Four thousand and twenty-five years, Tianjue Island.

The waves were continuously slapping against the steep rock wall creating sound.
The blue sea and dazzling sun were making people’s eyes dizzy.

However, what was happening on the shore was completely different from the dazzling seascape. 

While holding a sword, Mu Yun Gui attacked the Iron Tortoise.
At the same time, the attack of the second-level Iron-stripped Tortoise fell on Mu Yun Gui. 

She groaned, and a mouthful of blood surged from her chest.

This place was Tianjue Island, surrounded by the sea from all sides and isolated from the rest of the world. 

Mu Yun Gui was born here, and since she grew up she had never seen anyone outside the island here.

The climate of Tianjue Island was harsh, and there was the constant threat of fierce sea beasts.
Learning how to avoid and attack those beasts was a must for all the children on the island. 

Mu Yun Gui’s mother was an outsider, who accidentally came to Tianjue Island when she was pregnant.
Hence they were always excluded from the island inhabitants. 

Coupled with the fact that her mother was in poor health, Mu Yun Gui grew up early and learned to manage the family. 

Due to her poor health, her mother died when Mu Yun Gui was only fifteen, since then Mu Yun was standing alone.

Today Dongfang Li, Nangong Xuan’s junior sister, insisted on coming under the cliff to take away some iron-stripped tortoise eggs.

Mu Yun Gui didn’t agree to it. 

She didn’t want to take any risk, but Dongfang Li repeatedly stressed that this was the iron-stripped tortoises’ dormant period and they would lose their attack power during this time.

They only have to steal some monster eggs and run, there would be no danger.
After everyone agreed, Mu Yun Gui had no choice but to follow them.

But something happened, during their retreat, the junior sister somehow alarmed the iron tortoise, and the situation suddenly changed.

Mu Yun Gui swallowed the blood that had surged from her chest.
And shouted at her frightened companions, “Hurry up!” 

The companions recovered and ran to the edge of the cliff.
They forcefully climbed up and some people who had already run on the cliff hurriedly pulled the others up. 

Dongfang Li watched Mu Yun safely step closer to the retreat.
She frowned and anxiously said, “Senior sister is in danger.”

Then, Dongfang Li hurriedly jumped off the cliff and went near the rock to help Mu Yun. 

The fight with the iron-stripped turtle was about to end, and Mu Yun was about to retreat.
But because Dongfang Li hurriedly ran down, the iron-striped tortoise was enraged an

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