Honey-colored you

Translated by Dawn


That evening.

After work, I, Kiriha, Uchimine, Shisae, Koimai, Yamami, and Arima bought food at the supermarket and gathered at Shisae’s house.

On the table in the living room of the company house where Shisae lived, honey toast, which we had made before, and tea to refresh our palates were lined up, and everyone was enjoying chatting and laughing.

It was said that three women gathered together could make a bad situation, but it was only natural that six women would make a lot of noise.

Kiriha and Yamami were hardly talking at all, though.

“I ate a bag of chips while watching a movie, and I felt so guilty that I had consumed 200 calories in such a short time.”

“Oh, I know what you mean.”

“I see you have experienced that too, Koimai-san.
Well, so have I.”

Koimai agreed with Shisae’s story, and Uchimine smiled shyly.

“Don’t worry.
Men in the world don’t like skinny women as much as women think they do.
There is no problem if you have some meat on your body.
Rather, you should be concerned about your breasts losing weight due to excessive dieting.
Isn’t that right, Okui-san?”

–Why are you shaking it at me? And what’s with those accomplished eyes!

Arima was cool and, like Yamami, basically expressionless, but the emotion conveyed from the depths of his eyes was unbelievable.

By the way, Yamami kept eating honey toast with her tiny mouth, glutinously eating it like a squirrel.

“More importantly, Shisae, are you sure you have permission from your parents or something?”

“Shisae’s parents only come home once every few days, so don’t worry about it.”

So she lived virtually alone in this spacious company housing.

With an environment like that since junior high school, it was perhaps no surprise that she was so bothered by it.

“By the way, what is Kiriha-chan’s ability? You’re a combat type, aren’t you?”

“That is…”

Kiriha looked hesitantly at Koimai and the rest of the Police Team.

She might have been wondering if they had already found out about it anyway.

But, as if to squash her hesitation, I opened the door.

“Kiriha’s ability is a Hornet that replicates the power of bees.
She can fly, use beeswax to take away your opponent’s freedom, and buzz around on a string as if she were some kind of American comic book hero.
When ice kinesis named Bando got into a fight with her, she beat him up one-sidedly and he ended up getting KO’d with a poisoned needle.”


“But everyone says they’re afraid of Kiriha because of her poisoned needles, isn’t that terrible?”

Kiriha slumped down, her lips stiff.

Then the five of them went at the same time.

“””””Ah, that happens to me as well”””””


In front of a bewildered Kiriha, Arima spoke crisply.

“Rumors were rooted that I was cheating and engaging in revenge pornography with Thoughtography.”

Yamami, the detection specialist, continued with a doll-like expressionless face and a spike in her voice.

“My nickname was the police dog.
So rude.”

“I was told by everyone not to touch them…….”

As a psychometrist, Koimai’s shoulders slumped,

“It’s a common thing for people with abilities, isn’t it?”

Uchimine sympathized.

“Yes, yes.
Even those who become popular are sure to be either slandered or criticized.
Shisae was also called ‘noisy,’ ‘annoying,’ and ‘long-winded,’ and was always ostracized at class parties and Christmas parties!”

“Yeah, I think that’s different for you.
Also, what’s Yamami doing under the table?”

“Eh? Wa!”

As Kiriha looked down, Yamami poked her head out from under the table and sat on her lap.

Although they were both first-year high school students, Kiriha and Yamami were as different in build as an adult and a child.

Yamami sat down and buried the back of her head in Kiriha’s ample breasts.

Then she began to relax.

“Kiriha smells good.”

“That’s because she realistically smells like honey.
The color of her hair and eyes is also apparently a result of her powers.”

Yamami touched Kiriha’s shiny flaxen hair and began to play with her hands.

However, Kiriha did not allow her to do so.

“Don’t sit down without permission.”

With that, she picked up Yamami and coldly set her down on the floor.

Yamami gave off a sullen aura without changing her expression.
She was a dexterous child.

Kiriha wasn’t the only one who had a bad experience because of her ability.
I thought that if we had a similar ability, and with Shisae and the others, Kiriha could become a friend, but I guess I was naive.

When I was disappointed at my helplessness, Kiriha got up from her chair.

“Honey, you were at the supermarket earlier buying ingredients for pancakes, weren’t you?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Can I use it? I’ll make a cake with lots of my honey.
Then I’ll show everyone which is better, my honey or Silver Bee Apiary’s honey.”

“You can make honey, Kiriha-chan!?”

“Of course.
I can also make royal jelly and propolis, which are good for beauty.
Royal jelly has a sour taste, and propolis has a bitter and sweet taste.
I’ll treat you to some too.”

The women were excited by Kiriha’s offer.

On the other hand, Kiriha made no facial expression and asked curtly,

“Hey, are you guys friends of Honey’s?”

“Of course! Shisae and her friends are Honey-chan’s friends!”

“……If so, then you are also my……friends.” + Here, Kiriha says a different word for friend.
MC will explain the rest  lol


A word in the gray area could be a friend or just a colleague.

But the fact that Kiriha recognized us as her friends was a step in the right direction.

For now, this was good enough.
That was the natural conclusion I came to.

Subconsciously, my mouth was loosening.

“Honey, I want you to ask Kiriha to give me a breast pillow.”


“Honey, do you always eat Kiriha-san’s home-cooked food?”


“Honey, please try to live together in moderation.”

No, hey! Why are you guys calling me Honey too!?

“What? Why do you think people call their friends’ siblings ‘brother’ or ‘younger brother’?”

“Why is this based on Kiriha’s standards!?”

I made a tsukkomi sharply, but Shisae turned herself away and took an evasive gesture.

And after this day, Honey became my nickname.

I wonder which was worse, Yamami’s treatment of me as a dog or my nickname.

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