Honey no Ecchi

Translated by Dawn


I took Kiriha, Shisae, and Miine back to the living room at the official residence.

Dinner was served outside, and special training with Kiriha and Shisae was about to begin, but I wanted Miine to go home if possible.

“Um, Miine, you don’t have to go along.”

“I appreciate your concern.
But I’m fine, or rather, I think I should be here to watch over everyone.”

Miine smiled affectionately as she scratched her cheek.

That sounds about right.
If there were no stoppers, I didn’t know what they would do to me.

On the other hand, I also didn’t want Miine to see the ugliness that was about to come.

“Then, Honey, you’re going to apport my bra.”

As she took off her uniform and put on a shirt, Kiriha pulled her breasts together with a devilish smile, provoking me.

I protested as best I could, feeling aroused by her sex appeal.

“I told you I don’t want that kind of thing, right? I’m not after your body or anything.”

Yes, that’s right.

Kiriha misunderstood that I was going out with her just for her body and that I wouldn’t betray her if she let me do ecchi things with her.

So I sincerely cleared up the misunderstanding.

I admit that I like her appearance.
However, I was worried about her as a human being, not just about her body.

I was sure that she understood that.

But Kiriha still seduces me every day.

“Eh~, I know Honey isn’t after my body, but it’s true that Honey is naughty, isn’t it?”

Wiggling her hips, Kiriha asked in a sweet tone of voice.

“…! You should have more modesty or shame.”

I was so embarrassed.

I didn’t want anyone to see me gazing at Kiriha’s ample breasts.

I couldn’t help but notice the way Miine and, to a lesser extent, Shisae were looking at me.

If I could make an expressionless face like Maria’s or Maya’s while taking my eyes off Kiriha’s ample breasts, there would be no problem, but there was no room for such an expression in front of Kiriha’s breasts.

What is frightening is Kiriha’s bust.
What cups does she have?

“Ehehe, I love Honey, so I want Honey to be happy, I want Honey to be excited about me, and I want Honey to be madly in love with me.
I want you to look at me with your naughty eyes.”

“Ahh, for crying out loud, let’s get this over with! You know, can we just apport something far away!?”

I stuck out my right hand and tried to call Kiriha’s bra to my hand with a sense of teleportation.

Then Kiriha appeared in front of me.

It was also in the form of her left breast pressed against my hand.



Even through the shirt, the elasticity and volume still asserted itself, and my fingers sank into it, and the feeling of being enveloped by it spread across my palm.

It was soft.
It felt good.
It was huge.

I thought about many things for a moment, then I noticed Miine’s reflection in the corner of my eye and pulled my hand away.

“Uwa sorry!”

I apologized, Shisae whistled in a good mood, Miine put her hand over her mouth and stained her cheeks with a somewhat surprised expression, and the most important one, Kiriha, showed a surprisingly gentle smile.

“Moo, why are you apologizing? I’m Honey’s girlfriend, so it’s totally OK.
Now calm down and try again.”


She was not just teasing me, but apparently, she wanted to make sure I was practicing properly.

“I think you need to see it with your eyes, right? Like this.”

As Kiriha moved away from the wall, Shisae took off her uniform blazer and opened four buttons of her shirt.

The front hooks of her white bra, which matched the color of her skin, were visible.

My eyelids open to their limits and harden.

“W-wait, y-you…”

“Shisae-san, you’re showing too much.”

Miine warned her with a stronger tone of voice.

–As expected of Miine, you can be counted on!

“Eh~, I’m sure it’s just as revealing as a bathing suit.
Or Miine-chan doesn’t like to wear a bikini in front of Honey-chan?”

“No, not, really, but……”

Miine took one look at my face, her cheeks flushed as if she was imagining it.

No, when you do that, you make me feel embarrassed, too.

Suddenly, I couldn’t help but imagine Miine in a bikini.

Her character might be quiet and serious, but if Miine, who has a more ample body than Shisae, wears a bikini, it would be amazing.

I don’t think I can take Kiriha to the beach in a bikini because it would be bad for children’s …… education.

“Come on, come on, Hurry up, Ikuo-chan ♪! “

“Hey, stop teasing me, there, are you happy now?”

Shisae’s bra disappeared from her cleavage and was held in my hand.
Her body heat was raw and I desperately suppressed my excitement.

Apport, it’s a success.

“Look, there you have it.
What’s the matter, Kiriha?”

I looked and saw that Kiriha was sulking with a bit of a grumpy look on her face.

“Muu~, I wish my underwear (bra) had been the first thing honey had to apport.”

“What kind of obsession is that……”

“Well then, if this happens, Honey, your first pair of underwear (panties) should be mine!”

Kiriha lifted up her skirt and showed her panties, not just a little bit of it.


I was totally engrossed in Kiriha’s pure white pants, even though Miine and Shisae were watching me.

The moment Kiriha lifted up her skirt, the word “flirtatious” was torn out of my dictionary page by page.

–What is the meaning of a momentary glimpse? If she was naked, but if she was in her underwear, it would be more exciting to show it in an exaggerated manner.

While proudly displaying something that should not be seen, I was offered a “please”.

No amount of rationality or pretense could resist this sense of extravagance.

“If Maiko-san does Psychometry on you, she’s going to Psychometry this day too, right?”

“That’s right ♪ She will know that you are crazy about Kiriha-chan’s pants, and she will know what Honey-chan is thinking at this moment.”


After making a mysterious strange noise, I used my apport.

I was so selfless, thinking of nothing else, that I promptly stopped the expansion of my black history.

Kiriha’s pants disappeared and her warmth settled in my hand.
But this time I could not get aroused by the sensation.

Because it was a far more exciting situation than just underwear.

If you think about it for a moment, Kiriha was lifting up her skirt to show me her underwear.
In that state, her panties were gone.
In other words, everything she had to hide was exposed.

I heard Miine and Shisae gasp.

Kiriha smiled broadly and haughtily, wondering how far her nerves would go.

“Yay, that’s a success, Honey!”


“? Honey? What are you two doing looking at my panties? My panties are in honey’s hand……not mine, so now I’m…….”

When I looked down at her, Kiriha blushed without moving her face.

She arched her inner thighs, holding her skirt down with both hands.

Then Kiriha raised her head vigorously, looking at me with a complicated face that she herself must have had trouble expressing, and opened her mouth fidgetily.

“Honey no ecchi…”

The gesture was more arousing than any sexy pose I had ever seen and cute at the same time.

My heart was already beating so wildly that it felt like it was going to break, and it hurt.

But surprisingly, the sexual excitement was moderate.

More than that, I felt an infinitely special sense of accomplishment and responsibility for having seen Kiriha’s precious place.

–I must make this girl happy for the rest of my life!

I vowed hard in my heart.


Thereupon, with extreme trepidation, Miine raised her hand.

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