tempted me without leaving any room for anything else.

“It’s amazing, Honey, that you could pull it off the first time.
Maybe you are a genius? Or was it the basic training for the ability itself, teleporting that many students and ingots to the workplace every day? Hmm? What’s wrong, all three of you?”

When Kiriha dropped her gaze to herself, she blushed more clearly this time, her eyes hardening into a round blush.
On the contrary, she hid her ample breasts and her bosom with both hands, while her neck, shoulders, and chest were stained a light pink color.

Nevertheless, her breasts are so voluptuous that they are hardly concealed by her slender arms.
Rather, the flexibility and elasticity of her breasts are shown in the way they are squeezed and crushed by her arms, making them even more attractive.

“Honey…..did you succeed because you wanted to see my naked body?”

“Well, no, it’s just that……”

“Mou~, Honey no Ecchi!”

Kiriha rushed into her room.
I could only watch her back as she ran off, waving her big butt.

“What did you do, Honey!?”

“You’re going to make up for it! You’re going to do the biggest redemption ever!”

“T-that’s right.
I have to make up for that right away!”

“Wait, not now!”


I opened the door to Kiriha’s room without hearing them stop me.

“Kiriha! Earlier, ah……”


Two white, round hip lines were sticking out.

Apparently, Kiriha was just bending down to put on her pants.

I was so transfixed by this seductive sight that I couldn’t say anything.

Her face, looking back at me over her hips and shoulders, was redder than before.

Then, with a troubled brow furrowed into a figure eight, she whispered. (+) 

“You know, Honey…I’m glad that you feel that way, but we’re not alone right now…can you wait until night?”

“No, I’m, it’s not that.”

“Uoooooooo!Osotogari with gyaku-juji-jimee!” (+)

Suddenly, my legs were swept off my feet and gravity reversed.
As soon as I was knocked down on my back, Shisae got on my stomach and took a mounted position like riding a horse.

Her hands grab the collar of my uniform and tighten my neck.


My carotid arteries tightened and my vision faded quickly with irresistible drowsiness.


“Shisae-san, you could do that?”

“Shisae is a black belt in Judo!”

I fell asleep with more unexpected and unimportant information.

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