legs were shaking.

“Um, what’s everyone’s rank on the whole school exam?”

Kiriha, Miina, Shisae, Maiko, Maya, Maria, and Matsumi turned around and said.

“I’m first.”

“I’m 808th.”

“I’m 6716th.”

“I’m 58,891st…….”

“I’m 18,020th.”

“I’m 5998th.”

“Flying 30,000, and I’ll come in sixth.
Any complaints?”


By the way, I’m in the very middle of the list, ranked 149,881 out of 300,000.

“I didn’t expect to be so far behind everyone else academically.”

My consciousness fell into an abyss as I foresaw a future in which Kiriha and the others would all be in the upper classes and I would be the only loner in the middle class.

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