Sorority 4


“……-tsuha! Mitsuha!!!” (Adelaide)


“Are you back with us?” (Adelaide)

“Yeah, sorry…” (Mitsuha)


I was lost in thought again.

It’s what Sabine-chan and Colette-chan called “Mitsuha’s delusion time”.

……I’m not delusional! I’m just deep in thought!


“Anyway, we’re preparing for the 0th ‘Sorority’ tea party to meet each other and confirm their membership.

Let’s tighten it up!” (Mitsuha)





And then, three weeks later…

The 0th tea party of “Sorority” was held in the hall of Viscount Reiner’s house… It’s where Adelaide-chan’s Debutante Ball was held, by the way.

Yeah, the ones invited were daughters of noble families below the rank of a viscount, daughters of big merchant companies, daughters of not-so-rich but famous families, daughters of families who’re commoners but have been appointed to important positions, and daughters of renowned scholars… We were very careful in selecting people, so there was no haughty or bad attitude.


Well, there’s no sane person who would behave strangely in front of me, Hime Miko of Thunder, a great national hero, beloved by the King and Queen, the two Princes, Chii-neesama and Elder-neesama, and Sabine-chan, the Third Princess, who is very popular among the nobles and commoners…

If you don’t play your cards right, you will meet “death” in the social world.


Originally, except for a few, those who had “no choice but to be called due to their position”, we selected and invited them based on their family’s position, family members’ personalities, and their own personalities, so there were no weirdos among them.

And some of those who had “no choice but to be invited secretly” heard rumors that “Sorority” is some kind of organization of lower class nobles and commoners who gather together and bend the participants to their will by majority vote, all the targets of the manipulation either declined or ignored the invitation.


They tried not to tell anyone and kept it to themselves, and there were no witnesses to the fact that they had heard such a story.

And if they do tell someone about it, there’s no shame in our way of passing someone by a result of a majority vote and everyone follows said result.

Thus, “Sorority” was able to have its initial and founding members as originally planned. Umumu……


And the 0th Tea Party went well, almost as smoothly as the New Continent.

Priority sales of products from “General Trade Mitsuha”… Discounts and limited items.
There’s an upper limit on the number of sales though.

Complimentary food and beverages, including unique sweets, are provided during the tea parties.

Orders for the production of framed portraits (members only).

The contribution point system.

……also, makeup tutorials and a demonstration of makeup removal by Colette-chan.


Well, I feel comfortable with a battle-proven stratagem.

One-hit deadly Ichikoro.
It’s not “Kukkoro”! (TN: [ 一撃必殺イチコロ。『くっコロ』じゃないよ!] no idea what this means)

All that’s left is to hand out sample cosmetics and everything will be OK!




…I got abducted.

And now, I am confined in a certain mansion.


“Mitsuha, what’s going on!” (Beatrice)

“…Mitsuha, let’s talk for a moment shall we?…” (Iris)

“Gyaaaaaaa!!” (Mitsuha)

Beatrice-chan, Iris-sama.

Apparently, they saw the girls from ‘Sorority House’ at a party somewhere.

…The perfectly created girls…


A sudden influx of pretty and beautiful girls is appearing at parties all over the place.

How could the other women resist digging out its secrets?

……Of course, Iris-sama and Beatrice-chan were no exception.

And what these beautiful girls have in common is…


Yeah, it wouldn’t even take more than a few days to learn about the organization called “Sorority”, the “Viscountess Yamano” who’s behind it, and the special cosmetics offered by “General Trade Mitsuha” that are sold exclusively to “Sorority” members.


Well, I guess, they will find out sooner or later.
After the first tea party, the official meeting of “Sorority,” was held.
Moreover, I’m not hiding the fact that Sabine-chan and I are attending.

……It’s not like I’m going around spreading it on purpose.


“How could you give such things to the women of other families, but not to me and Beatrice? Huh? What do you think you’re doing?” (Iris)

“Mitsuha, how cruel!!” (Beatrice)



“No, that’s because it’s for members of the ‘Sorority’ only…

Besides, Iris-sama, Beatrice-chan you’re already beautiful enough even without those things…” (Mitsuha)

“Shut up!!” (Iris)


“In the first place, why didn’t you consult with us that you’re setting up such a dubious organization!?

And why wasn’t Beatrice invited to be an ordinary member, or even let her preside over it?!

Do you think it’s funny?! Are you making fun of the Bozes family!!” (Iris)



“N- no, ‘Sorority’ is an organization led by Adelaide-chan, and I’m just helping out…” (Mitsuha)

“I said shut up!” (Iris)



U wa~a, it’s a “Shut up Don~”…

This is bad…… Should I accelerate the schedule of the lifting Restrictions on the admission of Counts and above?

I’ve been inundated with other applicants for membership from Counts and Dukes…


Right now, it’s supposed to be a “gathering of those below the rank of Viscount”, but since Sabine-chan is an honorary member, I am also an honorary member, or rather, a special member, counselor, advisor, advocate, outside director?… Participating in such a “higher position than ordinary members”, enjoying delicious foods, and being friendly with Her Highness Princess Sabine and Hime Miko, seems to be their motive.
They are trying to step on the ordinary members and aim for a dominant position outside of the “Sorority”…


Well, we can’t accept them as higher than the ordinary members, but if they are okay with being the same rank as everyone else, and if there are no problems with the standing position of their house, their family, or their own personalities, etc., and if all the initial members agree, I have no problem with them joining, even those in the higher nobility.

Iris-sama is too old for that, but Beatrice-chan just needs to buy one for Iris-sama as well.


…It’s unlikely that Beatrice-chan’s admission will be rejected.

I, Adelaide-chan, and Sabine-chan will lay the groundwork in advance, and the admission of the Saint-sama will add a flair to “Sorority”.

Besides, Beatrice-chan is a good girl, and she’s not the kind of girl who holds grudges against people.

The Bozes family itself is also an existence that acts as a coordinator for local lords, and it seems that they have not been involved in political disputes in the royal capital until now… In other words, almost no nobles are hostile to them.


On top of that, I plan to spread rumors among the members.

If my best friend Beatrice-chan couldn’t become a member, then my best friend Sabine-chan and I would withdraw from “Sorority”, and the three of us would set up a new social gathering.

And in that case, the former members of “Sorority” who ostracized Beatrice-chan will not be accepted…


Oh, and Adelaide-chan won’t be able to enter either, but that’s just a bluff, a rumor to scare her, it’s not a statement from me, so I don’t care about that.
It’s just a rumor from an unknown source.

Well, in the first place, it probably won’t happen… probably.

Well, if something happens, I have a variety of plans in place.

…No loose ends!



“…But Mitsuha, why aren’t you wearing makeup? Even though you have such amazing cosmetics…

With proper makeup, Mitsuha’s plain face could be shaded more to make it look more alive…” (Beatrice)

A bitter blow from Beatrice-chan!

S- shut up!


“That’s right, Mitsuha.
A woman’s weapon must be constantly polished and sharpened.

You have excellent cosmetics, so use them and do something about your flat chest… Ah!” (Iris)

Iris-sama puts her hand over her mouth with an “Oh shit” look on her face.


…Just now …What did she just say?

Iris-sama, just now, what did you just say!!


Perhaps because my expression was so horrifying, as expected, Iris-sama seemed to feel guilty and was panicking.

“I-I’m sorry! I just slipped up!” (Iris)

Shut up!!



Author’s Note:

I have an announcement!

This work, “I will save 80,000 gold coins in another world for my old age”, will be adapted into an anime! (^^)/


I had dreamed about it, but I never thought that this day would really come… (T_T)

This is the second anime adaptation of my work after “I said that my abilities are average!”.

The TV broadcast is scheduled to start in January 2023.

More details will be announced in the Monthly Shonen Sirius, Kodansha, the production committee, and other official announcements! (^^)/


Kaoru: “What about me? Hey, what about me? Waaaaahhhh!”


Mile/Mitsuha: “(T_T)”


And on August 2, the novel version of “Noukin” volume 7 and “Potion” volume 8 will be published!

Furthermore, on August 1, the comic book version of “Potion,” which had been suspended, will resume its serialization, with the manga artist, Hibiki Kokonoe, being replaced by Onshin Futsuu Sonoshin.

…It’s not a reboot from the beginning, but a takeover and continuation of the Onsen episode.

From the onsen, normally…

Onsen… Normally… Ah no, it’s nothing.


It will be published in Kodansha’s web comic magazine “Wednesday Sirius” in Nico Nico Seiga on the first and third Mondays of the month, the same place as before.


Sonoshin Futsu-sensei has experience in comic book creation with works such as “A villainess who really doesn’t want a bad end, so she got modern weapons as a result”.
(aka Astrid)


The seventh volume of “Noukin” and the eighth volume of “Potion” will come with a special bookstore bonus SS from Mellon Books and Animate, respectively.

The Animate bookstore will be offering an E-bonus, which can be accessed by using a serial code received at the cash register.

In addition, at stores subscribing to Web Maruko, Kodansha’s ordering site for bookstores, a collaboration SS between “Noukin” and “Potion” will be available! (^^)/


It’s all thanks to you, dear readers, that I have been able to come this far.

I hope you will continue to support me with my novels, comics, and animations! (^^)/

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