Chapter 31


Translated by Dawn


Two hours later.

I returned to the MIC auditorium and was greeted by Director Sayuri.

“Thank you for your hard work, everyone.”

“Director Sayuri too, good job on the TV appearance.”

“That was nothing.
And, based on the progress of the plan, the government’s estimated income for the year is now available.”

“As I recall, we’re supposed to make $50 trillion, right?”

“That reminds me.”

We were so preoccupied with obtaining goods that cannot be imported that we forgot the most important thing.

Japan has a national budget of ¥50 trillion in tax revenue and ¥50 trillion in debt, for a total of ¥100 trillion.

However, due to the infighting between the prime minister and the Bank of Japan governor, Japan was no longer able to borrow money from the Bank of Japan.

So now Japan operates on half the budget.

At this rate, the budget would be used up in September this year.

“You guys are doing great.
Fuel, metals, aquatic products, and livestock products are being provided by supernatural powers, so the government’s sales to corporations are expected to exceed 32 trillion yen.
In addition, agricultural and forest products, plus clothing, are being purchased with gold and silver prepared by Uchimine Miine, so we can earn about 43 trillion yen by adding the 11 trillion yen worth of those products.
Plus, there are the 36.5 billion yen of royal jelly from Harikiri Kiriha.”

“That leaves 6.963 trillion yen.”

Director Sayuri nodded in response to the answer given by Kiriha.

“Alternatively, we can save money.
Thanks to the police team, we don’t have to pay for the investigation, and thanks to Shisae Esashi, we don’t have to pay for the non-native animal countermeasures.
In the worst-case scenario, the gold nuggets generated by Uchimine Miine can be directly exchanged for cash, so you might say the budget problem has been solved.”

“But that’s really a last resort, isn’t it?”

if we exchange 7 trillion yen worth of gold, there will be those who will question its provenance.”

Director Sayuri uttered this while keeping a wary eye on her surroundings.

It remains a secret that Miine is making metal from seawater.

If such a thing were found out, the United Nations would definitely intervene.

If the use of seawater was restricted, that would be fine.

If they demand that Miine be extradited as a human mine, that would be a disaster.

As I was imagining things that made me feel tense just thinking about them, suddenly Director Sayuri’s gaze had a reaction.

“Wait, I got a call…….It’s me.
What’s going on? Again? ……fumu……fumu.
Wait a minute.”

Director Sayuri’s eyes caught ours.

“The reporters have offered to interview the psychics in person.
I turned them down explicitly after the press conference just a few minutes ago, but apparently, they’ve gathered at the front door and the commotion won’t let up.”

“I don’t mind.”

I looked over to Kiriha next to me, and she nodded.

“I don’t mind if Honey and I are together.
I mean, we have to be together to keep an eye on things.”

“Thank you.
I don’t want to make a spectacle of you and the others as students, but if we keep it too secret, it could lead to speculation.
Also, Uchimine Miine, there is a strong demand for an interview with you.”

At the approach from Director Sayuri, Miine looked like she was thinking for a moment and stroked her chin.

“Yes, I’ll accept the offer on the condition that I can record and post the video on the Internet during the interview.”

This was probably a tribute to Director Hayuri at the press conference.
A good move to watch out for the reporters.

“I, or all of us, would accept it under those conditions if we were all together.
No individual interviews.”

“I don’t like the interrogation stuff, either.”

“I understand.
Then, I’ll accept the interview on that condition.”

Director Sayuri returns to the call.

–But then again, Miine is very careful, or at least very smart.

I was impressed with Miine, feeling ashamed of myself for having agreed to the interview without thinking.


The interview took place in the spacious Conference Room 1.

In an open space with no oppressive feeling, me, Kiriha, Miine, Shisae, Maria, Maiko, Maya, and a few other gifted people stayed behind.

By the way, since Maiko was stiff, and Maya was so nonchalant and expressionless, perhaps Maria would be the one to talk for the police team.

Each group sat side by side, with the reporters sitting on the other side of the long table.

And all of us on the ability side had the [REC] symbol above our heads.

This is a device-based view-taking application.

One’s own field of vision can be recorded as it is.

However, to prevent peeping, [REC] will be displayed above your head on the MR image for easy recognition while the application is in use.

This is also a deterrent to crime.

If a suspicious person calls out to you, just display [REC] above your head and most people will leave.

“I have a question for you, Shisae Esashi-san.
May I ask you to explain your ability to operate?”

“Eh!? Oh, uh, yes, uh, Shisae’s, uh, thing, you see……”

–Surprisingly stiff!

“I’m the one who’s working with her, let me answer that question.
Her operation can control all non-human life forms within a 10-kilometer radius.”

That’s how I explain Shisae’s ability.

Incidentally, as expected, Maria speaks reasonably well alone in her interview with the police team.

“Then, Kiriha-san, is there anything that made you happy to have this job?”

“I’m very happy to have met Honey.
Honey is not afraid of my bee ability.”

One of the reporters looked dubious.

“Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of monitoring?”

“Hmm? Why?”

“Because you two are dating, aren’t you? Then, even if he steals from you with apport, wouldn’t you give him your tacit approval? Rather, wouldn’t he steal anything if you, his beloved, asked him to?”

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