abilities were also active in their respective fields.

The combat team’s ability was to protect dignitaries, Kiriha’s royal jelly was traded for millions of dollars.

She’s my bodyguard, but she made more money than I do.

–I’ve been dating normally up until now, but everyone is so much more active than I am.
Maybe I’m the only one who’s useless.

At that moment such a dark feeling welled up in my heart, Kiriha looked into my face.

“What’s wrong Honey?”

“Ah, it’s nothing.
Come on, let’s go buy the seasoning we’re missing.”

“Okay, but let me know if there’s anything bothering you.
I’m Honey’s girlfriend after all.”

“I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“No problem.”

Kiriha’s chest puffed out with happiness.

–She, if I were to marry Kiriha like this, it would be like a goal-line between a big-name actress and her manager.

The wife would make tens of billions of dollars a year, and the husband would be the exclusive chauffeur who takes her home and picks her up.
With this image in my mind, I pushed the cart with heavy steps.


The next day at lunchtime.

I teleported back to the official residence, took out Kiriha’s homemade lunch from the refrigerator, heated it in the microwave, and teleported back to the classroom again.

“Hey, Kiriha, thanks again for the food.”

“Thanks for eating my food today, too.”

Despite being in the position of taking the time and effort to make her lunch every morning, Kiriha gave a spoiled smile.

Apparently, she liked to have someone she liked to eat her home-cooked food.

“Oh, it’s Miine, yahoo”

 followed Kiriha’s gaze and saw Miine entering through the open door of the classroom with her lunch in her hand.

“I’m here.”


I greeted her lightly, flipping the desk of Kiriha, who was sitting next to me, and the desk behind me (Bando’s), which had been empty for the past week, to join them together.

“I see you’re having lunch with your loving wife again today.
Kiriha-san, you will make a good wife in the future.”

“’Well, I guess so.
I’ve already captured Honey’s stomach.”

Kiriha proudly arched her back and flaunted her confidence.

“Indeed, Kiriha’s lunches are so good even the rice is good.
The brand of rice is the same as the rice we buy in my home.”

“If you put a tablespoon of honey in two cups of rice, it makes the rice fluffy.”

“It’s physically filled with love.”

“What’s with the power words?”

“But Kiriha-san, no matter how much you like Honey-kun, you must not mix addictive poisons.”

“… no, I didn’t mix it.”

“What’s the pause?”

“What do you think?”

I asked with a straight face, and the corners of Kiriba’s mouth turned up in a grin, bothering me.

Miine raised her eyebrows and laughed bitterly.

“Honey-kun, it looks like she’ll be laid on the hips(+) in the future …”

“I will resist with all my might.”

I made a clenched fist to express my intention, but when I imagined being laid on Kiriha’s sexy hip line, it wasn’t too bad.

“I know, right? But Honey loves boobs more than hips.”

“It doesn’t mean that!”

I was strangely flustered, probably because I had been imagining sexually until just before.

It was then that an arrogant voice interrupted.

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