When coming inside the cave, Mu Yun Gui had originally guarded against the other high-level monsters, but fortunately, there was nothing as such. 

The cave only had a strange formation and Jiang Shao Cai lying inside the ice block. 

Seeing that the entrance of the cave was in front of her, Mu Yun Gui clenched the sword tightly in her hands and quietly reminded Jiang Shao Cai.

“There are many poisonous crocodiles in front.
Be careful.”

Before the words fell, a dark shadow suddenly sprang out from the calm seawater, and a sharp mouth that stinks like a fish rushed toward Mu Yun.

Mu Yun Gui hurriedly held the poisonous crocodile with her sword and shouted to the man behind her.

“I will stop it, you go quickly.”

Jiang Shao Cai silently watched the little girl’s sword movements.
He had already noticed the fluctuations under the water. 

Initially, he thought Mu Yun Gui knew the danger was approaching, but she didn’t seem to know it. 

Seeing that Jiang Shao realized that this girl wasn’t a practitioner, but a mortal who had yet to open up the immortal veins.

Mortals couldn’t hear underwater movements. 

Mu Yun Gui confronted the poisonous crocodile, she drew her sword violently, and the poisonous crocodile was pushed back because of the inertia. 

Taking advantage of that momentary gap, Mu Yun turned her head and quickly said to Jiang Shao Cai, “Follow this road and go on the right, be careful about the corners, and don’t get close to the water.
Now quickly go away.”

Seeing Jiang Shao Cai standing there motionless, Mu Yun thought he was scared and stupid. 

Jiang Shao Cai also felt that Mu Yun Gui was a fool.

Since Jiang Shao Cai started cultivation, he had never stood behind others, whether he was fighting or hunting.

But now he was guarded by a mortal woman, who repeatedly stopped the ugly and poor crocodile and urged him to leave. 

This kind of feeling… Jiang Shao Cai couldn’t describe it, he could only say that it was very novel.

The fight was getting one-sided, Jiang Shao Cai couldn’t bear it, so he said to the girl, “Use the fire dragon technique.”

Although Mu Yun hadn’t opened her immortal vein, she had entered the path of cultivation, and she should have had an aura in her body. 

For this kind of low-level and ugly aquatic monster, using a fire dragon technique saved both time and effort, and it could burn very quickly without even having to deal with the bones.

After hearing the name, Mu Yun Gui was stunned and was almost hit by the poisonous crocodile.

She hurriedly rolled away and looked at Jiang Shao Cai in surprise, “What did you just say?”

The fire spells could only be released after the first immortal vein was opened, but they only have had an actual attack effect, after reaching the second immortal vein or even higher. 

As for the fire dragon technique, it was a large-scale spell that could only be used before the immortal aura was exhausted, and it had been cut off for six thousand years.

Did Jiang Shao Cai freeze his brain? What was he talking about?

Jiang Shao Cai felt that this little girl was still unreliable. 

Seeing that ugly thing had rushed over again, Jiang Shao was so angry that he directly scolded, “Stop talking, look ahead!!”

The poisonous crocodile’s body was hard, and it was cunning and difficult to deal with.
They had five legs and could roam freely on land and water. 

Mu Yun as a mortal, had a difficult time dealing with the monster, solely based on strength. 

Mu Yun Gui got entangled with the poisonous crocodile and accidentally tripped over its big tail. 

Mu Yun Gui’s palm got hurt, and the smell of blood attracted more monsters.

Mu Yun’s condition wasn’t good, and just as she was about to get up, the poisonous crocodile instantly rushed toward her with its mouth wide open.

Mu Yun Gui hurriedly raised his sword, planning to give up her arm and fight hard. 

When the poisonous crocodile was about to bite her, Mu Yun Gui’s other arm was suddenly held by someone.

Because of being violently pulled back, Mu Yun Gui staggered a few times before she could stand firm. 

Jiang Shao Cai couldn’t bear it. 

Seeing the ugly monster going to bite the girl, he instantly pulled up the idiot. 

He raised his leg and slammed into the lower jaws of the poisonous crocodile with one foot.

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