Scaling The Realms

Alpha Stealth Leopard!

”Why did you stop us dude! Nothing is around us! ” Leon yelled.

Instead of responding, Nico pulled Ellas hand and increased the distance between them and Leons trio. Ella was about to protest but Nico quickly put a finger on her mask where her mouth would be and spoke.

”Stay quiet… ” is all he said.

Ella saw the look in Nicos eyes and nodded in acknowledgement.

I don sense anything, though? She thought.

As if not feeling the tension in the air at all Leon yelled once again, but this time louder.

”This is a mission, stop messing arou-*Crash* ” His loud voice was cut off by something slamming him into the nearest tree with monstrous force.

” ”Leon! ” ” yelled both Riley and Trish, then they started to run over to the fallen Leon.

”Dumbasses! ” Nico shouted under his breath and dashed at the two girls, pushing them out of the way from the claw heading towards them, saving them from having the same fate as Leon.

After pushing the two girls out of the way, Nico turned around and was met with the culprit behind this commotion. It was a giant black leopard about 20 feet tall, with gray patches covering it.

”Thats an Alpha Stealth Leopard! ” Yelled Ella as she ran to Nicos side.

An Alpha…

An Alpha monster was a monster that had greater capabilities compared to others of their race, but the biggest problem was that Alpha monsters possessed a certain amount of intelligence. Alpha monsters were also always larger than normal, that being their defining factor, and were at least level 75.

”Grrrr, RAAA! ” Noticing that it was spotted, the Stealth Leopard growled and roared.

Hearing this caused Nicos mind to immediately enter combat mode. His heart beat started to calm down and senses grew sharp, giving him full control over his body and mind.


[You have earned the Passive Skill {Flow State.lvl:MAX}.]

Despite the notification, Nico didn lose focus on Alpha Stealth Leopard in front of him. He then spoke to Ella.

”Leave Leon to those two girls, you should help me. ” He said calmly.

Seeing Nico enter such a state of calmness despite the situation he was in, left Ella flabbergasted and could only nod her head, while thinking,

To be this calm in the face of such danger…what have you been through, Nico?…

”Can you use ranged attacks? ” Asked Nico, breaking Ella out of her thoughts.

”Hm? Oh! Yes, I have a skill which allows me to focus wind bullets on the tip of my sword, would that be okay? ” She said.

”The skill {Wind Origin} right? Yes, that would be fine, just fit in a shot when you can, alright? ”

Ella responded with a nod as Nico dashed towards the enemy before him.

Seeing the measly human coming towards him instead of running away in fear caused the Stealth Leopard to let out what sounded like a sneer before raising his paw to squash the bug before him. But to his surprise instead of finding a squashed human under his paw, he found a spear lodged in it. It didn hurt that much so he moved to take it out, when a wind bullet came out of nowhere and hit the spears shaft, pushing the spear farther into his paw causing him to let out a little squill.

”Heeee! ”

Nico also noticed this sight and sent an approving glance at Ella.

She knows her wind bullets can hurt it under normal circumstances, so she is using my attacks to bypass the Stealth leopards tough skin…not bad! he thought.

Turning his attention back to the Leopard, Nico dislodged his spear from the beasts paw and jumped onto its back, only to be thrown off by the leopard.

Figuring that getting on the leopards back would be too much of a task. Nico decided to take another route and quickly went under the beasts underbelly.

[Skill {Fire Origin}, Activated!]

As he activated his skill, Nico then coated his spear in flames and cut one of the leopards back leg hamstrings. This caused the Leopard to howl in pain.

”RAAA! ”

Seeing an opportunity, Ella activated her skill once again.

[Skill {Wind Origin}, Activated!]

Looking at the leopard and waiting, she soon saw her chance and shot a wind bullet right into its eye, while Nico was continuing his work on the legs of the beast.

Ella caught sight of Nicos performance and became entranced for a second.

So…beautiful…I can tell he has trained with a spear for an extraordinarily long time because what hes doing isn something one can do with just the {Spearmanship} skill. His skills were forged in fire. Yet…they
e still so beautiful…No,no, nows not the time to think about such things! Focus back on the fight, Self! She thought, slightly ashamed that she had lost focus in the middle of a life or death fight.

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