Spoiler! The Bodyguard Is A Beautiful Girl!

“You're back.
Thanks for your hard work today.”

When I, Uchimine, and Shisae returned to the MIC conference room, Director Sayuri gave us warm welcome.

Since then, it had become a routine for the three of us to return back together.

Since that day, it had become a daily routine for the three of us to return back to the office together.

While the people I had brought back to the MIC were reporting their results to the MIC staff, Uchimine asked Director Sayuri.

“Thank you for your hard work.
Director Sayuri, how is the progress of the project coming along?”

“Umu, Thanks to you, we're doing just fine.
Thanks to Uchimine Miina's uprooting of metal resources from urban mines, we have the ultimate recycling system in place.
Starting tomorrow, we plan to sell the metal resources to manufacturers in Japan.
Since we have not yet announced you guys to the world, we are ostensibly releasing the government's stockpile of resources.”

Other detecting abilities were detecting veins of ore and terrain manipulation abilities were digging ore out of the ground.

But it took a lot of time and effort to make metal ingots from ore.

Uchimine's ability to suddenly create metal ingots from the sea was truly a cheat.

“The market is also short of beef, but deer meat is replacing it, and wild boar meat is replacing pork.
Thanks to the efforts of the police team, we are solving 100 unsolved cases a day and finding more than 200 missing persons every day.”

“That leaves us with crops, clothing, and fuel.”

“As to that, fuel will be released from government stockpiles, clothing will be imported with the foreign currency we have earned since we cannot use Japanese yen, and crops and sugar will be imported from Southeast Asia with the gold, silver, and platinum that you have reconstructed.”

I interjected, feeling a bit strange about the explanation she just gave.

“Why from Southeast Asia?”

“This is because the research capabilities of developed countries might reveal that we are producing precious metal ingots by supernatural power, based on the quantity and quality of the distribution.
Nevertheless, Southeast Asia cannot afford enough vegetables and grains to meet the demand of the Japanese people.
Imports will be more fruits, but they can make up for the nation's vitamin deficiency.
Let's lobby the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries to promote a fruit meal.”

“Honey production is also several times more than before ♪.”

“Because you've been increasing the number of queen bees all over the place.”

Normally, there would be several larvae of potential queen bees, but it was said that only one can actually become a queen bee after going through a struggle.

Yet, when Shisae went to the beekeeping place, she increased the number of larvae of queen candidates and, furthermore, forbade the bees to fight with each other and encouraged all queen candidate larvae to grow up to become queen bees.

As a result, the number of beekeeping farms that Shisae visited was expected to increase several times in honey production.

“Then let's go home after we're done with our report.”

“Wait, Ikuo Okui, I have received an order from upper management regarding your treatment.”


“I hate to break it to you, but there are those who consider your teleportation ability to be dangerous.
They wonder if you could enter and leave restricted areas if you wanted to.
Or, if you committed a crime, you could leave the scene of the crime in an instant.”

“No, I won't do that.
If they want, they can have Koimai do psychometry every day and report back to them when and where I teleported to.

I was so ticked off that they treated me like a pre-criminal that I ended up yelling at her.

“What's wrong with the loud voice, Okui-kun?”

Koimai, who was apparently reporting her results to a staff member, came running to me with a curious look on her face.

“From now on, I want you to psychometry me every day to prove my innocence, okay? Upper management treats me like I'm a potential criminal.”

“What!? Every day!?”

For some reason, Koimai's cheeks flushed and her face turned slightly away.

“If we did it every day, I might fall into temptation myself.”

“Hmm, what's wrong? I can't hear you over your muffled voice, okay?”

Shisae grabbed Koimai's shoulder.

“I understand that feeling.
If Shisae had psychometric abilities, she would definitely psychometric Ikou-chan's sexuality!”


“Stop it.”

With a gesture of a karate chop to the head, I repelled Shisae.

“You know, unlike you, Koimai is a good girl.”

“Yes, Shisae is a bad girl.
That's why she is allowed to do whatever she wants.”

“What kind of logic is that? What's the matter, Koimai?”

Koi Mai was shrugging her shoulders with an apologetic, conscience-stricken look on her face as if she were about to kill herself by hitting her head on a rock right now.

“I'm sorry I had to be born, Okui-kun.”

“I don't know what happened to you, but rest assured you're worth minus one time as much as the girls in our school.”


“The girls in our school are negative.
You have to multiply the minus to get the plus.”

“Hahaha, what's up with that?”

Koimai laughed at me, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

I felt a sense of accomplishment at being able to make Koimai laugh.

“Well, now that you've had a nice little flirtation, let's get down to business.”


Koimai covered her face with her hands and turned her head down.

–Koimai will probably be teased for the rest of her life…….

“That's why Ikuo Okui.
By order of upper management, you are to be supervised under the guise of a bodyguard.”


I screamed my head off when I had a fantasy of a scary-looking military man with a skinhead and sunglasses sticking around me at all hours of the day and night.

I would never like that kind of youth.

“Don't worry, it's just a formality.
You can think of it as a performance for the politicians who are wary of you.
So, the surveillance will be done by people with combat skills.
You know those kids who had psychometry on their first day? It’s one of them.”

“W-what's that?”

The moment I heard the words “combat-oriented abilities,” Bando popped into my head and my liver chilled.
(TN: terrified)

If Bando should happen to be my bodyguard, I would be tempted to jump into Tokyo Bay.

“I'm supposed to transfer them to your school tomorrow.
You'll have to wait and see who will be there.” (TN: It could be him/her who knows?)

“Now is the time, Maiko! Psychometry on Ikuo's SUKEBE (perv) mind of wanting to be under surveillance by a beautiful girl with big b**bs!”


“Don't treat Koimai like a convenience item.”

For the second time today, I readied my karate chops.

Both Director Sayuri and Uchimine were laughing happily.

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