Is a shirt apron better than a naked apron?

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After teleporting Koimai and the others back home, and stopping at Uchimine’s a few times on the way to have the ingots teleported to the warehouse, the last person I and Kiriha would send was Shisae.

Shisae, who always knew she was the last to go, arrived at the auditorium a little late like an executive who arrives at work late.

“Hello, hello, Ikuo-chan, are you finished?”

“Yeah, it’s your turn now.”

“Who is that beautiful flaxen-haired girl?”

“Oh, this girl is…”

“Stop, don’t say it.
Shisae knows this.
She is Ikuo-chan’s bodyguard, isn’t she?”

Kirarin, with a sparkle in her eyes, Shisae made a pistol shape with both hands.

“You’re right.
My name is Harikiri Kiriha.
From today onward, I will be going around with this guy, please take good care of me.”

“W-what the? In other words, I get to see this blonde, big-breasted body every day.
Kiriha-chan, after work, let’s take a bath together at my old man’s house.”

“I’m calling 110.” +

I was mildly relieved as I restrained Shisae from turning into an old man.

Shisae and Kiriha were both like little devils.

I didn’t want them to make fun of me, but they would make good friends.

“And so, nice to meet you, Kiriha-chan ♪”

When Shisae put out her hand, Kiriha said.

“Sure, that kind of thing.”


“Honey, let’s teleport quickly.
The work will be delayed.”

Shisae’s smile turned into a frightening smile as she fought back against Kiriha’s nonchalant attitude.

“I don’t want to be cold.
But what do you mean by honey? Are you two already in that kind of relationship?”

“I like my honey.
Honey like me, too.”

“Ikuo-chan, you’re so quick.
Then Shisae will be friends with you too Ikuo-chan.”

“No need.
I don’t need friends, they just get in the way.”

–No……it’s different.

I realized that earlier when I remembered what Kiriha said and did.

I only responded to Arima by telling her she should stay away from me.

I only approached Yamami to get her to stop kicking me.

I only tried to get Koimai to psychometry me as an apology for trying to sneak a peek at my ability.

It was Koimai and the other three and I who were making a fuss, and Kiriha was only answering questions from me.
Especially after she revealed her ability.

“Come on, let’s go, honey.”

“Ah, yes…….here, Shisae.”


I held out my hand and Shisae took my hand with a troubled look on her face.

The rest of the work proceeded solemnly.


“S-so big…”

That night.

I rolled my eyes at the living room that stretched out in front of me like a luxury apartment.

It was four times the size of our living room.
The floor was wooden, with an ivory-colored carpet on the left half, a high-end sofa with a footstool, and a marble-patterned table.
No way, marble?

The wooden flooring was set up in the kitchen with a counter, and the spacious area seemed to allow the whole family to cook together.

“Is this a private residence for high-ranking government officials? Do all high-ranking government officials have such a good life? Then how many private residences are there for politicians?”

“I don’t care where I am as long as I’m with my honey.
I don’t care where I live.

Standing by the window, Kiriha looked down at the Tokyo cityscape below, then flipped her flaxen hair and spun around to look back.

“And, I don’t mind even if you’re doing something you shouldn’t, as long as it doesn’t get in our way.”

Kiriha laughed bewitchingly, placing her fingertips over her mouth and grinning.

“N-no, I won’t do something I’m not supposed to do.”

Shaking off my particular fantasies, I restrained her, and Kiriha, in a good mood, walked bouncily and closed the distance between us.

“Arere~? Are you sure, are you really sure? You won’t do something you shouldn’t.”

“D-don’t lump me in with those guys.
I am a civilized man who lives by reason.
I don’t have any dirty expectations just because I’m living with a girl.”

Kiriha took off her uniform blazer and was now in a shirt.

My eyes followed the line of her large, bulging breasts, and I hurriedly turned my face away.

However, I couldn’t avert my gaze and caught a glimpse of her shirt with a sideways glance.

“Hmmm, civilized people, is it……”

With a cute half-lidded jittery look in her eyes, she leaned her upper body to the side and peeked into my face from below.

The way her flaxen hair hung like a curtain and swayed also appealed to me, and my heartstrings were tugged even if I didn’t want them to.

Then a smile bloomed on her face.

“Nihihi, I’ll just leave it at that ♪ I’m Honey’s girlfriend.
I’ll believe in my honey.”

In contrast to my feeling of defeat, Kiriha headed to the kitchen.

“Let’s get your luggage teleported here later, but first let’s have dinner.
You must be hungry, right?”


The clock was well past 18 o’clock at night. +

“Wait a minute, I’ll make a curry right now.”

Kiriha rolled up the sleeves of her shirt and put on an apron.

The shirt apron, not the naked apron, made me unexpectedly nervous.

It was reminiscent of a cooking class in a home economics class, but perhaps it was because of the special feeling of seeing it at home.

Like this, there was something that went deep in my heart.

–I like it.
This kind of thing.

Spreading out the ingredients she bought at the supermarket before coming here to the kitchen, Kiriha began to prepare the cooking in a deft manner.

If anyone was wondering why this was turning out like a romantic comedy manga, the story goes back to an hour ago.


“By the way, Ikuo Okui, we also need to keep an eye on you after work, is it possible to have Harikiri Kiriha live in your house?”

“Where did you see the possibilities!?”

“I see.
Then, Harikiri Kiriha, is it possible to have Ikuo Okui live in your house?”

“With that kind of parent, it’s impossible.”

–Does she not get along with her parents?

“I have a private residence for high-ranking government officials.
You guys can live there from today.
That way we can keep an eye on you all day long, right?”


“I get to live with my honey? Yay♪”



That was why.

“Hey, Kiriha, do you want me to help you with the cooking?”

I’d love to work together with honey, but I want you to taste my cooking first.
Honey should wait for me as long as it takes.”

I couldn’t argue with her gentle, family-like smile, so I had no choice but to teleport back to my place and pack up my things.

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