Ice Emperor VS Golden Maiden

Translated by Dawn
Edited by Dawn



While ice-user Bando was hot on his feet, Harikiri returned a cold demeanor.

“I heard from Director Sayuri.
Ikuo wanted a psychometric examination voluntarily.
He didn’t even make a verbal promise not to look at his personal information.
There is no one with a personality like his.”

I was tickled in the back of my chest at how much she appreciated me. That’s too much of a compliment.


When Bando awkwardly closed his mouth, Harikiri said, as if to finish him off.

“And you wanted to know why he has a bodyguard.
Of course, it’s because he’s a VIP.
The job of our combat team is to protect [VIPs].
And he is the only teleporter in the world, you know? His character and abilities are an asset to humanity.”

“Are you mocking my ice kinesis!?”

“Unlike you guys, I don’t like to speak badly about other people.”

“You, I’m going to kill you! Let’s go outside!”

Although this was on the third floor, Bando took the liberty of opening a window and extending an ice slide from there to the front gate of the school.

Stomping down the slope, he slid down like a snowboarder and yelled at the school gate.

“Come down quickly! If you’re also a combat type, you should have the same thing like me!” +

The logic was already absurd.

“Harikiri, you can ignore that idiot.”

“That’s not good.
If I back down now, you’ll be in more danger.
I’m your bodyguard, so I can’t put you in danger.
In times like this, it’s best to show them the difference in power.
And that, too, has to be overwhelming.”

Saying that, she put her foot on the window sill and leaped out in one breath.

She leaped from the height of the third floor and landed on the ground, flipping up her skirt and revealing her leggings to me.

–She has amazing physical strength.
Could it be that she’s a physical enhancement type?

All of my classmates, including myself, were hanging on to the window and began to watch the fight between the two of them.

The homeroom teacher, too, stood in the front row. You should be the one to stop them you know.

“I’m surprised you didn’t chicken out.
I admire your courage.
No, or you just don’t understand? How terrifying this Ice Emperor Ryogo Bando-sama is!”

Although I couldn’t help but cringe at Bando’s lame line, which he quoted from some battle manga, I couldn’t help but worry for Harikiri’s safety.

Bando’s personality might be the worst, but his ability was real.

As his cronies said, even if a hundred delinquents got together, they wouldn’t be able to beat Bando.
There had been several fights with other people with the same fighting ability, but he had never lost.

Harikiri was the girl that Director Sayuri had sent as my bodyguard, but she said that my escort was just a formality.

I doubt that she would send someone so strong.

While Bando was still rambling on and on, Harikiri looked disinterested, like a student listening to the principal’s long talk.

And then,

“Didn’t you learn in elementary school that weaker dogs bark more?”

With that one word, Bando’s patience was severed.


The ice block, which grew to the size of a baseball, was released with the force of an arrow.

–He pulled it off!

I was momentarily chilled by the blow that would inevitably break my bones and if it hit me badly enough, it could be enough to kill me.

If Harikiri had no ability to defend herself, a cruel sight would be waiting for her in the next instant.

A moment after I tried to evacuate her with my teleportation.


The ice block slammed into Harikiri’s palm with a resounding sound.

She didn’t move an inch, didn’t move an eyebrow, and with cold, stern eyes, she received the ice shells without a struggle.

In front of Bando’s astonished gaze, a thin five-finger clenched into the ice block, and the ice shattered.

“…… Is this all you got?”

She said it in a bored tone, and her body suddenly floated up into the sky.

–Super strength and the ability to fly.
Is she a gravity user?

While I was trying to deduce her abilities, Bando’s attacks did not cease.

“You’re going to be an easy target, you know!”

Bando fired a series of golf-ball-sized ice projectiles from both hands.

The barrage had a good density but did not hit her.

Harikiri slid 360 degrees in all directions, slipping through the barrage without any preliminary movement as if manipulating gravity.

Unlike Harikiri, who was as light and graceful as a fairy floating in midair, Bando on the ground lost his composure and became furious.

“You bastard! Come down here! Play fair!”

Disregarding his words, as soon as Harikiri pointed at Bando, she released a stream of water from her fingertips.


It was like a bullet, and by the time Bando realized it, he was drenched from the top of his head.

“Buha! What the hell is this! Is it glue!? My body is hardening!”

Bando’s body was frozen in a funny pose, and his hair was crunchy.


With a wave of her hand, as if she were raising a fishing rod, Bando, now a plaster statue, was ripped off the concrete and hoisted into the air.


“Hoi hoi hoi.”

In an emotionless voice, Harikiri waved her hands like a conductor, and Bando rolled through the air in time to the rhythm, repeatedly slamming into the concrete.

The sight of him looked as if Harikiri was beating the ground with a whip named Ryogo Bando.

“Gya! Gue! Gaha! Geah!”

Harikiri rested with her arms crossed and looked down at Bando from far in the sky.”

“It’s time for you to admit defeat.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, you bitch!”

“Okay, then.
I’ll finish on my own.”

Saying that, she made the shape of a gun with her right hand.
As she laid her thumb down in front of her in the shape of a firing pin, Bando screamed

“Gyaaah! I-it’s hurtsss!  It’s hurtsssss! —”

The screaming was abruptly cut short, and Bando peeled his white eyes and crinkled his mouth like a goldfish struggling for oxygen near the surface of the water.

“I’ve called an ambulance, so it’s alright.”

As everyone was speechless at Bando’s sudden change, she returned by flying through the air.

“Harikiri, you, what have you done?”

Super strength ability, the ability to fly, adhesive liquid, telekinesis, and Bando’s symptoms.

I had no idea what she was capable of.

But as I stared at Harikiri with a serious face, she smiled good-naturedly.


It was truly a devilish little smile.

Suspicious and scary, yet cute and captivating.

“Then let me ask you, how many abilities do you have?”

“Only one.”

“One!? No, even that how can you—“

As if to cut me off, Harikiri opened her mouth while closing the distance between us.

“Can you call me Kiriha? I don’t like the name Harikiri.”

From within kissing range, the sweet smell of honey, and the smile on her face, I swallowed my breath and my doubts.

By the time the ambulance sirens arrived, my consciousness was behind her golden eyes.

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