Share your energy with ora!

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When it was time for Shisae to go to work, we teleported back to MIC.

Then, as soon as I found Shisae in the auditorium, I said to her as the first thing I said.

“Yo, Shisae.
Today is a fun day for you, isn’t it?”

“That’s right.
I’m a little excited today♪”

It was yesterday when I was given a cold shoulder by Kiriha, but Shisae was in a good mood and shook my hand.

“I’m asking you to go easy on me.
Come on, Kiriha too.”


With an uneasy expression, Kiriha gently touched my hand.

I then teleported to Shisae’s worksite.

When I teleported there, Kiriha was puzzled by the different scene from yesterday.

“……where is this?”

Numerous wooden boxes were placed on the ground.

Beyond them stood several one-story huts, and behind them stretched a vast forest.

“This is an apiary.”


As Kiriha froze with a surprised look on her face, Shisae raised both hands and exclaimed.

“Uooooo! Gaiaoooo! Share your energy with Shisae, pleaseeeee!”

After posing and calling out as in a shounen manga, Shisae activated her ability.

“Half of all wild deer and wild boar are within a 10-kilometer radius! and all non-native animals to empty the contents of their digestive organs before moving on to the nearest meat processing plant! Deer and wild boars are in descending order of age, except for those raising their children! And all creatures are forbidden to attack bees, and bees are forbidden to fight with each other! Oh, and the queen bee candidates should lay at least 10 per hive and raise them all to adulthood!”

At Shisae’s loud voice, the beekeeper’s uncles came out from the hut.

“Oh, you’re doing it again.”

“I’ve heard good things about you from other apiaries.”

“That should keep the honey bees from being eaten by the non-native species, the Asian hornet.”

I explained it to Kiriha, who still didn’t understand the situation.

“We just didn’t go there yesterday, but the apiary is also Shisae’s worksite.

“Watch this, Ikuo-chan♪ The secret ritual of the hand-held bee♪”

In Shisae’s outstretched hands, the bees combined like a pair of gymnasts to form a large palm-sized honeybee.

“Ooh, good.”

“The bees are so round and fluffy and cute.
It’s a foul that they are so fluffy even though they are insects. Eiei!”

Gently stroking the bee’s head with her fingertips, Shisae’s cheeks were flushed.

Kiriha was disturbed by this and took a step back.

Then, the beekeeper’s uncles arrived with souvenirs in their hands.

“Thank you.
Yes, thank you for the honey.”

“And here’s our iconic character, Silverbee stuffed animal.”

“Wow, thank you ♪”

Shisae accepted the jar of honey and the stuffed animal and then nuzzled the stuffed silver bee.

“Aim to conquer the bee groomers of all apiaries in the country!”

Kiriha was stunned to see Shisae, with a stuffed bee in her hand, frolicking like a child.
I quietly approached her and spoke to her.

“That Shisae girl, she likes bees.”


“When the harasser made a fuss, everyone got in on it.
But that was in a classroom, a closed space.
This is not a classroom, and Shisae is a student at another school.
And Shisae is a steady 24-hour a day nuisance.
She may follow you around, but she will never push you away.”

“Hey, isn’t that a little harsh, Ikuo-chan! You shouldn’t have said that! You should be grateful that you get to talk to a beautiful girl with big boobs like Shisae.”

Shisae was posing with her big chest outstretched and her nose high in the air, and she shifted her gaze to Kiriba’s chest.

“Wait, even Shisae can’t win if you bring me such a large melon.”

“By the way, Kiriha, she’s a perverted old man who likes big boobs, so be wary of him.”

You’ve been ragging on me for a while now! Shisae’s wrath will eat you alive! Terya terya!”

Shisae grabbed her own long, pure white twin tails and whipped them in my face like a whip.

–Girls shouldn’t treat their hair so roughly.

I swallowed this comment and laughed merrily.

“I-I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I apologize for anything.”

“Kirarin♪ Then we’ll have a honey party at Shisae’s house to make up for it♪ We’ll have a contest where everyone’s embarrassing secrets will be revealed♪”

“Who else is going to be at the party besides us?”

“There’s Maria-chan who is weak against pushiness is good.
And then there’s Maya-chan and Maiko-chan! Fufufu.”

“Hey, you look bad, as a girl should.
Then, Kiriha, my escort, will be forced to join, and I’ll invite Uchimine to join.”


“You sure know what you’re talking about, Ikuo-chan ♪”

I put my hand on the shoulder of a puzzled Kiriha.

“So we are going to Shisae’s house together.”

At my decision, Kiriha stiffened and was at a loss for a response.

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