Chapter 42

Bye-Bye High School

Translated by Dawn



Name Summary

Okui Ikuo 奥井育雄 (おくいいくお)

Naimine Miina 内峰美稲 (ないみねみいな)

Koimai Maiko 恋舞舞恋 (こいまいまいこ)

Esashi Shisae 枝幸詩冴 (えさししさえ)

Harikiri Kiriha 針霧桐葉 (はりきりきりは)

Arima Maria 有馬真理愛 (ありままりあ)

Yamami Maya 山見麻弥 (やまみまや)

Ryuzaki Sayuri 龍崎早百合 (りゅうさきさゆり)

(In Ryusaki Sayuri, “u(う)” becomes “ー” to make it a palindrome.)

Bye-Bye High School

Morning of the second day of Golden Week.

We all helped Miina move in.

Since that time, I asked Director Sayuri to allow her to live in the government housing for the sake of human resource protection, even if she wasn’t under surveillance like me.

Miina’s room was right next to mine and Kiriha’s room.

Now there would be no more bad bugs.

Incidentally, Bando was taken to the hospital by an ambulance called by the police officers who arrived on the scene.

Since all the recovery specialists were on vacation during the Golden Week vacation, Bando received normal treatment, but it seemed that the lower half of his body could not be restored.

He himself screams to call someone with recovery ability when Golden Week breaks, but that won’t be possible.

All of the people with recovery abilities were booked up to a year in advance.

Moreover, priority was given to those who had little time left to live.

Criminals whose lives were not in danger would not be given a turn.

Besides, the crimes he committed were listed on the punishment lists. (+)


It was the third night of Golden Week.

I told someone with recovery ability, whom I had been taking to the hospital every day, about Bando, and she said.

“Okui, you idiot! Why didn’t you finish him off properly! If I had been there, I wouldn’t have let him live!”

And she was very upset.
On the contrary,

“But you did a great job protecting her.
I’ll give you a good pat on the head.”

She held my head and roughly stroked my head.


Then came the last day of Golden Week.

As the hero of justice who defeated Bando, who had already made the news throughout Japan as a criminal, I was actively interviewed.

The media coverage of Bando alone would create a false impression among the public that people with abilities were dangerous.

So I had them emphasize that I, as a person with abilities, had defeated evil with my ability, and I worked to restore the honor of people with abilities.

I heard that Bando won’t be out of juvenile prison for a while, but even if he were released, it would be difficult for him to get back on his feet.

Even if they didn’t report his real name because he was a minor, information that would have been spread by a student of our school was all over the Internet.


It was Monday morning, May 7, after Golden Week.

We went to school after receiving a message from Director Sayuri.


As soon as I entered the classroom, my classmates, who must have seen the news, were more eager than ever to get close to me.

“Wow~, you really are amazing, beating that Bando.”

“Bando’s a real bastard, isn’t he? He must be punished for getting carried away.”

“Bando was causing us all a lot of trouble.”

“We’re proud of you, Okui-kun!”

“Okui-kun, let’s exchange contact information!”

“We’re going to be schoolmates for the next three years, right?”

While I was thinking about what Miina had said the other day, Kiriha said in a languid voice,

“Ah, about that, we’re transferring to another school, so our school days with you guys end today.”


The faces of my classmates froze in astonishment.

Remembering the message from Director Sayuri, I sighed and explained it to them, too.

“The government bought up an abandoned school and set up an academy just for those with special abilities.”

“B-but our friendship won’t change when we change schools, right!?”

“Don’t tell me that you’ll never go back to your former school again!”

Miina appeared from behind me and Kiriha.

“The only one who can say that line is the one who has been friends with Okui-kun at least once before.”

The classmates fell back in despair.

At the sight of this me, Kiriha and Miina looked at each other and laughed.

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