What is her ability?

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“Well, that’s okay.
It will be known one day anyway.
I’ll explain everything about it myself.”

Fiddling with the ends of her flaxen hair, Kiriha folded her arms and began to speak in a resigned tone.

“My ability is [Hornet].
I can reproduce the abilities of a hornet much better than a hornet can.”

–Bee? Then, what made her smell like honey is……. +

“The beeswax sealed Bando’s movements, the Hornet Silk bee thread suspended him in mid-air, and the poisoned stinger flew as a finishing blow.
My poison is more dangerous than that of the hornets since the effects of my poison can be freely applied as desired.”

–What, that means…….

Laughing self-mockingly, Kiriha looked at me.

“What are you going to do? If you’re scared, tell Director Sayuri and…… what are you doing?”

““Eh!? Ah, no…”

For a moment, I looked away, ashamed that my naughty imagination had kicked in.

“Hey, you, psychometry Ikuo.”

“What!? No, I can’t do that.”

“Then do it to make up for what you said earlier.”

“Uhhh, that’s hard to hear when you say it like that.”

“Wait, Kiriha.
That’s totally unreasonable!”

“What is Maria doing?”

Yamami looked into Arima’s MR screen.

Arima turned the screen over.

Yes, I have taken a mental picture of Okui-san’s brain on behalf of Maiko-san, but don’t worry.
He was just thinking healthy thoughts, not something embarrassing.

The MR screen that unfolded in the air showed an image of Kiriha in a sexy dress with the appearance of a bee, her tongue licking her lips as she emphasized her deep cleavage.

At the bottom of the screen, “Did the aphrodisiac poison make you excited?” was displayed.

Arima was giving a thumbs-up with a confident look on her face, as if to say, “I have proved Okui-san’s innocence.”

“What’s so healthy about this!?”

As I was butting in(tsukkomi) with all my might, I hid the MR screen with both hands.

“What are you talking about? Psychological studies show that men think about sexual intercourse 13 times a day.
But isn’t it healthy to wear a dress that emphasizes the chest?”

“Don’t make a clenched fist and say that! Koimai, this is not like that.
And Yamami, stay away from me!”

Koimai covered her face with her hands and shivered as she looked at the images through the gaps between her fingers.

Yamami was hanging in my arms, trying to get me to move my hands away from it.
It was light as a doll.

Then I remembered the more important thing, Kiriha’s story.

“I’m sorry, Kiriha! But this was more like a force majeure, it just popped into my head.
I didn’t have any deep meaning whatsoever.”


As my head and mouth were spinning and I was making up excuses, a smile like a little girl’s bloomed on the cold, inorganic face of Kiriha.

“Hahahaha! What’s with you, that’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions bees and poison?”

Kiriha laughed innocently, tears glistening in the corners of her eyes.

I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die, and if there was a hole, I wanted to fill it, not just get in it.

I turned my head down and covered my face with my hands.

But as I did so, I felt warm arms embracing my shoulders.

When I looked up, I saw Kiriha in front of me with a big smile on her face.

“I’ve learned more than I had expected from the director.
I like you.
I’ve decided.
From now on, you’re my honey.”

“The honey is you.”

“Then can you call me honey?”

“I’m not calling you that!”

“Then you’re my honey.”

“Who’s your honey? Don’t pretend to be my girlfriend.”

“Even though you like me.”

“N-no, I don’t like you.”

Although I would say that her appearance was great and her personality was far better than Bando and the group.

Still, I didn’t want to make her my girlfriend.


“That’s not very convincing.”

When she pointed me to Arima’s MR screen, I closed my mouth.

No matter what anyone said, I had sexually fantasized about and was sexually attracted to Kiriba.

“Fufufu, take care of me from now on, honey.”

As she huddled closer, Kiriha nudged me under my chin.

The thrill of pleasure rushed through my brain, which forced me to change the subject.

“I’m going to teleport now.
We’re behind schedule.”

It had been almost 10 minutes and I had to get to Uchimine’s.

Because of Kiriha, things turned out to be a mess.

It was just like a bunch of party people, which I didn’t like.

And yet, I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Maybe it was because I was with these girls.

Even in the same kind of ruckus, those people tended to be condescending and mocking of others, and you could see through their attitude that they wanted to be superior to others.

On the other hand, these girls had none of that.

In fact, I even sense a kind of fondness toward fellow members of the same organization.

Most of them would give Bando the benefit of the doubt, attack me, and then saying something convenient like, “That’s just a joke, what are you so upset about?”

But I knew that these girls had no intention of harming me; in fact, they were sincerely thinking of me.

I had been pretending to be a loner, single guy, but I was beginning to think that this kind of thing wasn’t so bad.

–But I think I need to have a long talk with Arima once.

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