Chapter 45

The Bank of Japan Governor's Battle Begins!

Translated by Dawn
Edited by Dawn


The Bank of Japan Governor’s Battle Begins!

The homeroom teacher was an intelligent-looking woman with her hair pulled back in a bun and glasses.

When she arrived at the teacher’s table, she proceeded to speak in a businesslike manner.

“That was a ridiculous amount of homework.”

I teleported not only with Kiriha and the others but also with my classmates who were going to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

When I arrived at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications auditorium, all my classmates, whom I had never met before, thanked me and then began to confirm my attendance with the staff.

“Thanks, Okui.”

“You made my commute a lot easier.”

“But I feel like I’m being treated like a taxicab.”

“If you don’t like it, tell me.
I also hated it when my supernatural ability was used as a convenience at my old school.”

All the boys and girls say so in a friendly manner.

The difference from my previous school was so drastic that I was taken aback.

I wondered if this was not a dream, but rather a dream until now, and this was the reality.

But maybe this might be something unexpected.

Some combat-oriented individuals, like Bando, might take a violent turn.

But the supporting types, or those with abilities like Maiko and Maria, might not think of harming others because they were used for convenience or struggled with prejudice.

And Inou Academy was full of students like that. (+)


“What’s wrong, Honey?”

“Hmm? No, homework may be a hassle, but I think it’s going to be a fun school life.
You guys are here, too.”

“Honey-chan, does that count as a grand harem declaration?”

“I don’t mean that.
I’ll go back to the school and bring the students from the other classes.”

“Honey-kun is very busy, isn’t he?”

Miina sighed in admiration.

“–It’s bad enough to split them up into those who need a drop-off and pick up in an instant and those who don’t.
Instead, let’s have them get moving on their own feet when the time is up.”

I wasn’t free either.

After teleporting everyone to their workplaces, I had to travel around with Shisae to various places, and teleport to Miina’s workplace, a cargo ship, every 10 minutes to teleport her to the warehouse with the ingots.

Besides, if I provided too much service, more and more people might try to use me like a cab.

And so, as I was about to teleport back to the school, Director Sayuri called out to me.

Thanks for your hard work today, Okui Honey Ikuo.
Did you like the academy?”

“Even Director Sayuri……please don’t use that as my middle name.
But I’m looking forward to the academy.
Though the amount of homework is a little exasperating.”

When I smiled bitterly, Director Sayuri turned up the corners of her mouth briskly.

“Don’t complain about grade-school-level homework.
Well, forgive me for keeping you busy for a while.”

“It can’t be helped.
Various things are going well, but our budget is still short by 7 trillion yen, right? If push comes to shove, I’m prepared to increase my methane hydrate mining volume and earn money through exports, so please don’t hesitate to call on me then.”

Right now, we were trying to earn the 50 trillion yen in annual national budget shortfall due to Japan’s financial collapse, using supernatural abilities.

According to Director Sayuri, the current estimate was that 43 trillion yen could be covered.

“About that, it seems we don’t have to be so hasty.”


In fact, tax revenues from income tax and corporate tax are expected to increase considerably.”

“What? Japan is in financial collapse, right!?”

Yet the fact that income and corporate taxes would be increasing was not what one would expect.

Miina and Shisae were also surprised.

Then Kiriha clapped her hands.

“Ah, you mean the economic growth effects of default(financial collapse)?”

“What’s that?”

When I tilted my head, Director Sayuri nodded her head in affirmation.

“Harikiri Kiriha is right.
The value of the Japanese yen has now plummeted to one-tenth of its value.
Therefore, Japan can no longer import goods.
But, on the other hand, foreign countries can buy Japanese goods at one-tenth the price they used to pay.
Thanks to this, the export industry is booming.”

“But the import industry is in decline…… Oh, I see.”

I gasped, and Director Sayuri’s eyes lit up.

“You have noticed.
The importing industry buys the goods you provide from the government.
Therefore, they can continue to operate as before, and neither income tax nor corporate tax will go down.
As a result, tax revenues from the export industry have only increased unilaterally.
The Japanese economy is on an upward trend.”

As if to supplement Director Sayuri’s explanation, Kiriha looked into my face.

“In fact, historically, many countries that have gone into financial collapse have subsequently grown rapidly.
When a country goes into financial collapse, imports stop, and exports are stimulated.
When that happens, domestic industry, especially industries that are suited to the country, grows, and industrial health improves.
The fiscal collapse has the effect of high refreshment through an overhaul of the economy.”

“I get what you’re saying, but there’s something awfully wrong with it.
[A financial collapse will lead to an economic boom.]”

“Many people think the same thing you do.
In fact, there is no end to the number of foreign capital and foreigners fleeing a financially ruined Japan.
Thanks to them, many of the lands, buildings, and companies that were bought up by foreign capital are now back in Japanese hands.”

“That’s a terrible thing to do, even though we’re working so hard…..”

“The old people in the business world don’t think you kids have what it takes to save the country.”

Then Director Sayuri gave me a stern look.

“People are prejudiced and underestimate others based on age, gender, race, or any other category.
But do not forget.
The people who are saving Japan right now are, without a doubt, yourselves.”


I responded with a bit of pride.

It might have been hard to believe a month ago when I was just a loner.

But now I was in a position to save Japan with my friends.

That gave me a strong sense of confidence.

“Muu, sorry, got a call.”

As Director Sayuri looked away from us and listened to what the caller was saying, Shisae opened her mouth.

“Kiriha-chan knows a lot about economics, huh.
Do you like economics?”

“Not really, but I read a book about it a long time ago.”

“You’re very smart, aren’t you? Some of the students are in first place in all the exams, and Inou Academy might have a higher standard score than expected.”

“Ah, that’s me.”

We froze with smiles on our faces.

I looked at Kiriha for a good few seconds with the corners of my mouth down, and then I asked her to confirm.

“What do you mean, ‘me?’”

“I’m the one who won first place in all the entrance examinations.
I’ve been ranked first in the whole country for four years in a row since I was in the first grade of junior high school.

When the MR screen unfolded in the air, it displayed the results of the school-wide examinations held last month.


Modern Japanese 100points Classical Japanese 100points Mathematics 100points Physics 100points Chemistry 100points Biology 100points Social Studies 100points History 100points Geography 100points

Total points: 1000points, 1st place


All perfect scores in 10 subjects.

I felt something inside of me get knocked down by something, I wasn’t proud or confident, and I was dreading it.

“Um, Kiriha…Am I really the right person to be Kiriha’s boyfriend?”

“Eh? What’s wrong, Honey? Don’t worry, we’ll be together forever, even after we die.”

“…Thank you.”

I snuggled up to Kiriha, telling myself that if the child born was stupid, it would be 100 percent my fault.

“Hehehe, Honey, I love you ♪”

After Kiriha squeezed me and refilled my manly pride, I got myself together.

“Then, let’s go back to the academy and I’ll get the other students.”

“Don’t screw with me!”

The angry voice of Director Sayuri was deafening.

For a moment, I was terrified that I was not allowed to go back to the academy.
Apparently, she was angry about something else.

“That man is going to sink Japan!”

The demon-like roar made me lose the opportunity to teleport and I turned on my back on the spot.

“W-what’s wrong……?”

Kiriha and the others froze with surprised looks on their faces.

Director Sayuri clenched her fists, just barely, with a fervor that seemed as if it would bleed.

“Kaneda Yasunori, Governor of the Bank of Japan, has told us that if we don’t repay the debt, he will seize the nation’s assets.
That means national highways, state-owned lands, the Diet building, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government!”


We had worked so hard to earn the missing budget of 50 trillion yen.

But the Japanese government has a debt of ……2,000 trillion yen.

I was stuck there for a while.

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