Chapter 41

My Teleport Ability Is Too Much of a Cheat!

Translated by Dawn


I went home with Kiriha, and she immediately took a shower.

–Do you want to come in with me? After being teased and embarrassed by her invitation, I waited for her to get out of the shower while watching TV.

Then, unexpectedly, I received a phone call from Miine.

When I answered the call to see if she wanted to talk to me about the amusement park tomorrow, I heard Miine’s cries for help, her screams, and Bando’s lowly voice, and I teleported out on a spinal reflex.

I don’t know where she is.

However, when I teleported to the other side of the call, I saw Miine and Bando in front of me, and then I teleported Bando away.

And that brings us to the present.

To reassure Miine, I helped her up, suppressing my momentary anger.

“Miine, can you stand up?”


When I touched her hand, I was surprised at how cold it was.

The temperature was like the embodiment of her fear, and a dreadful feeling welled up in me.

Miine had once described me as the strongest protagonist in a battle manga, but this was an instinctive impulse, not unlike a hero.

“Okui, you’re the best spectator right now.
I’ll violate her in front of you and show you who’s got the better thing!”


“Whoa, your specialty, teleportation, won’t work.
You layman, you don’t know this, but the type of ability that interferes with matter doesn’t work on the same supernatural ability.
In other words!”

Bando’s body was instantly covered in ice armor.

The armor grew even more and hid his face as well.
It was like Western armor.

“If I protect my whole body with my ice like this, your teleportation won’t work!”

A third and fourth arm grew out of Bando’s back as he barked.
In his hands, he held a disastrously twisted sword, transforming himself into a monstrous figure.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in this form, Okui.
No, I’ve evolved even more since then, so I guess this is the first time.
This is my final form, the Emperor.
I’m telling you, if you teleport away, I’m going to have to go to Miine’s house.
I’m going to get her parents behind me for their daughter’s misbehavior!”


Miine’s hand holding mine tightened.

She and her parents don’t get along, apparently.
That doesn’t mean she can’t fall prey to the rampaging Bando, though.

–She’s a really, really kind girl.
And yet that guy hurt Miine.

The anger that makes my head boil cools down.

I didn’t forgive him.

Rather, I have lost my forgiveness for Bando.

I teleported to create distance in order to talk to him, but there was no need to do so anymore.

I don’t care how much Bando is hurt.

As long as I can protect Miine, that is all that matters.
That is the only priority.

“Hahaha! I won’t let you beg for your life anymore, Okui! Today I’m going to make you realize the extent of what you’re getting yourself into!”

Convinced of victory, Bando kicked off the ground and leaped like a bullet.

In my arms, Miine stiffened.

So I held her close and I said.

“Rest assured, Miine, I’m the strongest protagonist of all, aren’t I”


“F**k youuuu!!!!”

Raising his ice weapon, Bando leaped at us from five meters in front of us.

Then, a cannonball flew in from above and smashed Bando to pieces.

The crushing sound was deafening as if a car had crashed head-on right in front of us.

All the debris was teleported away, but the shockwave hit my skin, and Miine and I reflexively squinted.

Powdery snow flurries and the area was slightly foggy.

In the center of it all, Bando lay slumped over, his eyes white as death.

He was probably not dead, but his lower body was completely crushed, and even those with restorative abilities were not sure if they could regain function.

He was probably not dead, but his lower body was completely crushed, and even those with restorative abilities were not sure if he could regain function.

At the end of Bando’s life, Miine muttered a few words.

“Is that a……vending machine?”

What was crushing Bando’s waist was a crushed vending machine.

Miine looked back and saw that the vending machine next to the bench had disappeared, leaving only the ice that had covered the bottom half of the machine.

“If teleportation doesn’t work on Bando, then bring something else.
If I teleport a vending machine into the sky, and then after it gains enough speed, teleport it over Bando’s head while maintaining the same falling speed, it will definitely hit him, right?”

Did you come up with that …… in that split second?”

“I’ve actually been thinking about how to fight with a teleport every night.
Miine told me that I would be the strongest protagonist in a battle manga, so I got into thinking about it.
Was I being childish?”

“No, it’s cool.
I love it.”

Miine hugged my neck with a happy smile.

Her smile was truly wonderful, and my anger at Bando blew away to nothing.



Dawn's notes:

Yo guys, Apparently, I made a mistake spelling the name of a specific character in this novel.
The author gives the name summary in the next chapter.
I’ll leave the Japanese version so that if any of you guys know Japanese, please tell me if I’m wrong on the spelling of all the names.
So, yeah this is the right name for all characters that the author gives (except Bando.
I don't know why the author didn’t put Bando's name):
Okui Ikuo 奥井育雄 (おくいいくお)
Naimine Miina 内峰美稲 (ないみねみいな)
Koimai Maiko 恋舞舞恋 (こいまいまいこ)
Esashi Shisae 枝幸詩冴 (えさししさえ)
Harikiri Kiriha 針霧桐葉 (はりきりきりは)
Arima Maria 有馬真理愛 (ありままりあ)
Yamami Maya 山見麻弥 (やまみまや)
Ryuzaki Sayuri 龍崎早百合 (りゅうさきさゆり)
So yeah, that’s all.
I think I’ll slowly correct all the wrong spelling names in the previous chapters.
Once again, I'm very very sorry for the change of name of the character again.

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