special psychic allowance based on each individual’s job description, but I don’t know what that will be for April because it’s still being calculated.”

Total 300,000 per month.

Too much for a high school student’s income.
I’m kind of sorry.

“It’s kind of like a percentage.
Because it’s the first time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is having a hard time coming up with the right amount.”

Kiriha said, looking at me.

Although she recognized Miine and the others as her friends, she apparently had no intention of exchanging words with her classmates.

–She is still a bit lacking in communicative skills.

But on the other hand, I don’t want Kiriha to talk to these guys.

Especially boys.

Is this possessiveness?

There, in the lower right corner of my field of vision, I saw an envelope symbol floating in an AR image.

–A message? From Director Sayuri?

When I opened it, I heard the dignified and beautiful voice of Director Sayuri.

[Ikuo Okui, we have decided on a special supernatural power allowance for you.]

–Heh, I wonder how much it is? 100,000? 200,000?

[The politicians are also very stubborn.
Methane hydrate is government property, and you just transported it, so you got an allowance for drilling and transportation.]

–So, I guess that’s about 50,000 yen.
Well, even 300,000 yen is good enough.
I’m just exercising my abilities.

[It amounted to 600 million yen.]

“Ah 600 million, huh.
600 milliooon!!!!???”

I yelled out in a spinal reflex.

–What the heck is that reward amount! The numbers are inflated! If this is a battle manga, fans are going to start asking what the initial boss was!

“Honey, I read the message, too.
I’ve only recently started making royal jelly, so I’ll only get 10 million yen this time, but next time they’ll give me 300 million yen.
Tsk, I was going to give Honey a gift, but you passed me.”

While Kiriha tutted and puckered her lips, her classmates had the faces of lions of legal joy in front of a zebra dripping with blood.

“600 million…”

“Like a lottery ticket…”

“Every month…”

“Okui! We’re friends, right!”

“I’ve always thought that Okui-kun’s a good friend of mine!”

“Okui! Let’s buy a whole floor of a high-rise apartment as a second home for everyone!”

“I have a birthday next week, I want a present! Okay!”

“You’re my after-school paymaster starting today! You’ve got 600 million!”

Pressured by the raging Takari(Takari is an act of threatening or crying out to someone for money or goods, or forcing someone to buy you a meal or other treat.)behavior, I couldn’t respond quickly enough.

Kiriha was also unusually confused.
She was not being violent, so she was probably wondering how she should respond.

But the help came from behind.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Holding me and Kiriha by the shoulders from behind, Miine looked around at everyone with a kind face.

She spoke to her classmates, who were all baring their animalistic desires.

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