re something given to you by the school? I don’t think it’s good to only put on a friend’s face when it’s more convenient like you do.”


Boy B was silenced.

I don’t know, doesn’t she look like she really just wants to be a hawk herself?” (+)

“You could say that.
You’ve been strangely supporting Okui since a while ago, and you just want to use us as a springboard to get close to Okui, don’t you? I guess Uchimine is surprisingly cowardly.”

“No, I don’t.
Because I have a special supernatural power allowance of 2 billion yen.”

All the boys and girls were silenced.

They all peeled their eyes and held their breath.

“But I can’t afford to treat everyone either.
I donated 1.8 billion yen to the government’s research institute for intractable diseases, excluding the 200 million yen that it would cost me to live to the average life expectancy.
Just now.”

Miine turned the MR screen over to visible mode for everyone to see.

There it showed.

[Thank you for your donation.
All government agencies 1.800.000.000 yen]

, an electronic thank-you letter with a message was displayed.

So again, everyone was shocked, looking like they were about to stop not just their breath, but their hearts as well.

I, too, took my hat off to her.

I almost went beyond respect to worship the good-naturedness of the people who donated 1.8 billion yen on the spot, no matter how much money they had in their pockets.

“Besides, Ikuo-kun is in love with Kiriha and they’re on the verge of getting married on their 18th birthday.
There’s no point in aiming for him.”

As if to warn the others, Miine intensified her tone of voice.

The girls lost their will to fight as they looked at Kiriha’s flaxen hair, honey-colored eyes, cherry-red lips, and melon-sized breasts as she stood beside me with Miine on her side.

Each of my classmates scattered, each with a different, yet clutching look on their faces.

“Thank you, Miine.”

“Me, too, thanks for saving Honey.”

“It’s no big deal.
It was just a fair argument.
I’ll see you at lunch.”



With humility, Miine coolly turned away and walked away.

–I was surprised, though.
I never thought Miine would say something like that.

That one earlier would have earned everyone’s hate, in no small part.

Instead of just settling the situation, she did something that would have gotten them over the edge, and she stuck her neck out for herself.

–No, I haven’t known her for a month yet, and we were originally in neighboring classes, so it’s not like we’ve known each other that long before.

Maybe she was always like that.

So convinced, I stepped to my seat with Kiriha.

Naturally, Bando, sitting just behind me, came into my field of vision.

Bando sniffed grimly and went to the trouble of setting the virtual screen of his device to the MR screen for everyone to see, hiding his face.

This guy’s presence seemed so small that I didn’t feel anything.


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