head and ran away, then I changed the subject.

“Come to think of it, why did Kiriha volunteer to be my bodyguard?”

According to Kiriha, she was the only one who volunteered.

I wonder why since even Kiriba would benefit more from being a politician’s bodyguard than mine.

“Because Director Sayuri told me about your personality.”

“What did she say?”

I asked, wondering if I had said something bad.

But Kiriha, with a kind expression on her face, said in a tone of voice as if she were recounting a memorable story.

“As I said at school, you trusted someone you’d never met before and received psychometry on your own, didn’t you?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“So I thought if you were like that, it might be okay with me.
I was still worried and tried to hide my abilities, but you didn’t mind that when you knew what I could do.”

That made me feel a little down.

Kiriha must have been bullied.

I knew all too well the cruelty of children.

Children always look for something to attack others, and if they did not find it, they would make up something to attack others to fulfill their self-aggrandizement.

It was obvious how they would be treated if there was a child with the ability of a bee.

I wanted to make her happy, and even if everyone else hated her, I wanted to be the only one who liked her.

Such feelings came to me.

“And you’re my favorite cute Mutsuri-kun.”

“I’m not a Mutsuri!” +

The feelings that had welled up were instantly erased.
I knew this girl was dangerous. Yes, it’s decided.

“Dessert is honey toast with lots of honey.
From now on, I will prepare something delicious every day for you, Honey, so please look forward to it♪”


I just nodded my head.

There was no doubt that Harikiri Kiriha was a dangerous person.
But it was also true that she was cute.

Not only in appearance, but also in personality.

She teased me several times today, but she did her best to try to spoil me and to make me happy.

And I didn’t feel that she was acting or mocking me.

If such a girl were my girlfriend, I would definitely be happy.

But at the same time, I was worried about her.

“Hey, Kiriha, how about we all go somewhere together sometime?”

“Eh? If we’re going to go out, I’d rather go on a date with honey.”

“That’s fine, but since we work together and are both gifted, let’s get along with Shisae and the others.”

“Eh~, it’s okay, that kind of thing.
I’m OK as long as I have my honey.”


When I fearfully asked, Kiriha leaned her weight on the back of her chair and said in a bored tone.

“I’m a solo person.
I prefer to be alone.
It’s so stupid to crowd together, mount each other, read each other’s air, and attack anyone who disturbs the atmosphere, making a smug face and creating a hierarchical relationship.
These friends that everyone is talking about are just status-earners, right?”

Kiriha’s words were exactly like mine in junior high school, and they pierced deeply in my heart.

But that was why I wanted to help her.

I tried to persuade her, not denying her and staying close to her.

“On the surface.
But why would I want to be with a poisonous needle woman? Honey, you should be aware that she’s a good-for-nothing.”

The voice gradually turned sullen, and I probed to see if there was any other way

“Didn’t you tell Arima that she was a good person?”

“It was before they found out what I could do.
But that’s enough.
Honey, your girlfriend’s cooking is getting cold.”

“My bad.”

As I began to eat my curry, Kiriha’s face returned to a smile as she watched me eat deliciously.

Her face was truly happy, the kind of vulnerable expression that only her lover could see.

But my heart was filled with anxiety and worry, and the curry tasted half as good as it should have.

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