Sorority 3


Umuumu, the situation of the response to the invitation is as planned.

I have secretly leaked the fact that Sabine-chan and I will be joining the Sorority, to the people I absolutely want to have, and from the places where I have been forced to send invitations due to power relations, I have either received refusals or been ignored, as they do not want to be in the form of being under Viscount Reiner’s Adelaide-chan.

……All according to plan……


Unlike the “Society” of the New Continent, here in the Old Continent, there’s no need to act behind the scenes or send someone to the center of the aristocratic society.

…Or rather, I’m already on good terms with the king, the third princess, Prince Luchen-kun, the Prime Minister, and everyone in the Marquis Bozes household.
So I don’t think there’s any need to infiltrate the upper echelons of the country any further…

So, that means, we don’t do the dark side stuff here, we’re just having fun together, and raising the attractiveness and merits of the members.

In other words, I would ask the gentlemen who are looking for a fiancée to consider giving up on me, who has outrageous competition and has no chance of getting at all, in favor of the beautiful and well-conditioned women in the group.


Yes, those who’ll try to attack me will be blocked by the explosive reactive armor in front of them, and be blown away by the explosion!





“Oneesama, I heard you started something interesting!” (Sabine)

“You’ve appeared, Sabine-chan!!” (Mitsuha)

I was consulting with Adelaide-chan at Viscount Reiner’s house, when Sabine-chan rushed in.

No, it’s a visit from Her Royal Highness, isn’t it? There’s no way they’d have her wait at the front door to intercede for their daughter, would they? A newly sprouted Viscountcy…

Therefore, the children’s room was not informed in advance, and we were surprised by the Viscount-sama himself guiding her.

From my point of view, Viscount-sama seems to be superior, but in reality, Sabine-chan has exceptionally outclassed him…


And it’s almost improbable for a princess to personally visit a mere Viscount’s house.

……Except for the Viscount Yamano household, that is.

That’s why Viscount Reiner-sama is stiff and nervous, and even has a pale, bloodless face.

Well, he can’t imagine what would happen if he offended Her Royal Highness or did something improper.

Like the tea was too hot and burned her tongue, or that she fell on her own and scraped her knee.


No, in reality, neither Sabine-chan nor the king are people who would do something like that.

But I can only say that because I am on good terms with the royal family.

Ordinary lower-ranking nobles, however, can only see the king’s face from a distance once every few years, like in the throne room.
And they’ll hear him speak in a serious manner.


And no matter how many rumors that he’s a mild-mannered king, that’s not necessarily true for the lower nobility who have offended or injured his daughter.

Besides, he doesn’t know the purpose of Sabine-chan’s visit.

Even if he thinks it’s related to the “Sorority” that Adelaide-chan started, it could be a complaint or protest about it.

……Well, no wonder he’s agitated……

So, in order to reassure the Viscount-sama, first…


“Sabine-chan’s position has already been decided.
Honorary member and vice-president, my assistant and mascot.
Also, when Colette-chan comes, I’ll take care of her… Is there anything you don’t like about this?” (Mitsuha)

“None! As expected of Oneesama, you understand it quite well!” (Sabine)

The smiling Sabine-chan made Viscount Reiner-sama release a sigh of relief.

All right, good…


The relieved Viscount Reiner-sama left his seat… It seems that he’s not crazy enough to the extent of staying to listen to a chat between children.
Although I’m sure he was curious about what her daughter would talk to the princess about… We worked together for the rest of the day.




“Then, the 0th tea party should be like that, right? Colette-chan will also participate as a ‘makeup model’ then?” (Mitsuha)

“”No objection!!””

Adelaide-chan and Sabine-chan agreed when I proposed something similar to the New Continent’s case.

The sense of security was different from a battle-proven, combat-proof strategy…


And then, it’s the department store’s beauty section neechan’s turn.

No, this time I’m not asking her to come to the hotel or something, like the first time, I’m just going to have her do Colette-chan’s makeup at the department store, so it’s a normal price.

……Ah, for that role, Sabine-chan is fine as well!

No, no, no, that would leave Colette-chan out of it, and I am afraid to give Sabine-chan too powerful a weapon or even a hand to play.

I guess I’ll have to choose Colette-chan here after all.


Ah, Adelaide-chan is wearing a dress made by the benevolent store manager at her debutante ball, but her makeup is from this country.
That’s why, even when I said “My home country’s makeup technology”, she didn’t have much of a reaction.

…That’s not too much to ask, is it? To begin with, I myself use only basic cosmetics and lip balm, even though I am in a setting where a large number of relief supplies from my home country are delivered by my friends… In other words, from the point of view of people in this country, I am wearing almost no makeup at all…


In this country, even at the age of 12 or so, young ladies of the nobility wear a certain amount of makeup.

So, not only Adelaide-chan and Beatrice-chan, who are now 15 years old and have completed their debutante ball, but Sabine-chan, who is still in her latter half of 11 years old, is also properly wearing makeup.

As expected, people who still have perfectly natural skin don’t wear heavy makeup, just adjust their eyebrows and eyelashes, powder their cheeks, and apply lip gloss on their lips to brighten them up…


Anyway, I, who is considered to be a King’s sister, am wearing almost no makeup, so there’s no way that Adelaide-chan would expect me to have the makeup skills of my home country.

However, Sabine-chan has seen people wearing Japanese-style makeup many times in Japan and on the New Continent.

Besides, she should’ve known a lot about it from TV, DVDs, Blu-rays, fashion magazines, and so on.

…But Sabine-chan is a beautiful girl, to begin with, and her skin is perfectly taken care of by her maids, even though she’s only 11 years old.
And being only 11 years old makes her an invincible weapon, and she doesn’t seem very interested in makeup.

To begin with, Sabine-chan still doesn’t get the concept of ‘catching a man’s eye with her looks’.

Maybe it’s because she’s still a child, or maybe it’s the “comfort zone of the powerful”…


Anyway, there’s no concept of ‘natural makeup’ here.

Makeup is something that you apply.

It’s a showcase of the time, effort, and financial power of the family.

It seems that they don’t understand the concept of having to spend time and money to make it look natural so that it doesn’t stand out…

How disappointing.


Ah, of course, I understand.

I don’t think I need basic cosmetics or skincare items because I’m slowly but completely healed from all kinds of injuries.

Aside from so-called “makeup cosmetics”, which are used for applying and processing, basic cosmetics that are intended to keep the skin healthy and conditioned are unnecessary to me…


No, however!

As a woman, it takes courage to break this habit of mine that I have been doing for years.

…If the rough or damaged skin, affected by ultraviolet rays, sebum, keratotic plugs clogged in pores, etc.
are not covered by automatic support…

And by the time I realize that, it’ll already be too late…

No way I can take such a risk!!

……Ha~a~ ha~a~……

Anyway, I’ll be keeping up the basic beauty and skincare regimen!


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