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We have reached a point where we can secure a stable supply of natural gas for the long term.
Starting next month, we can shut down all the nuclear power plants and crude oil-fired power plants in Japan.
Instead, we will operate the gas-fired power plants at full capacity.”

The next day, Thursday, April 26, after school.

Having imported only the contents of Kiriha’s clothes, I had gotten the hang of Apporting and was a big success.

In front of a pile of containers in the warehouse district of the port, Director Sayuri hung up the phone and smiled broadly.

“Hahaha! I can’t stop laughing at the fact that all of these methane hydrates.”

“Eh, yeah, well……”

Director Sayuri slapped me on the back with a cheerful smirk on her face.

“What’s the matter, you don’t look like the genius who mastered apport in one day.”

“Haha, hahaha”

Next to me, Kiriha stared at me with a bashful smile and a heated gaze.

Then, what was the evil guess, Director Sayuri raised the corner of her mouth and her eyes lit up.

“I see something happened last night, young man?”

“Nothing happened.”

“Really? But that’s good, now you can proudly go out with Kiriha.”


Director Sayuri spoke pompously with an adult-like smile of composure.

“I’m an adult.
I know that a man feels a bit of a sense of shame when his girlfriend is earning more than him.
But from now on, you will be mining 22 billion tons of methane hydrate every day, which is equivalent to 8 trillion yen a year.
Your salary will be the second highest, along with Miine’s.”

“8 trillion, which means the missing budget is 50 trillion…….”

“Honey alone would make 16%, right? Oh no, I’ve been passed over.
Don’t throw me away just because you’re rich, okay?”

“No, I’m not getting 8 trillion yen.
I mean, when you get rich, cheating on your wife, that’s the epitome of scum.”

“No, no, I don’t know about that, Harikiri Kiriha.
Men change when they become successful and have money.”

“Don’t say strange things, Director Sayuri.”

I mean, there was no way I could break up with Kiriha after seeing her like that.
That would be too irresponsible.

Then, Kiriha raised her voice full of confidence.

It’s okay, Director Sayuri.
That was a joke.
Honey is crazy about me ♪”

Her full smile with dyed cheeks made my heart skip a beat.
She really was a bottomless cute girl.

“You, after all, something happened last night, right?”

“Nothing happened last night!”

I denied it with all my might.

But Director Sayuri was completely unfazed.


After school on Tuesday, May 1.

Me and Kiriha, along with Shisae, were flying over the Pacific Ocean again in a small plane owned by the government.

This was the only way to make it easy for the aquatic animals within a 10-kilometer radius of our route to get to a Japanese fishing port.

“I asked 100 barbers in Tokyo to give the same haircut to different people and see what kind of changes they would produce.”

“Wow, even if the explanation is the same, people interpret it differently.”

“I was really laughing when I saw a barber who had done my hair differently from how it was described.
Oh, and please bring some tea and honey.”


Catching the honey dripping from Kiriha’s fingertips in a teacup before stirring it with a spoon, Shisae smiled as she drank the deliciously sweet tea.

I’m personally happy when they are having a pleasant conversation.

It may sound supercilious, but I should say that it is a beautiful thing to get along well.

As someone who was not blessed with good relationships and spent my elementary and junior high school years surrounded by vicious people like Bando, I was comfortable with this kind of casual banter.

“Hey, it’s almost time for the news.”

“It’s that time already?”

“Let’s watch Sayuri-chan’s appearance ♪”

I deployed the MR screen in the air and activated the TV application from there.

I set the screen size from the cabin floor to the ceiling, and a huge MR screen, 2 meters high, unfolded in front of the three of us.

When I changed the channel to the state-run broadcast, the press conference was just about to begin.

The reporters posed questions to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Minister of Finance.

The value of the Japanese yen has decreased and Japanese companies are no longer able to import goods.

The value of the Japanese yen has decreased and Japanese companies are no longer able to import goods.

Currently, companies continue to operate by buying stockpiled materials from the Japanese government.

However, all industries are concerned about how long the stockpiles will last.

Is it possible to restore the Japanese yen before the stockpiles run out?

The rumor on the Internet is that they are planning something using supernatural abilities, but what is the true meaning of such a plan?

Then the ministers looked at each other and waved lightly.

‘You’ll have to ask her for details.”

Then Director Sayuri appeared in the press conference room.

Dressed in her usual black suit and tight skirt, she walked strongly, exuding beauty and confidence that made one wonder if she were a Hollywood actress, but instead of taking her seat, she stood majestically next to the ministers.

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