Chapter 43

Transferring School, New School

Translated by Dawn


Transferring School, New School

“I-is this the school we will attend……?”

“Right, nice place, isn’t it?”

Friday morning, May 11th.

We were in front of a certain high school in Tokyo, guided by the director, Ryuzaki Sayuri.

She was the director of the Japanese government’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Extraordinary Ability Department, which organizes people with supernatural abilities.

Today was the entrance ceremony of a new school for us gifted people, and she went out of her way to guide us through the ceremony.

However, the building of the high school was so magnificent that I was a little overwhelmed.

It was more like a convention center than a school.

As the students headed for the entrance one after another, I looked up at the school building and opened my mouth with a gaping mouth.

“How did they prepare such a ton of facilities?”

“We bought the abandoned school for a reasonable price.
You guys are lucky!”

Director Sayuri brushed back her long black hair and proudly puffed out her chest.
I looked away from her as her big boobs, which were bigger than even Kiriha’s, swayed through her tight black suit.

“Closed school, did they lose all their students?”

That’s what my girlfriend and roommate, Harikiri Kiriha, was asking.

She possessed the supernatural power of “Hornet,” which allowed her to reproduce the abilities of a hornet, and perhaps because of this, she was an exceptionally beautiful girl with flaxen hair and honey-colored eyes, despite being Japanese.

She had a frank personality that even her boss, Director Sayuri, spoke to her in a friendly manner, and she enjoyed teasing me sexually, which was a problem.

“The school lost prospective students to a rival school and was merged at the end of last school year, leaving only the building.
It used to be a very advanced school where the elite of Japan went to.
The reason why the elite class sends their children to this school is to make connections with other people rather than to acquire academic credentials.
Once there was a gap between the number of students and rival schools, the school fell downhill.”

“It’s like the saying goes, ‘The prosperous inevitably decline.’”(+)

The classy girl who used proper honorifics was Naimine Miina.
She was a user of Rebuilding, which disassembles and reassembles matter, and was my friend and idol of the school since our previous high school.

Today, with her beautifully set black hair in a half updo, she wouldn’t look out of place among the pickup men who call out to her when she walks down the street.

Incidentally, all three of them have extremely well-developed breasts, so if they were together, some idiot would make a strange misunderstanding.

“How many students are expected to gather in such a large school building?”

It was Esashi Shisae who asked, playing with her fingers and her albino, pure white hair in twin tails.

She had an ability to manipulate animals called “Operation” and was my companion in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

She was also quite a beautiful girl, and although she had big breasts by her admittance and others, Kiriha and the others were too well endowed that she looked normal.

She messages me 24 hours, from good morning to good night, and never stops, but I don’t mind too much because I enjoy hanging out with her.

“There will be a little over 300 students per grade or about 1,000 students in all three grades.
But I made sure you were all in the same class.”

“Good job, Sayuri-chan♪”

And she was also a frank girl surpassing Kiriha.

–She’s adding chan even though Director Sayuri is a bureaucrat…

Shisae would never be an office lady.
That was my thought.

“Well then, the first thing to do is to go to the auditorium for the entrance ceremony.
Follow me.”

“It’s not a normal high school when you have an auditorium.”

I sighed.
Normally, I thought, the location would be the gymnasium.

Looking lightly at the month’s worth of running lights, I still wondered if this wasn’t a dream.

I was a loner until just last month.

And yet, after discovering that I was a Teleporter, I became a member of a project to save a financially bankrupt Japan, working for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, living together with my girlfriend Kiriha in a high-rise apartment, and earning 600 million yen a month by teleporting underground resources.

Last week, I confronted Bando, who had been bullying me since I was a child, and won the battle.

And now, I was enrolled in an academy where only those with supernatural abilities attend.

It seemed as if someone had written the screenplay for this overly successful scenario.
Come to think of it, there was a manga that ended with the protagonist’s entire life being manipulated by the last boss.

However, unfortunately, or fortunately, there was no such thing as an evil organization in this world, even though there were supernatural powers.

Supernatural power has permeated everyday life as a kind of peculiarity, the same as super soft body constitution or perfect memory.

Only a chunibyo-like idiot like Bando would find it special.

“What are you doing, Honey? Come on, let’s go.”

When I looked up from my thoughts, Kiriha was holding out her hand to me, smiling innocently.

I could have just said a few words to her, but as usual, she was a girl who liked skinship.

Thanks to her, I was kept on tenterhooks.


Whatever the case might be, I could not be happier to be parted from my classmates who only look at me superficially and to be able to spend my school life with these girls.

Taking Kiriha’s hand, I walked through the school gate.


After the entrance ceremony in the auditorium, we gathered in the first-year classroom.

The six of them, Kiriha, Miina, Shisae, Maiko, Maya, and Maria, gathered around my seat by the window.

“I never thought I’d have an entrance ceremony two months in a row.”

My impression made Koimai Maiko, a cute chestnut-haired one-sided updo, giggle.

“Haha……well, everyone also had their entrance ceremony at their original high school last month…….

“Right, was everyone all right with transferring schools this easily? For me, since I just simply accepted a local high school, I’m not that attached to it.”

“As for me, I was only invited to enroll by a ‘friend’.”

“Shisae has no friends at the previous high school.”

“I’ve been bullied for being a Psychometrer, so this was the perfect time for me.”

“I just do what I’m told.”

“Well, to begin with, I was already transferred from my original school due to having to watch Honey, and at my previous school, I was avoided because of my bee abilities.”

“Eh? What is this? Are all gifted people so dark? Was I a bozo because I’m also gifted?”

The backgrounds of Miina, Shisae, Maiko, Maria, and Kiriha made my shoulders heavy.

“W-what about Maya?”

I looked for the legitimate loli tiny cute mascot of everyone, the two-sided up head of Yamami Maya, who was rather a loose character and would not look out of place even if she was mixed in with the Sanrio characters.

“This place is soft heaven.
My old school was a hard hell.”

“Nnnhh, wait Maya-san…”

“Haha, Maya really loves big boobs, doesn’t she? She’s a good competitor for Honey.”

“ I told you, stop saying things that make my personal life questionable!”

“That’s right.
Shisae is sending disturbing messages from good morning to good night so that Honey won’t be drowned in Kiriha-chan’s boing-boing!”

“Did you send them for that purpose!?”

“Fufufu, this is also for Honey’s sake.
It’s not that Shisae wants your attention or anything ♪”

“Youuu, that’s what you’re really after, isn’t it!?”

“Don’t get mad~ don’t get mad~♪”

“Stop sending me pictures of your swimsuit! Kiriha saw them yesterday and misunderstood me!”

Shisae’s face contorted evilly.

“Ohhh, ohh, are you on the verge of a breakup?”

“She was coming on to me in her underwear, saying she was sexier than that, right up against the wall!”

“Tch, I guess that had the opposite effect.”

“I’m going to teleport you into the sewers.”

My teleportation could warp any object to any location.

I’d like you to think that that’s better than throwing her out into outer space.

“Cough, If you abuse the teleportation, Maiko-chan’s psychometry will be used as evidence and you’ll go to jail with a single shot ♪”


Shisae’s voice sounded lively as she came around behind Maiko and hugged her.

Maiko blushed with embarrassment.

Kiriha only showed me this kind of face from time to time, so it was a rarity for me to see a girl blush.

“In other words, Honey wouldn’t touch Shisae…..? Maiko-chan, aren’t your boobs bigger than when we first met?”

“Fuuyaa!? I-it’s not!”

“Maria-chan, please do Thoughtography on Maiko’s bra size!”


“No, don’t!”

I slammed a small karate chop into Maria’s brain, and she blinked coolly.

“But it was requested.”

“Don’t do anything just because it’s requested! Don’t you have an account in your right to give orders!?”

“My motto is to do as much as possible when others want me to do so.”

“You’re as obedient as a living national treasure!”

She was no longer a miracle of innocence.
It was a different kind of innocence from that of Maya.

Such a girl was what the world lacks nowadays.

But that innocence could hurt people.

Maria stared at me with a cool face, expressionless and emotionless, and without moving a single eyebrow, she gave off an aura of questioning from the depths of her eyes.

Maya was cute like a doll, but Maria had a doll-like face and hair, and when she gazed at me with her jewel-like eyes, I lost the energy to get angry

Somehow, I felt like I couldn’t get through to her, no matter what I said.

“Anyway, you can’t give out other people’s personal information to strangers.”.

“Okay, then.”

Maria whispered in my ear as she suddenly closed the distance with no motion.

“Maiko is a G-cup.”

“I said, don’t give others that kind of information! Don’t you listen to my words!?”

“Ehh, Honey, you just looked at me, didn’t you? What did you just hear about me?”

“I-it’s nothing, Maiko.”

“Don’t look away and tell me, hey, what did you hear?”

As I was being pursued by Maiko and I was in trouble, a woman who looked like our homeroom teacher entered the room.

“Now the teacher is here, let’s all take our seats.”

“Muu, You’ll definitely have to tell me about it later.”

Unusually for Maiko, who had a shy personality, she was quite insistent with a slightly sulky look on her face.

Or perhaps she was just becoming less nervous about our first meeting in a while and less self-conscious about it.

If so, I was quite happy.

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