The teenager raised his cold eyes and scanned the surroundings, judging the terrain based on the information in Mu Yun Gui’s words, his thin lips moved slightly, and he slowly asked, “Is this place in the South China Sea or the West China Sea?”

The teenager took a while and asked the simplest question, but Mu Yun Gui shook her head and said, “I don’t know.
We only know that this area is the inner sea, and there is the outer sea beyond it.
Outside the Tianjue Island…The master never taught it, nor did the elders say it.”

Tianjue Island?

The teenager frowned and after a while, he asked, “What date is it now?”

“Four thousand and twenty years, Qiyuan Era.”

Jiang Shao Cai was startled, he slowly asked, “What about the previous era?”

Mu Yun knew the answer to this question.

They were born in the Qiyuan Era, they had to face a thin aura, scarce resources, and a harsh environment from birth, but it didn’t prevent them from yearning for the once prosperous world of immortality. 

Mu Yun Gui’s almond eyes were filled with light, and she said, “The previous era was the Era of Awakening.”

Just like his guess, Jiang Shao Cai resigned in a daze. 

After a moment, he smiled softly and said, “It’s been so long.”

When he was sealed, it was in the spring season of forty-four years of the Awakening Era. 

At that time, he went to the extreme north to get the holy flower of Mu’s frost jade for the master to cultivate the high realm.

But after returning, he was greeted by the Master’s sword.

It turned out that 10,000 years had passed.

Jiang Shao Cai’s short and cold ironical laughter sounded in the cave.

Mu Yun Gui carefully looked at the teenager and tentatively asked, “Who are you?”

Mu Yun Gui wanted to ask this question for a long time.

But this youth didn’t seem to have a good temper, so she held onto her curiosity.

When the teenager was asking questions, Mu Yun Gui was too embarrassed to interrupt him, so she waited for the opportunity.

Then she finally asked him.

“Me?!” The teenager’s dark eyes were burning with madness and hatred that looked incompatible with the world.

“Call me Jiang Shao Cai.”

Jiang Shao Cai.

Mu Yun said the name silently in her heart, and carefully asked, “Are you not from Tianjue Island?!”

Jiang Shao Cai turned his head, and the suppressed killing intent appeared in his eyes again, he asked “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Shao Cai was the secular name he used before joining the Kunlun sect. 

After he entered the immortal gate, he invited people to give him a name, Jiang Ziyu.

During his years in the world of cultivating immortals, no one knew that his original name was Shao Cai.

Even his master, friends, and fiancee hadn’t even remembered his original name. 

So Jiang Shao Cai dared to give his original name. 

Unexpectedly, after hearing his name, this mortal girl showed a thoughtful look.

Jiang Shao Cai’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. 

The girl had such a big reaction to his name.
Could it be that she knew him?!

Jiang Shao Cai slowly bent his fingers, and was ready to kill the girl at any time.

Ten thousand years was a long time, but it wasn’t too long for his opponents. 

Most of those people would still be alive, and they were at the pinnacle of power and strength.

And here Jiang Shao Cai was living like dead with completely ruined cultivation. 

Now it was definitely not a good thing for him to face his old friends.

He couldn’t let anyone pass the news of his waking up.

When Jiang Shao Cai was about to take action, unexpectedly, the girl’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The girl bent her eyes and smiled at him.

The girl said, “It’s Great, now I am the only one with a foreign surname on the island.
I’m all alone, and now I finally have you.”

She enthusiastically asked, “How did you find Tianjue Island? I haven’t seen the world outside the island.
What does it look like?”

Mu Yun Gui noticed Jiang Shao Cai’s strange behavior and curiously asked, “What’s wrong with your hand? Do you want to take something?”

Jiang Shao Cai loosened his tightened fingers, squeezed the delicate joints of his hands lightly, and said, “It’s okay.
This ghost place is not safe.
Let’s get out of this place first.”

Mu Yun Gui had the same thought, so she turned and walked outside.

Jiang Shao Cai stood up to walk out of this cave. 

After getting up from the ice block, and taking just two steps away from it, Jiang Shao Cai fell down.

Mu Yun Gui was taken aback, she quickly turned around to help him and asked, “What’s wrong with you?!”

Jiang Shao Cai stood up with the support of the ice block, swiping the other hand across his lips, wiping the oozing blood from the corners of his mouth vigorously.

In a bad tone, Jiang Shao Cai coldly said, “Nothing.
Lead the way.”

Mu Yun Gui looked at the teenager’s pale face and trembling hands. 

The young man didn’t seem to be okay. 

But Jiang Shao Cai had strong self-esteem, he refused to let Mu Yun Gui return to support him anyway. 

Mu Yun had no choice but to stand up, and slow down her progress.

After taking a few steps, she slowly said, “There are poisonous tooth crocodiles outside, and maybe there are other beasts too in the cave.
Be careful.”

After waking up, Jiang Shao Cai heard too many unfamiliar words that he didn’t seem to understand. 

Tianjue Island, poisonous-toothed Crocodiles, these words he had never heard before.

Jiang Shao Cai didn’t show it, he had slept for 10,000 years and currently, he didn’t know anything about the outside world. 

The current world of cultivation seemed to be different from before, and it was best not to act rashly until he could understand the present environment clearly.

Jiang Shao Cai silently glanced at the girl who was slowly walking in front of him. 

The girl knew nothing about this place but was still leading the way seriously.
For the sake of her usefulness, let her stay alive for a few more days.

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