Chapter 35

Harem Date

Translated by Dawn


After school. 

After my usual workday, I return to the MIC auditorium accompanied by Kiriha, Miine, and Shisae to find Director Sayuri smiling at us.

“I’d like to thank you all again for your hard work today.
As a quick reminder, tomorrow is Golden Week, and you students will be on vacation.”

“Eh, is that so?”

With the national crisis, we had been working even on weekends, being detained for a few hours at a time.

However, it wasn’t that hard for Miine to activate her ability in the cargo hold of the ship and then just watch movies on her device for the rest of the day, while Shisae just flew over the Pacific while chatting with me and Kiriha, and activated her ability in the forests and mountains.

For that reason, I felt uncomfortable when they treated me as a star extraordinaire.

–I’m just playing with girls every day and getting paid for it.

“You are students by nature.
We ask for your cooperation, but we have no intention of interfering with your once-in-a-lifetime youth.
Remember this.
The Golden Week of a high school student does not come but three times in a lifetime.
A high school freshman’s Golden Week comes but once in a lifetime.”

“Sayuri-chan is so cool!”

“But Director Sayuri, can I take a break from my metal production too?”

“We have plenty of ingots stockpiled.
Even if you take a break for the next four days or so, you will make up for the gap in no time.”

“That’s true.
I can make my royal jelly at home while watching TV.
I’ll make some during the Golden Week holidays.”

“That would be great.”

“Since I promised to make 100 million yen every day, or 36.5 billion yen a year.”

Kiriha winks charmingly.

“It seems that Honey thinks this is cute.”

“Wow, he’s so head-over-heels in love with her.”

“What are you doing there!”

I gave Maria and Shisae a tsukkomi, a sharp one.

“I asked Maria to make a mental note of what Honey was thinking.”

“I was asked by Shisae-san to copy what Honey was thinking onto the MR screen.”

“Do you do whatever you’re asked to do!?”

“Yes, I will do most things, if desired, except for illegal activities.”

“What are you saying with your faceless, emotionless face?”

“Was that wrong?”


Maria asked me with a straight face, and without any bad intentions.

-Unlike Shisae, Maria doesn’t have any bad intentions, which is the problem…….

I couldn’t get angry at her.

“I’m going to start playing with everyone tomorrow ♪ Oh, Honey, I’m telling you, you can’t expect any erotic developments.
Hmm hm, did you expect a harem date?”

“I’m not expecting much.
Is that what you want, too, Kiriha?”

I turned to Kiriha while holding back Shisae, who pointed at me with the index fingers of both of her hands.

“Me? Why?”

“Because, you know, it’s Golden Week, and I was wondering if you wanted to do something alone with me.”

“I’m fine.
I’m always with Honey, but I don’t get a chance to hang out with everyone.”

“I see.
Well, I’m fine, too.”

“Honey, you’re doing a pretty good job with being a boyfriend.”

Miine nodded in admiration as she put her hand on her chin.

“What did Miine think I was……”

“Hmm, you see, I was talking about how you didn’t have any friends before.
I’m sorry, I thought you weren’t good with girls.”

The sight of her tongue sticking out of her mouth made me feel a little angry.

“Well, whatever.
Then tomorrow, we’ll all decide where to go.”

Kiriha’s positive attitude toward spending time with everyone helped me get on board a bit.


It was early afternoon the next day, Thursday, May 3.

It was the first day of Golden Week, and I was alone at an aquarium in Tokyo.

There was a reason for this Golden Week, which was not unlike a billionaire’s Golden Week.

I had a VR monitoring meeting with everyone last night…….

“So where are we going to go? We have a lot of money, so why don’t we go abroad?”

“Is it still possible to apply for a passport in time?”

Silence ensued.

“T-then let’s go on a domestic trip and stay at a luxury hotel!”

“Golden Week is tomorrow, and isn’t everywhere booked up?”

Silence reigned in the room.

“Then lets at least go to an upscale bar and have an adult experience!”

“Can we go to such a place? Don’t they assume we’re going to drink? I don’t know.”

The sound disappeared from the world.

After all, we were just kids.

If we were adults, we could have done what we wanted with our money, even on the day before Golden Week, but we had neither the connections nor the means to do so.

Even if you gave a high school student millions of dollars, he/she would not have the knowledge and ability to spend it.

So, at the suggestion of Maiko and Maria, we decided to enjoy the Golden Week holidays like high school students, instead of doing anything that would make us look like a success.

So, at the suggestion of Maiko and Maria, we decided to enjoy the Golden Week holidays like high school students, instead of doing anything that would make us look like upstarts.



I turned toward the voice and saw Kiriha, Miine, Shisae, Maiko, Maya, and Maria, all in plain clothes, walking toward me.

One of them, Kiriha, ran up to me and stood in front of me in a white dress.

“Did you wait here for long?”

“No, I just got here.”

By the way, Kiriha and I left the house separately because she wanted to have this exchange.
It was a beauty of style.

“You look good in that dress.
You look cute.”


Kiriha lightly bounced her shoulders in delight.

I turned on my heel to go to the ticket booth as Shisae lined up next to me and struck a model pose.

“I’m not going to comment on all of you girls’ outfits, except her.”

“Hey, that’s discrimination.”

“If you have a boyfriend, don’t you want him to be discriminated against in the name of special treatment?”

“Geez, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be talked down by you, Honey!”

Shisae put her hands on her cheeks and was surprised by my words.

“Honey-chan’s blockhead, insensitive, deaf protagonist.”

“Is that an insult?”

“If you don’t at least say something to Maya, a legal loli who is a living national treasure in terms of cuteness, you’re not a person at all, Honey.
You silver mirror bowl!”


Today, Maya Yamami, a beautiful young woman with lovely black hair two-sided, was dressed in a black-and-white gothic-lolita fashion like a doll.
Her expressionless face made her look even more like a doll.

“Maya is so cute, I’d like to display her in Kamidana.”

“It’s blatant discrimination!”

“Aren’t you asking for praise?”

While I argue, Maya hugs my stomach and rubs her head against my chest.
What is this cute little animal?

“Maiko-san, Maria-san, I don’t think they sell tickets here electronically.”

“It seems you have to buy paper tickets from that ticket vending machine.”

“Are they being considerate of the elderly?”

“Everyone is ignoring Shisae! Shisae thought we were friends!?”

I gently placed my hand on Shisae’s tearful shoulder.

“I think we’re friends and that’s why I’m ignoring your shameful sight.”

“If you think we’re friends, then you should stop teasing me!”

“Yes, yes, I’ll buy a kid’s ticket if you make too much noise.
You can fool them.”

Pulling Shisae’s hand, who was fussing about getting teased for 24 hours, I got in line at the ticket machine.

Then, the lady at the entrance told me.

“Seven adult tickets? Elementary school students can enter at the child’s price.”

All of our eyes were on Maya, who was standing with her head down.

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