Riajuus Completed

Translated by Dawn


The group was instantly dismayed by Miine’s assertion as if it were water on a plank.

“No, Uchimine-san, this is different.”

“Yes, yes, we are trying to help you, Uchimine-san.”

“I’m not in any trouble.
Help from what?”

They became even more flagrant when they were assured by the parties involved.

“Because, no matter how you look at it, Uchimine-san and this guy don’t match up.”

“So, he’s using the fact that he has that ability as a shield to get close to you.”

When they said that, my anger subsided due to my inferiority complex.

Miine is [“a fine-looking woman”], [“an excellent student”], [“a well-behaved person”], and she is a person of substandard ability who alone can supply Japan’s metal, clothing, and agricultural product needs.

–On the other hand, I don’t have any special beauty, and my ability is just that of a cab.

It would be natural to feel uncomfortable if a national top idol and an underground idol were eating together on an equal footing.

However, contrary to my thoughts, Miine’s eyebrows tightened.

“What have you been looking at for the past week? No matter how you look at it, Okui-kun has a girlfriend, right? You’re in love with Kiriha-san, right? You are crazy about Kiriha-san, right? But you wouldn’t cheat on her in front of her, would you? I’m friends with both of them, and we have dinner together after school, so we’re together at school too.”

–Miine’s theory was so complete that the others were flabbergasted.

If it were me, I would definitely use a ton of theories to arguing with her, but if the other party was the most beautiful girl in the school, they would listen obediently.

Still, I was surprised.

I had thought that Miine was a girl who did not like to fight.

Even with Bando, Miine always responded to him in a calm manner, trying not to make a scene, and trying to make the situation go away.

So I was amused to see her clearly taking someone’s side like this and blaming them.

They were at a loss as to what to do, looked at each other, and pushed each other to take the initiative.
It was an ugly blame game.

Then, just in time for them, Bando’s voice came interrupting for the first time in a week.


Bando, with his shaved head and barely-there hair, his willow eyebrows furrowed, and his face bright red was the very devil of vengeance.

“Do you know how bad I’ve been feeling for the past week? I had diarrhea, vomiting, and a high fever because I was thrown down the sewer by you, and I lay on my bed, day after day, on the edge between life and death.”

With his big toe, Bando raised his fist in the air as he came close to kicking the floor.

“It’s your fault, you bastard!”


Startled, I used teleportation as an emergency evasion.

— but where? Also, the sewers are a bad idea.
Somewhere other than the sewers, where teleporting the hysterical Bando will not bother anyone.
Outside of the sewers.

And so, as I was picturing the scene of the sewers in my mind, Bando’s figure disappeared.


My mouth and the mouths of the whole class froze in the same shape.

Only Kiriha asked me matter-of-factly.

“Honey, where did you send him this time?”

“…… No, I used teleportation while trying to figure out where to send it other than the sewers.”

“……Honey, no way.”

Miine’s mouth twitched.

I tried my best to mend the situation.

“Y-you knows, the one where they say in psychology that if you’re asked not to think about a giraffe for 30 seconds, you’ll definitely think about it?”


From outside the window, Bando’s exclamation could be heard.

The voice changed into something that could not be expressed in Japanese syllables in the middle of the sentence, and then it was cut off.

“Uwaa…….Honey, you’re definitely the strongest protagonist in a battle manga…….”


“Because, if you wanted to, you could throw anyone into outer space whenever you wanted to.”

As soon as they heard these words, the seven beautiful students simultaneously turned pale with horror.

“I-it looks like we were wrong about you.”

Sorry, Okui-san.”

“Then we’re going back.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m really sorry.
We’re sorry.”

“I should warn you, I didn’t start this.”

“I’m just following you.”

“Hey, you coward.
Anyway, goodbye, Okui-san.”


As it was, the seven of them ran away with their tails coiled and sails on their hips.

As I gaped, Miine put her hand in front of her face and gave me an apologetic wink.

“I’m sorry, Honey.
Did I do some damage to your reputation?”

“No, someone will find out anyway that I can kill anyone by teleporting them into space, so don’t worry about it.
If anything, it will make my life easier if the bad people start avoiding me.”

With a flash of inspiration, I turned to Kiriha.

“Kiriha, I’m supposed to be a very dangerous person who can throw anyone he doesn’t like into outer space.
Can you still call me Honey?”

“I’ll call you Honey.
Because Honey wouldn’t do that to me, would he?”

“You know.”

“Because I’m Honey’s girlfriend.”

It’s a common line in manga and novels.

If someone with abilities were dangerous, then every human being would be dangerous.
With a single ballpoint pen with a pointed tip, one could kill a person.
A person could hit a person without a weapon.
You couldn’t walk around outside if you were wary of that.

However, even such an overused line could not be carried out by real people.

They see others as dangerous, frightened, and discriminatory on their own.

That was exactly how people around Kiriha were.

“We are the strongest couple ♪”

I was naturally moved to tenderness by the expression on Kiriha’s face as she laughed in a happy voice.

“I guess so.”

It made me feel good to hear her laugh since she had been unhappier than me.

But I was a little concerned about Miine.

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