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It was Tuesday evening, April 24, a week after Kiriha and everyone had grown closer.

As I was returning to the MIC auditorium with Uchimine, Sayuri approached me.

“Thanks again for your hard work today.
Is everything alright?”

“Yes, no problem.
More importantly, is the quantity enough? We’ll work overtime if we have to?”

At the suggestion of Miine–since the party a week ago, calling each other given names had become a regular thing–Director Sayuri shook her head. (+)

“No need for that.
Thanks to you, we can meet all of our domestic metal needs and even increase our stockpile.
There is no need to sacrifice your private life any further.”

“You’re doing a great job, Miine, but isn’t the Japanese government relying on you too much?”

“No, no, stop lifting myself so high, it’s embarrassing.”

“But I actually bow down to you and your colleagues, including you, Uchimine Miine, for what you have done.
With the financial collapse and the loss of value of the Japanese yen, Japan can no longer import anything.
Metal, clothing, food, and fuel shortages are severe.

Smiling graciously, Director Sayuri spoke up eloquently.

“We can meet all of our domestic demand for metals with the help of Uchimine Miine and our stockpiles of gold, silver, and other precious metals are abundant.
Thanks to this, we can import cotton from Southeast Asia with gold and silver, and wool from Malaysia and New Zealand.
The same is true for food.”

She turned her gaze to Shisae, who was reporting her work a short distance away.

“With the help of Shisae Edaki, the catch has doubled, non-native species have been wiped out from the southern metropolitan area and remote islands, and damage to fields caused by deer and boars has been stopped.
At the same time, the meat shortage problem was solved by distributing the meat of Reeves’s muntjac, civets, raccoons, deer, and boars.
The shortage of agricultural products has been solved by importing them from Southeast Asia in the form of gold and silver.
In addition, all these metal resources, clothing, and food are bought by the companies from the government, which has already secured over 2 trillion yen in revenue for the government.
This should at least pay for this month’s civil servants’ salaries and public works expenses.”

Director Sayuri’s gaze caught Maiko and the others as they continued to report their work to the staff.

“Thanks to the police squad, we don’t have to pay for investigations.
More than 10,000 unsolved cases have already been solved, and the whereabouts of 20,000 missing persons have been revealed.”

So, in summary, it seemed to go something like this.

Shortage of goods

Metal resources: Produced by Miine from the sea.

Clothing: Imported with gold and silver produced by Miine.

Agricultural products: Imported with gold and silver produced by Miine.

Marine products: Shisae led the fish to the fishing port.

Meat: Deer and wild boar caught by Shisae, and non-native species.

Tax saving

Police investigation expenses: Detection, Thoughtography, and Psychometry abilities are used to solve cases.

Environmental measures expenses: Shisae’s ability to wipe out non-native species.

“And then there’s the fuel problem.
How are things going over there?”

To my question, Director Sayuri raised her eyebrows a little.

“It’s complicated.
The locator was supposed to find oil wells, coal, and natural gas deposits and have the terrain manipulator dig them, but it hasn’t worked out.”

“Why is that? The Terrain Manipulators can manipulate the ground at will, can’t they?”

“Yes, but it is difficult to operate several hundred meters or kilometers underground, where they cannot be seen.
Besides, oil, which is not soil, cannot be manipulated, so it is necessary to dig a hole and then eventually build a drilling rig.
Until the equipment is in place, the question is whether the country’s stockpiles will be enough to cover the cost.
Worst case scenario, we’ll import it from the Middle East in gold and silver, but if we make a big play there, we’ll be one shot away from making gold and silver with our capabilities.”

Ostensibly, Mina was supposed to be separating metal resources from scrap metal and other urban mines.

But if we dispersed thousands of tons of gold, other countries would look at us with suspicion.

If this were to happen, the fact that gold was being produced from the sea would come to light, and the United Nations would no doubt restrict the use of seawater, lest Japan was the only one to enjoy the delicacies.

“Yes, I’m going to change the subject, Kiriha, the quality of your royal jelly has been officially recognized.
Starting tomorrow, a vendor will buy it from you for 100 yen per gram.”

“100 yen per gram, isn’t that a higher rate than silver!?”

I was so surprised that I couldn’t help but raise my voice.
I had not expected royal jelly to be that expensive.

“I did it.
Then I’ll make 1 ton every day starting tomorrow.”

“That’s 100 million a day, or 36.5 billion yen a year.
You can expect your starting salary.(+)”

–Annual sales of 36.5 billion yen!?

I was so stunned by the tremendous amount of money that I couldn’t say anything.

–I mean, Shisae is single-handedly supporting Japan’s meat industry, and Miina has built a mountain of gold, right? How many billions of yen is that worth? Thanks to Maiko and others, hundreds of billions of yen worth of police investigation costs are also floating around…….

–The power of these women to influence a great nation with the power of one person makes me feel like a dwarf.

“Everyone’s awesome, while I’m just a taxi…….”

“Don’t worry, honey, I’ll feed you.”

“Am I a pimp!”

I yelled at Kiriha who hugged me in her arms.
The feeling of her breasts against my arms felt good.

“Don’t worry, the project is running smoothly thanks to your teleportation skills.
I guarantee you a salary higher than most government employees.”

“Tsk, here I was thinking I’d make Honey dependent on me.”

“Hey, hey, hey.”

I gestured down a series of karate chops to Kiriha’s head.

Kiriha then deliberately stuck her head out and took the chops.

“Fufu, Honey smacked me.”

Kiriha smiled with a cute smile on her lips.

The sight of her is breathtakingly charming, but if I teased her too much, it would make us look like a silly couple, which would be embarrassing, so I tried to act nonchalant.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

“No, it would be more convenient for me if we were a couple of idiots.”

“What convenience!?”

“Because there will be more and more idiots flocking to the highly paid gifted in the future.
It would be better to have a couple of equal talents to avoid any trouble, right?”

“Hmmm, that means our relationship is officially approved by the government ♪”

Kiriha was lightly giggling and hugged my arms even tighter.

But I could only return a wry smile.

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