Forehead touch ♪

Translated by Dawn



Walking strongly in her usual black suit and tight skirt, exuding beauty and confidence that made one wonder if she were a Hollywood actress, she did not take her seat but stood majestically next to the ministers.

“I am Sayuri Ryuzaki, director of the Extraordinary Ability Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
As you are all aware, we have gathered some gifted individuals and are working on a plan to revitalize our financially bankrupt country.”

“What exactly is it?”

“We will use supernatural power to procure materials that Japan has been importing until now, and use them as the government’s stockpile.
You already see meat from non-native species, deer, and wild boar in supermarkets, don’t you? It is the government that sells those wholesale, but the preparation is done by people with supernatural abilities.”

“Is there any danger?”

The tone of the female reporter, as if she were pursuing wrongdoing, was met with a resolute attitude from Director Sayuri.

“No, there is not.
In fact, no problems have occurred.
They are not like adults, so they all cooperate with us as if it were a part-time job, regardless of their interests.
Naturally, we plan to pay them.
We will not exploit their labor or goodwill.”

“I see.
But how, specifically, do you procure materials with supernatural ability? Are you sure there are no problems with that method?”

“It is quite simple.
The four items that Japan cannot supply itself are [metals], [fuel], [food], and [clothing].
A person with the ability to collect certain atoms collects metals from urban mines, i.e., garbage piles, to solve the metal problem.
A person with the ability to control animals other than humans solves the meat problem by gathering wild animals to meat processing plants.
A teleporter solves the fuel problem by apporting methane hydrates in the ocean.
And crops and clothing are successfully imported from foreign countries with gold and silver obtained in the manner first described.”

–She’s good at this.
She doesn’t mention that we are secretly guiding fish in the Pacific Ocean.
If that was exposed, the international community would point it out.

“Wait a minute.
Teleporters can retrieve distant objects at will? Doesn’t that mean they can also steal money from the vault? What is the management system around that?”

It was exactly the kind of question that Maria had feared.

I was angry at the words and actions of a man who treated others as if they were pre-criminals without any evidence to back it up.

But maybe they have no choice.
If someone had the ability to kill people with just a thought, it would still be scary.


As if she could see through my dejection, Director Sayuri laughed on the other side of the screen.

“Does that mean his person needs to be restrained and monitored?”

“I will not deny it.”

“Then you need to be restrained and monitored as well.”

“What does that mean? Please explain.”

To the indignant reporter, Director Sayuri returned a cool smile.

“Anyone can hit someone.
You, that man there, that man over there, anyone here can cause injury.”

The words continued in a clear voice, pointing with her hand at each of the reporters.

“If you say we need to restrain and monitor people because they have the power to commit crimes, then all of humanity is a reserve army of criminals and needs to be restrained and monitored.
We don’t do that because it is mutual trust and the penalty is given only after the problem has occurred.
If it is righteous to remove him alone from the circle of trust and detain him for a crime he did not commit, that is nothing but abuse of the individual.”


Director Sayuri’s words made my heart warm.

I had never known an adult to say such a thing.

Adults were supposed to be big kids, self-centered, exclusive, opportunistic, and willing to sacrifice their children for the sake of the world.

For me, who had never been protected by adults, neither by parents nor teachers, Director Sayuri was the first protective figure I had ever seen.

“But even then, I put a person with extremely high combat ability on the teleporter and ordered her to use force to stop the teleporter if he did anything wrong.
I was negative about this, but the teleporter himself wanted it.”

That was a bit of an embellishment.

But things turned out the way they did.
I would prefer Kiriha to watch over me.
I’d rather not let her go.

“He also continues to prove that he has no criminal record by never missing a day of psychometry himself, something everyone hesitates to do.
The teleporter is a gentle man who keeps everyone in his circle of trust.”

The press conference went silent as if they were about to be embarrassed.

Not even a single word was heard.

The sight of them made me feel refreshed.

“Any other questions?”

“Ugh, then, what do you think of the current administration as the one in charge of fiscal reform?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, of course, an assessment of the administration that has brought about this unprecedented financial collapse.”

The reporter was trying to get a good look at the director with a strange look in his eyes that revealed his desire to make Director Sayuri gasp.

It was obvious that the reporter was filled with a black sense of purpose, as if he had to get something from her before he could leave.

However, Director Sayuri looked calm.

“I have nothing to comment on here from me.”

The reporter gleefully leaned forward.

“Are you running away?”

“I am not a political commentator, and I don’t see the point in asking questions to get specific answers.
If you want to write an article to your liking, ask a political commentator you know well.
They will fill in the blanks with their own convenient commentary.”

“That was insulting!”

“Then, go ahead and post the video on the social networking sites.
Please post the video with your face, your name, of course, mine too, and your affiliation.”

The reporter was frightened and pale.

“A-are you threatening me?”

“I’m not threatening you.
oh, but this footage is being broadcast live on national television. If you don’t want your face to be shown, go ahead and put on a mask.
Besides, I am the only one identified, but the reporter is not.
Isn’t this unfair?”

Director Sayuri’s resolute attitude, the power of her eyes and voice were breathtaking even through the screen.

“I-I withdraw my question……”

The reporter shrunk at the front and stepped back.

From then on, no one questioned Director Sayuri.

I was in a painfully happy mood as the situation unfolded like a video that makes you feel better on a video site.

Shisae and Kiriha also sounded elated.

“Director Sayuri did a good job.”

“I almost feel sorry for the reporter.”

“Even Shisae’s face is smiling.”

“Is that so? But with this, Honey can sleep in peace of mind.”

“Well, I’ll take care of anyone who threatens Honey.”

Kiriha smiled wickedly and formed translucent poison needles on his five fingers.

“Just take care of yourself.”

I tsukkomi her with a karate chop, and Kiriha put her forehead to that chop.

“Forehead touch ♪”

Kiriha looked so cute with her chubby little pouty lips.

Besides, I felt her body warmth on my hand, and I pulled back my chops.

“Oh, Honey is embarrassed.
So cute ♪”

“Don’t tease me.”

Even though I was angry, Kiriha was only pleased.

On the opposite side of Kiriha, Shisae was annoyed with us.

“Ummm, is this supposed to be monitoring?”

No matter how anyone looked at it, he was just flirting with her.

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